NEO 3D Painting V7


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NEO 3D Painting V7

  1. 1. Original compelling user experience
  2. 2. Given the challenge to launch a new global toy brand, Neo was invited to develop a high quality 3D game for kids We invented a truly compelling user experience, a highly original and patentable technology. This unique game experience was feted by Journalists at CES, industry players at the New York Toy Fair and various business and marketing partners of our customer.
  3. 3. Revolutionize consumers’ physical and emotional engagement with computing devices. Get it?
  4. 4. Steve Jobs understood the link between ergonomics and supporting technology Apple introduced the mouse and graphic user interface to mass market in 1984 Established the company as a serious competitor to IBM and paved the way for Windows for the next 30 years Apple introduced iPhones with touch screen interface in 2007 Revolutionized the smart phone industry and set the company on route to its current dominant position
  5. 5. Video games are at the leading edge of human computer interface technology Introduced 4 way controllers to the NES in 1985 The best selling console in history Added analog controls to N64 in 1996 Gave the company a head start on Sony and Microsoft in the 64bit generation Introduced wireless motion controls with the Wii in 2006 Beating Microsoft Kinect and Sony Move by many years
  6. 6. Hardware Explosion Mobile phones and tablets bring an explosion of digital devices into people’s hands. Touch is being added to even domestic TV screens, allowing interaction as never before. Software Demand Add 3D to touch The technology provided by Apple and Android provides 2D information Our technologies let us conceive of compelling new 3D experiences and revolutionary applications And there’s more Neo has ideas and technology pipeline plans that will continue to offer original experiences to brands and consumers for many years to come
  7. 7. Pixar introduced 3D cartoons in 1995
  8. 8. Nintendo introduced 3D games For kids in 2000
  9. 9. Kids have been enjoying coloring in for decades
  10. 10. Digital is revolutionizing all kids activities But it’s still simple 2D
  11. 11. Let us introduce you to the world of 3D painting Play Me
  12. 12. And the richness that it can bring. Play Me
  13. 13. For kids of all ages
  14. 14. 3D Painting •More natural experience •Painting real objects with real paint qualities 3D Graphics •Much higher production values •3D graphics, animations 3D World •Involved experience •Within a rich 3D world 3D Games & Stories •Natural vehicle to deliver stories and games
  15. 15. A more natural experience Painting real objects with real paint qualities Play Me
  16. 16. Much higher production values 3D models and animations Play Me
  17. 17. Engaging experience Within a rich 3D world
  18. 18. A natural vehicle to deliver stories and games Play MePlay Me
  19. 19. The revolutionary aspects to "The Drip Drops Color the World" 3D painting app has compelled us to apply for a joint patent that brings real commercial value to our intellectual property. The entire 3D painting experience has brought us top level notoriety at CES 2013, Toy Fair 2013 and multiple TV shows in both the US and China so far his year", says Ray Kelly Vice President of Sunrise TCKL in May 2013. 2013 "Seal of Approval”, National Parenting Council See more industry acclaim Download to iPad
  20. 20. Run from your web browser Debuted on the iOs Embedded on 7” Andriod