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Web technology practical list


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Web technology practical list

  1. 1. LAB ASSIGNMENTSUBJECT NAME: Web Application DevelopmentYEAR: B.E. – III (VIthSEMESTER)Sr.No.Practical AimHoursRequiredHTML1. Write a HTML page to print Hello World in bold and italic font22.Display various text formatting methods available inHTML.(i.e.<h1>,<b>,<u> etc…)3. Create a HTML file using special characters.4.Create a HTML file which displays 3 images at LEFT, RIGHT andCENTER respectively in the browser5. Create a HTML file which contains hyperlinks26.Table of ContentsChapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: What is HTML?Chapter 3: What is Javascript?....By clicking on the link takes to the respective topic within the samepage.7.Create a HTML page as given belowList of Subjects1. Computer Engineering Departmenta. Software Engineeringb. Information Securityc. Computer Graphics2. Electrical Engineering Department Electrical Machine Power Electronics Micro Controller3. Computer EngineeringIs a discipline that integrates several fields required todevelop computer systems.8.Create table with ROWSPAN and COLSPAN attribute of TABLE inHTML (Prepare timetable of your class).Include CELLSPACING &CELL PADDINGSHREE SWAMI ATMANAND SARASWATIINSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYCOMPUTER ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT
  2. 2. 9.Create HTML page using Frames.WEB TechnologyAuthor:Date:TOC1.Link12.Link2..CONTENT210.Create a simple form that will show all the INPUT METHODSavailable in HTML.JAVA SCRIPT1.Create simple application that will do followingDeclare And assign variableOperators and expression in JavaScriptLooping in JavaScriptDeclare an ArrayUser defined functions in JavascriptBuilt in functions in JavascriptDialog boxes22.For the form created in HTML provide various form values checkingpassed by user.23.A document contains two forms, named specifications and accessories.In the accessories form is a field named acc1(type=text). Write twodifferent statements that set the contents of that field to "New value".4.Create a page that includes a select object to change the backgroundcolor of the current page. The property that needs to be set is bgColor,Similar things for foreground color.5.Put a button in "MAIN HTML" page, on click of that button, executesome JavaScript code that will open one child window. In the "MAINHTML" page there should be one text field named "location" Inside"Child Window" put one Button. When this button of "Child Window"is clicked, it will write the Location value (URL) of "MAIN WINDOW"inside the LOCATION field of "MAIN WINDOW".6. Scroll some message in Status window of browser. 27.Write down simple JavaScript using timeout such that image will bechanged after every 1 ms at a specified position.2CSS1.Demonstrate following attributes using CSSColor and backgroundFontTextBorderMargin and list22. Demonstrate use of external style sheet.XML1.Write an XML example of given tree that demonstrates the creation ofuser-designed tags and display it in a  employee  fname, lname, joindate, bdate, age, salary (withatleast 3 elements)
  3. 3. 2.Write an XSL code for the above XML file that displays the informationin a table structure. 23. Write a template file for the above code.PHP1. Understand the PHP interface. Study PHPMyAdmin.22. Write a PHP script to create a database StudentDB.3. Write a PHP script to list all the databases available in mysql.4. Write a PHP script to list all the tables available in a particular database.5. Write a PHP script to create a table student in the database StudentDB.6.Write a PHP script to insert a row into the table student. The values tobe inserted are taken from a HTML page.27.Write a PHP script to alter student table. For ex: modify sname byincreasing its length.8.Write a PHP script to list all the records in the student table in tabularformat.9.Write a PHP script to delete all rows from student table whose rollnumbers are between 1 and 3.10.Write a PHP script to drop the table student and drop the databaseStudentDB.*Rules and Regulations to be followed for Constructing Mini Project: Each student has to select the project title on his/her own and build the mini project individually. Registration for the same has to be done in the first week of the semester. The Mini Project must be developed using PHP Web Technology and Back-end for maintainingthe data must be MySQL. Appropriate Validation Criteria for each form must be kept. The Web solution which you build should allow users to add, modify and delete the records. Itshould also maintain sessions/cookies.Faculties:Prof. V. V. Uchhula Prof. V.D.Shah Prof. Mitul K. PatelProf. V. D. Shah Subject Coordinator Head of Department