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Tim Duggan Brainfood Store Presentation 240210

  1. 1. A mobile applications & web development company MOBILE APPS A revolution
  2. 2. Overview Apps Market Where the market now? What goes into making an application- overview Developers in the market Brands in an app world Why mobile apps are so great? Why do people love them? Augmented reality About what do we do? Our Applications Curve of realisation Where was the market Bigger picture. Convergence Future of the market Commerce
  3. 3. Mobile applications <ul><li>Changes happening every day in technology and market place. </li></ul>Google wants mobile to be part of everything that it does. Internet data and full browser available in the palm of your hand. iPhone, Nexus One, Palm Pre, Samsung Wave Very exciting time in technology But what does this mean for marketeers, users?
  4. 4. <ul><li>Apps are the stage to the 360 marketing future. </li></ul>
  5. 5. What goes into making an app Research Outline/ Spec Design the User Interface -UIX- Coding, Databases - Cloud Testing Publishing Marketing Pre Release Marketing Brief
  6. 6. <ul><li>iPub </li></ul>&quot;iPub&quot; will guide you to your nearest Irish Pub anywhere in the world, making it easier to find 'The Craic' wherever you are! iPub draws on a worldwide database of over 3,500 Irish pubs and uses GPS co-ordinates to pinpoint your nearest Irish pub, the app's interactive mapping function will then guide you to your selected bar. 100% Irish! www.whatsthecraic.net
  7. 7. <ul><li>neXt Dart </li></ul>Find out when the next DART train will arrive at your station in Dublin. The application gives real-time information and timetables on all trains arriving in the next hour. Next DART will also tell you where the nearest station is and guide you there with directions on a map. Travel alerts are also built in Nexus One iPhone Layar
  8. 8. <ul><li>The Bubble </li></ul>TheBubble.ie is an online magazine reporting on arts and culture in Ireland and beyond. Now you can watch episodes of TheBubble on your phone, you will also be notified of new episodes via push notification. Find more here www.thebubble.ie
  9. 9. <ul><li>Today FM </li></ul>www.todayfm.com Today FM Radio Player, play the 32kbps stream wherever you are in the world. Now with background listening function. With background listening, the app opens the stream in safari, so you can listen to Today FM While you use lots of other great applications on you iPhone or iPod. Our most successful application proving early on that there was a market for an iPhone application that just streams 1 station as opposed to an app that streams 5000 radio stations. Removing choice is not always a bad thing.
  10. 10. <ul><li>NewsTalk FM </li></ul>Newstalk for iphone News Talk FM. Irelands best talk radio station, brought to your iPhone by MercuryGirl inc. Check out the station here www.newstalk.ie
  11. 11. <ul><li>Twecipe </li></ul>Twecipe will change the way you look for recipes! Twecipe features 1000's of recipes, all you need to do is enter 3 ingredients. The recipes have been selected by our team of chefs and are easy to follow. Just give the Twecipe app a shake. Happy Cooking ! www.twecipe.com
  12. 12. AR Social Media recognition Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Repair Augmented reality today The future of Augmented reality is in: Medical use Repair and maintenance/ Industrial practice
  13. 13. apps market January 27, 2010 140,000 Apps: 3,000,000,000+ Downloads on iPhone Nokia/ Motorola introduce and give birth to mobile market in 80‘s, Nokia apps in mid 90’s. Apple came in with the Killer device 2004 Commerce for the killer device - iTunes App Store. True 360 market market No panic to the big guns Nokia/ Moto/ Blackberry/ Samsung etc. Google throw their hat in the ring with Android. Huge uptake Huge commerce Proven market place Panic from the big guns. All follow Apples lead. We are in the tail end of trend realisation. Progression
  14. 14. dEVELOPERS in the market Steve Demeter Trism 6 months $250k Game Loft 93 titles 2009 € 17 million Lim Ding Wen Doodle draw 3 Weeks 4000 DL’s 9 Year old developer Most popular apps are games Production cost between 10 and 30k
  15. 15. Apps saves a life in Haiti CURVE OF REALISATION Android/ other devices enter market. ‘iPhone killers’ Try every app Wow, it can do this? Developers flock Got to have an iPhone Flood of applications Nokia re-announce Ovi Store Critical usability of device You have an iPhone.. So what Ovi Store launches in failure Number of Applications plains out Apple Rumours Upgrade Handset Market starts to mature Entry point for brands Entry point for big publishers
  16. 16. where was the market? Mobile apps born from entertainment and utilities. Games, ringtones, wallpapers, calenders, diary, personal planners, €
  17. 17. The Cloud. Imagine a library that you can get books from anytime you want. You are not allowed see the library, because it is made up of a librarie in every continent. Now change ‘library’ to ‘server’. This collection of connected servers is known as ‘The Cloud’. Data Runs on a ‘Server Array’. Servers located all around the world. 0 Downtime. Removes failure of server at any demand. Files placed on a content distribution Network ‘CDN’. Meaning your content is streamed from the nearest local server to the users location.
  18. 18. <ul><li>Are we in the point or realizing, or transition? </li></ul>Players in the market segregated. Scrambling to adapt THE BIGGER PICTURE Handset sales figures have been on their side Powered by the cloud Apple and Google have competitive edge on older systems through cloud server infrastructure
  19. 19. Convergence eg. Augmented Reality apps, photo search, voice search. Google CEO- Eric Schmidt. ‘The phone is the meeting point’ - in relation to all media. 3 C’s “Computing- Connectivity- Cloud” Transitioning from traditional mobile handsets and convergence of internet data with mobile “ Multi level convergent media”- Explain- AR Mobile devices using cloud server processing of complex 4G applications.
  20. 20. future of the market Smartphone surpass global PC Sales Take-up of internet on mobile 8x faster than on Desktop computers 10 years ago. LTE Long Term Evolution - 4G Networks 100mbps downloads / 50 mbps upload Realtime voice translation over phone. Mobile internet usage to surpass desktop in the next 5 years. Boosting commerce, advertising and brand positioning.
  21. 21. commerce Applications, like texting, like phone calls, they mine a modern principal. Microtransactions Apple-3 Billion Apps sold Farmville-61M Mafia Wars-25.8M Yoville-19.8M Texas Hold Em’ Poker-18.3M SMS revenue to trail off as applications get richer and smarter Users are willing to make small purchases on mobile under €5.99 as opposed to larger ones up to €60 Zynga- Farmville, Mafai Wars, etc spending $50million PA on Facebook advertising.
  22. 22. BRANDS IN AN APP WORLD <ul><li>What place does mobile have in a customer interaction with a brand? </li></ul>It places the brand ‘communications’ and values in the hands of its customers. Food for thought. What does a marketeer want for their brands. Loyalty, value, peace of mind? How is this perceived? By giving something, or been straight up and selling? But what practically does this mean.
  23. 23. predictions <ul><li>Google and Apple to takeover mobile space through advertising on mobile and tech advancements. Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc to loose foothold. </li></ul>Most micro spend will be through mobile. Ad Spend increase over 100%+ YOY in mobile advertising from 2010 Tim to get a Nexus One Aggregators who currently handle sms shortcodes and promotions having to change their business relationships and fundamentals as barriers breakdown.