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How to Contributing with


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Having earned the moderator level on, Nirmal works as a Business Manager at Multidots. His passion lies in contributing to WordPress and in his words – he loves increasing the fan base of WordPress.

Nirmal will be marking his WordCamp speaking debut at WordCamp Udaipur and will speak on – How to contribute with

Key Points: published 26% more talks this year than the previous year, and now there is an official WordPress channel on YouTube, so more and more videos will begin to be available wherever people want to watch them.

In words of Nirmal – “In India and around Asia, we have very few contributors. As we know that, is the only platform to publish the official WordPress videos. As moderator at from India, I feel that if we have more and more contributors from India then we can have more larger community of too”.

Topic will cover broadly the following:

What is
How to contribute with ( Steps and Procedures)
What are the tools, you can utilise while doing WordCamp Videos editing?
What are the things need to be taken care while editing any WordCamp videos?
How to submit videos to
What are the standard to approve videos on

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How to Contributing with

  1. 1. How to contribute with Nirmal Desai Moderator @WordPressTV Business Manager @Multidots @nirmaldesai2
  2. 2. What is ● On, you’ll find tutorials for both WordPress self-installs and to help you get blogging fast and hassle-free. ● is also now the place to find all that awesome WordCamp footage that was floating around the web without a home. See the presentations you missed and get a peek at behind-the-scenes action. We call it WordCampTV. ● You’ll also find slideshows of presentations made by WordPress gurus, plus interviews I’ve done with the media and fellow bloggers.
  3. 3. How to create video for
  4. 4. Source of Video Most of the videos are come from : ● WordCamp ● Local Meetups ● Interviews ● How to’s
  5. 5. Camera Kit
  6. 6. Professional Videographers
  7. 7. Raw Videos upload to Server
  8. 8. How to contribute with ( Steps and Procedures)
  9. 9. Get involved with ● Go to ● Click on TV ( and read the Handbook about WordPress.TV ● After that, create the necessary accounts to start your video contribution.
  10. 10. Create your account with
  11. 11. Join the #wptv slack channel ● We have weekly team meetings every Thursday, and they are open to the public! Our next meeting is Thursday, February 2, 2017, 10:30 PM GMT+5:30 in the #wptv channel on Slack. ● If you want to find more about slack then you can visit this link :
  12. 12. Start the interacting on Slack Ask Questions about your queries . On slack, you are surrounded by nice bunch of people who always eager to help. ● Jerry Bates : @jerrysarcastic - Team Lead - Moderator Squad ● Pascal : @casiepa - Moderator - ● Micheal Wiginton : @roseapplemedia - Moderator - ● John Parkinson : @johnparkinson - Moderator - ● Oleg Belousovs @Oleg - Team Member -
  13. 13. WPTV videos to edit
  14. 14. Download the necessary tools If you are using mac : ● You can use iMovie as Video Editing tools. iMovie is included on all Macintosh computers by default, and is a very capable editor for preparing video for submission to ● You can visit this link for the Video editing tutorial : If you are using Windows: ● You can utilise Camtasia Studio 7 or any other good software. For file compression : ● To upload your video to, you will need to make sure that your converted video files are under 1GB in size. If the files you created in your video editing app are over this size limit, you can use another open-source app called Handbrake to compress them so that they can be uploaded.
  15. 15. Edit Intro and Outro Slides Important Link : #slide=id.g1572197c6f_0_0
  16. 16. Edit the video using tools
  17. 17. Submit a Video Do the below checks : ● Better Audio Quality ● Better Video Quality ● Video Size will be less than 1 GB. ● Proper metadata and information ● Add Slides ( If Available)
  18. 18. Moderator will check and approve the video
  19. 19. Here, It’s your video on WordPress.tV!!
  20. 20. Get Motivated with Badge ● Contributor – Manually assigned (at present) based on submitting a video to or having been a team member. ● Team – Manually assigned by the team.
  21. 21. Latest Stats of Years 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 WordCamps 69 71 80 89 115 Videos Published 431 596 938 1377 1527
  22. 22. YouTube Channel
  23. 23. Thank You!!! All the Attendees, Volunteers & Organisers @wcUdaipur :-) @nirmaldesai2