Adjective Order


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Adjective Order

  1. 1. Find one word to describe eachshirt:check plain spotted striped
  2. 2. Find two words to describe eachperson:medium-height overweight short slimtall well-built
  3. 3. Find two words to describe each person’shair:blonde brown curly gingerstraight wavy
  4. 4. Adjective OrderLook at Wayne. We can say hehas short brown hair andhe’s wearing a new, striped,football shirt. We don’t sayhe has brown short hair andhe’s wearing a football,striped, new shirt.Why?
  5. 5. brown, short, new, football, and striped areadjectives here.They tell us something about his hair and hisshirt. But when we have more than one adjectivebefore a noun, they usually come in a fixedorder. If we take one adjective of each type, theywould normally follow the following order.
  6. 6. OpinionAn opinion adjective explains what you think about something (otherpeople may not agree with you).For example: silly, beautiful, horrible, difficultSizeA size adjective, of course, tells you how big or small something is.For example: large, tiny, enormous, littleAgeAn age adjective tells you how young or old something or someone is.For example: ancient, new, young, oldShapeA shape adjective describes the shape of something.For example: square, round, flat, rectangularColourA colour adjective, of course, describes the colour of something.For example: blue, pink, reddish, greyOriginAn origin adjective describes where something comes from.For example: French, American, eastern, GreekMaterialA material adjective describes what something is made from.For example: wooden, metal, cotton, paperPatternA pattern adjective describes decoration or ornament having such a design.For example: stripe, plain, dotted, spottedPurposeA purpose adjective describes what something is used for. These adjectivesoften end with “-ing”.For example: sleeping (as in “sleeping bag”), roasting (as in “roasting tin”)
  7. 7. • Here are some examples of nounsmodified with three adjectives in thecorrect order based on the list above.Notice that the adjectives are notseparated by commas.• A wonderful old Italian clock. (opinion -age - origin)• A big square blue box. (size - shape -colour)• A disgusting pink plastic ornament.(opinion - colour - material)• Some slim new French trousers. (size -age - origin)
  8. 8. Now look at the adjectives below.Three of them go with each picture on thefollowing brown check coffeegreen kitchen modern newoffice red smallsports striped tallwork
  9. 9. 1. A _ _ _ car. 4. A _ _ _ building.2. A _ _ _ cup. 5. A _ _ _ cloth.3. A _ _ _ shirt.
  10. 10. Order of adjectives.• The words in each phrase below have been mixed up.Rewrite them in the correct order.1. small pot a flower brown2. and towel white a bath check red3. book blue grammar a thin4. white bag large a carrier5. big engine a fire red6. table old dining long a/an7. tie a and school blue striped white8. train a passenger grey modern9. motorcycle helmet and striped black a red10. enormous stadium football white a/an
  11. 11. 1. He wears a ________ shirt.a. dirty old flannelb. flannel old dirtyc. old dirty flannel2. Pass me the ________ cups.a. plastic big blueb. big blue plasticc. big plastic blue3. All the girls fall in love with the ________ teacher.a. handsome new Americanb. American new handsomec. new handsome American4. I drive ________ car.a. a blue old Germanb. an old German bluec. an old blue German5. He recently married a ________ woman.a. young beautiful Greekb. beautiful young Greekc. beautiful Greek young
  12. 12. 6. This is a ________ movie.a. new Italian wonderfulb. wonderful Italian newc. wonderful new Italian7. She is a ________ supermodel.a. beautiful slim Brazilianb. Brazilian beautiful slimc. slim Brazilian beautiful8. Its in the ________ container.a. large blue metalb. blue large metalc. blue metal large9. He sits behind a ________ desk.a. big wooden brownb. big brown woodenc. wooden big brown10. She gives him a ________ vase.a. small Egyptian blackb. black Egyptian smallc. small black Egyptian
  13. 13. Congratulation!
  14. 14. You are wrong!Go back and readagain!
  15. 15. Activity• Identify 5 of your favourite actors,actresses, singers, athletes, etc.based on his/her appearances• Present it in front of the class• Example,De Gea is my favourite athlete.He is a handsome tall youngSpanish goalkeeper.