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Diversity sourcing lab (Kraków, Poland, 20/11/2017)


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Presentation from sourcing lab conducted on ROC Day in Kraków. Finding diverse talents for your organisation.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Diversity sourcing lab (Kraków, Poland, 20/11/2017)

  1. 1. Diversity Sourcing Lab Aga Deszczka, Kraków, 20/11/2017
  2. 2. ● What is diversity sourcing? ● Why diversity is important? ● Why diversity means different things depending on organisation and country (women vs. minorities vs. veterans vs. foreigners)? ● Best practices in sourcing diverse talents ● Best practices for engaging candidates
  3. 3. Going beyond names? linkedin/
  4. 4. Linkedin & Google X-ray ● Searching by female Names, Hobbies, female associations, conferences, organisations (e.g. Girls Geek Carrots), girls school (applicable to the UK and US). ● Scraping female LinkedIn groups (e.g. WIT or Amazon Women in Engineering) ● Gender dependent names for jobs (e.g. in Polish: "programistka" for a female programmer. Similar in German, Romanian, French and Spanish) ● Female keyword search in LinkedIn (e.g. in recommendations) ● Creating Google Custom Search for sourcing with names specific for the country:
  5. 5. Facebook? ● Chrome plugin to search Facebook e.g. by gender: Intelligence Search ● By using this tool you can also scrap women FB groups e.g. WIT or search for a female in tech specific groups e.g. Data Science PL ● for finding hidden groups on candidates’ profiles
  6. 6. Github, Twitter? ● People usually like or follow users similar to them, or those who they are inspiring to be ● Tracking down a diverse talent on Github ● The same for Twitter. Checking likes, following and followers ● Quite laborious, but worthwhile process!
  7. 7. Best practices for engaging diverse talents ● Big organisation vs. start-up ● Metrics ● Blind interviews? ● Managing Unconscious Bias ( ● Diversity training ● Diversity and Inclusion Reports (Google, FB, Apple, Pinterest) ● Events, meetups
  8. 8. Let’s keep in touch! My blog: LinkedIn: