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Sunrise In Dubai Attracts Tourists<br />Tourists from cold regions love watching the rising sun in Dubai.<br />Watching th...
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Sunrise in dubai attracts tourists


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Sunrise in dubai attracts tourists

  1. 1. Sunrise In Dubai Attracts Tourists<br />Tourists from cold regions love watching the rising sun in Dubai.<br />Watching the rising sun is one of the beautiful experiences that people around the world long for. Tourists from cold regions are more interested in glimpsing beauty of the rising sun. Dubai is a hot city where sunny days are part of daily routine. But many foreigners living in cold regions get to experience sunny days rarely in a year. Hence people who love watching sunrise and enjoy sunny days of summer often visit Dubai. Summer has already approached Dubai and many tourists have started booking luxurious hotels for their stay in Dubai. There is more demand for rooms which offer views of open sky.<br />Tourism experts say that the best place to view sunrise or sunset is deserts in Dubai. The open environment of deserts allows every tourist to catch the sight of kaleidoscopic sunrise and sunset. Most of the Dubai desert tours arrange an overnight stay in deserts so that tourists can enjoy watching sunrise the next day. Travellers coming from cold regions book overnight desert safari. An evening desert safari gives an opportunity to tourists to glance the beauty of sunset. Most of the tourists book both these safaris on different days to get close to the natural beauty of the sun. Reports have shown that watching sunrise and sunset is one of the famous activities that tourists in Dubai engage in.<br />Desert Safari Dubai by One World Travel and Tourism LLC is a travel company. It has specialized in the desert safari business for a very long time which makes it one of the best Dubai Desert Safari Tour. The company is the most preferred online agent for desert safari bookings. It has many different packages to offer keeping in mind the convenience and requirements of the clients. The camps are selected by desert safari experts who give special attention to cleanliness and hygiene.<br />For more information log on to: <br /> ,<br />Contact Us:-<br />ONE WORLD Travel and Tourism L.L.C.<br />Zabeel Building, Suite No. 21<br />Zabeel Road, Near Karama Post Office,<br />Dubai- UAE. P.O.Box 120002.<br />Tel: +971 4 3372010<br />Fax: +971 4 3372011 / 3341571<br />E-mail:<br />