Redefinindo a Experiência de Educação com Vídeo, por Dr Shay David


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Fórum de Lideranças: Desafios da Educação
Palestra: Redefinindo a Experiência de Educação com Vídeo
Palestrante: Dr. Shay David

O evento foi realizado no dia 06 de agosto de 2014, no Insper, em São Paulo. A iniciativa Desafios da Educação é organizada pelo Grupo A Educação e pela Blackboard Brasil.

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Redefinindo a Experiência de Educação com Vídeo, por Dr Shay David

  1. 1. Redefining the educational experience with video Dr. Shay David Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder Sao Paulo, Aug 2014
  2. 2. Education Then
  3. 3. Education Now
  4. 4. Kaltura At-a-Glance Recognized as a leader in Online Video Enterprise Video and Education 100M+ Kaltura Users Worldwide $100M in Funding (Intel, SAP, Mitsui, and others) 2006: Founded as the 1st and Leading Open Source Video Platform 330 Employees worldwide Flexibility: SaaS, On-Premise and Hybrid Deployments Strong Ecosystem (70K+ Community Developers, 70+ integrated Tech Partners, OEMs and Resellers)
  5. 5. Transforming the way people work, learn and entertain using online video
  6. 6.
  7. 7. “I believe that Walt Disney was correct when he predicted that all education would eventually be taught via television, except that he didn't understand where television itself would be in the future, in terms of on-demand always-on technology.” / Instructional designer and media team member in a public university
  8. 8. A Revolution in Education 33.5% of higher education students now take at least one course online Global Market for eLearning to Reach $230 Billion by 2020 (Global Industry Analysts, 2014) ed tech companies raised over $ 500,000 million just in Q1 of 2014 (CB insights, 2014) 74% of academic leaders rate the learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to those in face-to-face The proportion of institutions reporting online education is not critical to their long-term strategy has dropped to a new low of 9.7% (2013 Survey of Online Learning)
  9. 9. A Revolution in Education – K12 • 1/3 of students are accessing video online through their own initiative to help with their homework • 23% of students are accessing video created by their teachers • 1/6 of math and science teachers are implementing a flipped learning model • 16% of teachers regularly create videos of their lessons or lectures to students to watch • 45% of librarians and media specialists are regularly creating videos and similar rich media • 66% of principals said pre-service teachers should learn how to create and use videos and other digital media within their teacher preparation programs • 75% of middle and high school students agree that flipped learning is a good way to learn Source: 2013 Speak Up Survey from Project Tomorrow
  10. 10. Major Technology Trends in EDU Source: NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition Growing ubiquity of social media Integration of online, hybrid, and collaborative learning Rise of data-driven learning and assessment Shift from students as consumers to students as creators Agile approaches to change Evolution of online learning
  11. 11. Top 10 Higher Education State Policy Issues for 2013 American Association of State Colleges and Universities (2013) 1. Boosting Institutional Performance 2. State Operating Support for Public Higher Education 3. Tuition Prices and Tuition Policy 4. State Student Grant Aid Programs 5. College Readiness 6. Immigration 7. Competency-Based and Online Education 8. Guns on Campus 9. Economic and Workforce Development 10.Consumer Protection Involving For-Profit Colleges
  12. 12. •Image showing in cicles many use cases for video (professor teaching, video chat on a phone, entertainment experience, shopping, Dr speaking on VIDEO IN EDUCATION
  13. 13. Video Solutions for Education: Use Cases Marketing, Admissions, Community and Alumni relations • More effective messaging • Easier student recruitment • Stronger brand development • Broad reach with live broadcasts Media Repository & Archiving • Central media repository & management - improved search and cost reduction • Access content from multiple apps, locations, devices Teaching & Learning • Increased student engagement • Teaching & learning everywhere • Remote learning
  14. 14. Enriched Classroom Experience • Video demonstrations • Soft-skills training - Job interviews - Negotiation skills - Immediate feedback from classmates
  15. 15. Media-rich Projects • Video assignments - Submissions by students - Video instructions • “Visualize” project - Essay  Writing + Video/Audio - PPT  Video
  16. 16. Increase student engagement with courses • Add a “personal touch” to the course • Introduce instructor and TAs • Supporting material • “Highlighted Content” and “Featured Content”
  17. 17. Alumni Relations • Alumni video stories • Reconnect • Alumni outreach and committees
  18. 18. Admissions Process • “Why us?” • Public communications • Application video essay • Application instructions and guidance
  19. 19. Libraries and Online Repositories • Online library showcase • Video and audio collections • Tour “physical” libraries
  20. 20. Student Council • Election statements by class representatives and student boards • Updates from representatives • Live student panels
  21. 21. Live Events • “550,000 people in one greenhouse?” • Sports, music, drama, art
  22. 22. Campus & Community • Campus life • “Survival guides” for new students • Video tutorials - Helpdesk, Financial aid • Video conferences – faculty, study groups
  23. 23. Kaltura Products That Make it Happen Video Portal Content Management Systems (CMS) Kaltura Management Console (KMC) Webcasting and Video Conference Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  24. 24. The Kaltura Application Framework An extensible, feature-rich, configurable hosted framework to streamline the integration of video components and workflows into CMS, LMS and web/mobile applications Extendible & Feature Rich UI-Based Configurable Hosted 2013
  25. 25. * Coming Soon The KAF modules Browse and Embed Shared Repository* My Media Media Gallery * Coming Soon 2013
  26. 26. New and Noteworthy Clipping and Trimming 2013
  27. 27. New and Noteworthy Manage Thumbnails 2013
  28. 28. New and Noteworthy Comments 2013
  29. 29. New and Noteworthy Upload Captions 2013
  30. 30. New and Noteworthy In-Video Search 2013
  31. 31. New and Noteworthy Live “Self-service Live Broadcasting”: stream live video from their desktops in seconds. Simple and powerful, it allows streaming from a built-in webcam or a connected USB 2013
  32. 32. Kaltura CaptureSpace V1.0 NEW
  34. 34. Upload and Ingest Playback Publish Manage Analyze XML APIs Capture The Kaltura Open Capture Standard NEW
  35. 35. Kaltura Education Momentum – Sample Customers Teaching & Learning Marketing, Admissions and Public Affairs Media Repository International Customer
  36. 36. Descomplica •Online learning platform founded in 2011 •Home to more than 7,000 educational videos, real time lessons taught by teachers, and 15,000 practice questions. Students pay less than $5 a month to gain access to all of Descomplica's content, with a free, less extensive model, also available
  37. 37. Saint Paul •The Saint Paul School of Business, named one of the top schools for executives in the world by the Financial Times, is also the provider of tailor- made courses at some of the largest organizations in the Brazilian market •2 high-end equipped classrooms •VOD and Live •250 teachers
  38. 38. ESPM •One of the Brazil’s premier institutes of higher education in the areas of Marketing, Communication and Business Management •Active partnerships in the US, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru •12,000 full-time students •4 campuses •MediaSpace (ESPM-TV)
  39. 39. But You Should Not Just Take Our Word For It 
  40. 40. We asked you!
  41. 41. State of Video in Education impact-video
  42. 42. Most lectures will be delivered in recorded video morsels. Short 5- 10 minute clips (i.e. flipped classrooms). Having the instructor deliver the same lecture, year after year seems inefficient. Video will change this.” / IT and media team member of a private 4- year college
  43. 43. •“Students don't buy texts any more, and if they do, they don't read them. Video is how they will absorb knowledge.” / Faculty in a community college •“I see the role of video entirely replacing the traditional lectures. But with embedded blended technology. So the opportunity to ask questions (online), as you would in a traditional lecture.” / Instructional designer and IT stuff of a public University •“ More students will be submitting video responses to assignments that are now submitted in writing.” / Faculty Developer in a private 4-year college
  44. 44. 10,000 Videos – One Professor
  45. 45. GOC Video Testimonies “After being part of GOC for about a year now, I cannot even imagine creating and teaching lessons without videos – I don’t think I, nor my students, would be successful without videos in this environment.” “Before Kaltura, our teachers were frustrated with broken links; students were discouraged with the amount of time lost trying to play videos based on their personal computer’s software, Kaltura has eliminated all of these issues allowing our videos to enhance our content making our students even more successful in our online environment.” “I cannot imagine online classes at GOC without videos – it’s one of the reasons I have done so well in all my classes!” GOC Senior
  46. 46. Usecase I: Teaching with and without video 17% Student: “Without the weblectures I wouldn’t have understood the lesson. The material is difficult, when you attend a lecture you won’t remember everything. The weblecture gives you the oppertunity to process this.”
  47. 47. Usecase II: No teacher but still class  Teach from anywhere  Replacing the formal lecture
  48. 48. Usecase III: Flip the classroom  Prepare lectures with video homework  Do It Yourself  Deeper discussions
  49. 49. Usecase III: Flip the classroom  Teacher: “Video-clips enrich the education by leaving more time for interaction, spontaneity, student activities and explanation during the face-to face lessons. They satisfy the student requests for time- and location-independent education.”  Student 1: “The videos are handy, you can always watch it again when you’re having difficulties while making assignments.”  Student 2: “Meaningful. I prefer preparing the lecture with the video than out of a book. Next to that it prevents long and boring lectures.”  Student 3: “The videos are very clear and it’s so easy to write your own notes and just pause the video or rewind when it goes too fast.”
  50. 50. Usecase IV: Video for feedback  A part of the educational process is being unused  Time saving  In-depth feedback
  51. 51. Usecase IV: Video for feedback Research  250 students & 16 teachers  50% video feedback 50% written feedback Reactions video feedback:  Student: “This is the first time I actually understood what you where asking me.”  Teacher: “I feel that I really can reach the student in an effective way.” Reactions written feedback:  Student: “I didn’t get the video feedback, why not? I insist on getting it!”
  52. 52. THANK YOU! Dr. Shay David, CRO and co-founder