Acid Reflux Alternative Treatment


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Acid Reflux Alternative Treatment

  1. 1. Acid Reflux Alternative TreatmentAlthough many conventional medicine thinkers believe that Herbalism is just for hippies,there are many believers out there that would like to disagree with this rash argument. Ipersonally love to use herbs to heal common issues such as cuts, bruises, colds, fevers andso on. Herbs can be found in many grocery stores today along with online resources andnatural health stores. Natural supplements can also be purchased if the herb form is notavailable fresh. This book is a wonderful encyclopedia that explains the tons of herbs andhow each one can cure the problem. At all times, natural medicine found in alternativemedicine should be tried first before Allopathic (chemical-filled) medicine is used.I refuse to take prescription medications in spite of the bouts of depression I have been goingthrough. I am quite excited to give the natural supplements and vitamins a shot to win thisbattle. I just dont trust the drug companies any more. People need to seek other alternativesthan prescription drugs.Chiropracters often use TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit treatmentseither prior to or after an adjustment to minimize the muscular impact of the adjustment. Theymay also use automated massage tables, heat therapy, cold therapy, and many otheroptions to improve the results of their treatments.More about ayurvedic medicineLupus patients must take very good care of their hearts. Lupus can cause swelling andinflammation of the heart. This leads to heart attacks and other health isssues. Smoking is a
  2. 2. huge risk factor for heart disease. Abstaining from smoking keeps the heart healthier. Ahealthy heart is better able to fight the effects of lupus.Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese therapy, involves sticking long, thin needles into specificpoints to keep the bodys natural energy flowing. It has been shown to work very well ondogs with arthritis, even those who have not responded to drugs. Dogs generally findacupuncture treatments relaxing and often fall asleep during the treatments.A treatment with a TENS unit can be very beneficial for muscle strains and soft tissueinjuries. The traditional medical community accept TENS unit treatments more widely than inthe past. In fact, one family member has had to wear one through the day with a very lighttreatment to help with shoulder pain. My daughter suffers from extreme car sickness whentraveling more than a few miles and has found that using a TENS unit "watch" keeps it undercontrol. The "watch" straps to her wrist like a traditional watch and delivers extremely low-voltage pulses to her system, which control the motion sickness.Ayurveda which originated in India has been a traditional medicinal practice which has beenused to treat small ailments. Certain Ayurvedic practices are used in everyday lives in anIndian household. For eg: using ginger to treat sore throat, using turmeric as antiseptic forcuts and burn as well as a face pack. And I resort to all these remedies.