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GKIM Credentials

  1. 1. a little bit about us
  2. 2. its a digital world out there Award winning creative solutions Powerful technology capabilities Extensive digital production capacity…for marketers, publishers andentrepreneurs
  3. 3. what we provide Customer centric solutions and supportTrusting relationships around customer needs European management Asian talent Global standards…for marketers, publishers and entrepreneurs
  4. 4. some brands we work with
  5. 5. projects & platformsHigh Tech Digital Marketing Solutions Data Management CMS & MediaCreativity Solutions Management SolutionsDrip Drops Holiday Inn – 55” AIA – insurance needs STB - (Singapore TourismPatent pending 3D technology Minority Report touch screen analysis, premium Board) Managing multimediato delight kids on iPad experience for travellers contextualization and graphical assets for an entire industry. presentation to consumers across all touch points 2013 2012 2012 2012Made by Me 3D Nestle – delivering American Idol – Huang Yao – China’sPrinting – iPad design tool for compelling branded managing the vote for the Idol most prolific 20th century artist;kids to design toys that can experiences for kids franchise across Asia with online tools for printers,then be sent to 3D printer museums, researchers and collectors. WIP 2012 2007  2013 WIPReflections – patent GenieUs – sexy PowerTable - predicting Thanh Nien –pending augmented reality animated assistant to match the results of English Premier Vietnam’s #2 newspapertechnology for retail the Crazy Frog in popularity League in more Samsung online with iPad, Android andenvironments phones than Angry Birds WAP 2012 WIP 2011 2012Dextr – patent pending, VAT69 – 8 games to ASN – managing a billion Web & Apps – forworld’s fastest substitute reinforce the brand with rich dollars of sponsorship deals various clientskeyboard for Android interactive content 2012 2012 WIP 2011  2013
  6. 6. high tech digital creativity Augmented reality without markers Technology underpinning new businesses Innovative touch experiences
  7. 7. focusing on 3D engagementBuilding properties in the age oftablets and ubiquitous digital touchpoints requires three coreelements: 1. Compelling interactive experience 2. Fantastic production values 3. Well thought out product marketing framework
  8. 8. compelling interactive experienceSo many websites, popular apps and digital creativeactivities draw on traditional pencil and papermetaphors. They are limited to 2D graphics. Theydo not allow for narrative and interaction.We have developed the technology to support anoriginal and very compelling creative experience forkids.By taking creative activities into 3D, we create aplatform for interactive cartoons. The result is anexperience previously unknown in any kidsapplication.
  9. 9. digital marketing solutionsAdvertising agencies work with us on particularly challenging projects.
  10. 10. data management solutions Customers trust us to interpret theirnumbers, develop their algorithms and manage their data
  11. 11. CMS & media solutionsCMS, ERP, CRM and SNS are just some of the acronyms we bandy about.Most appropriate open source solutions are selected to power comprehensive capability for our customers
  12. 12. management team and structure
  13. 13. founding partner:technology Ian Morrison, Chief Technology Officer with over twenty years experience in gaming, software development and digital marketing. He has been the technology leader for game development, mobile platforms and digital marketing at some of the worlds most innovative companies. Ian has been the chief technologist on some of Asias most ground- breaking digital marketing campaigns, particularly for mobile media. He has won honours at the One Show Interactive, Cannes Cyberlions, Clio Interactive amongst others.
  14. 14. founding partner: creative Graham Kelly, Executive Creative Director with over twenty years experience in digital and traditional marketing. Graham has been the creative leader at some of the worlds best advertising agencies. His digital work has been awarded at the One Show, Cannes, Clio and Communication Arts. In addition, Grahams print, TV and direct marketing has been awarded at Cannes, Clio, The One Show, D&AD, Communication Arts, Echos, and Effies. As such he is one of the few creatives to have achieved international recognition across media.