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Dairy Queen


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Dairy Queen

  1. 1. Anish Desai Top Companies Principles of Business
  2. 2.  Revenue $118.249 billion USD   CEO Warren Buffet  Went to Wharton School of Business and University of  Pennsylvania  Founders John Fremont McCullough and his son Alex 
  3. 3.  Headquarters Edina, Minnesota, USA 
  4. 4.  Jobs include: Cashier  Cook  You don’t need to have any education, just need to be  over 16 with COMMON SENSE  Employees get discounts when they buy products are Dairy Queen
  5. 5.  Allthe Dairy Queens have been renovated, so they are a GREAT place to work!!!
  6. 6.  Their comprehensive benefits package for full time employees* includes company-paid medical, dental, life insurance, long-term and short-term disability for the employee, 401(k) with match, flexible spending accounts, vacation and sick time
  7. 7.  The current Dairy Queen stock is $22.75  It changed from $1.50 to $22.75 in the past few years
  8. 8.  Average Pay: $8.75- $10.00  The job growth for Dairy Queen employees is increasing- younger people need a job and get one at Dairy Queen
  9. 9.  Oreo Blizzard  Reese’s Blizzard  Chocolate Chip Blizzard
  10. 10. For many years the franchise's slogan was quot;We treat you right!quot; During the  late 1990s, the slogan quot;Hot Eats, Cool Treatsquot; was widely used. In recent years, it has been changed to quot;DQ something different.“ In Texas, at the end of the advertisement, there is a Texas flag waving,  and the Texas state with the new DQ logo and slogan below saying, quot;That's What I Like About Texas.“ Dennis the Menace appeared in Dairy Queen marketing from 1971 until  2001, when he was dropped because Dairy Queen felt children could no longer relate to the comic strip character Dairy Queen commercials often featured vast landscapes made out of ice  cream or other various treats. This helped inspire Van Orman to create The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Currently, the advertising focuses on a mouth with a large set of lips,  resembling the Dairy Queen Logo. This mouth is often advertising Dairy Queen's products using his quick wit and sense of humor