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Improving Estonian innovation strategy


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Group work for Technical Change, Techno-Economic Paradigms and Changing Opportunities for Development course by Calrota Perez

Published in: Education, Technology
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Improving Estonian innovation strategy

  1. 1. INTERDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP WEEK Group of AcademicsTechnical Change and Students: Larissa FroschTechno-Economic Paradigms Iiris Rausk Maarja Mõtusby Carlota Perez Mihkel Joost Aap Piho Egert Uibo Tallinn University of Technology 09. 2011
  2. 2. INNOVATION CULTUREAcademy today Academy tomorrow
  3. 3. PROPOSALInterdisciplinary workshops  to take innovationculture to every student.
  4. 4. LINK WITH NSI“ Which are the skills we can’t manage without in the 21st century?These are the skills to collaborate, ability to analyze, synthesize andevaluate. At the same time critical and creative thinking, a whole bunchof new communicative skills./.../ Definitely, professional abilities andinterdisciplinary knowledges are essential.”Alar Karis, “Future needs who?” 08.06.2011. Postimees
  5. 5. LINK WITH NSIEstonian innovation strategy sets out three main objectives:Competitive quality and increased intensity of research and development;Innovative enterprises creating new value in the global economy;Innovation friendly society aimed at a long-term development.
  6. 6. HOW ?• Workshop week is free from all regular lectures• Mandatory course for BA and MA students• Run by workshop leaders (hired MA students)• Professors participate as team membersEntrepreneurship Local development Policies and applied and and technology culture governance
  7. 7. HOW ?MBA student 1 week workshop Final public presentation EntrepreneurshipIT student and applied technologyDesign studentMechanicalengineering studentProfessor PROBLEM SOLUTION
  8. 8. OUTCOMESDirect IndirectStudents Countrycritical thinking and problem solving skilled specialist ensurecollaboration networks better economyagility and adaptabilityinitiative and entrepreneurialism Investorseffective oral and written communication invest in potential ideasaccessing and analyzing informationcuriosity and imaginationEnterpreneurscontact bright studentsinnovative ideasUniversitestighter relationships with studentshonor to have creative, skilledstudents,“supporting innovation” reputation
  9. 9. TU EAA (Estonian Academy(Tallinn University) of Arts) COMPANIES ENTREPRENEURS NGO’s TUT (Tallinn University of GOVERNMENT Technology) INVESTORS
  10. 10. STAKEHOLDERSEntrepreneurs: Mentoring, Sponsorship, Propose ProblemsNGO: Mentoring, Propose ProblemsInvestors: Mentoring, Propose Problems, SponsorshipGovernment: Innovation policy
  11. 11. THANK YOU!