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Social Media - the Future We're In: Aquafutures International Conference 2013


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Slides for presentation on social media, to participants in Aquafutures International Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, August 2013

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Social Media - the Future We're In: Aquafutures International Conference 2013

  1. 1. Social Media - the Future We're In Des Walsh Business Coach & Social Media Strategist @deswalsh Aquafutures International Conference Seaworld, Gold Coast, Australia 2013
  2. 2. Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers. Bryan Weiner, CEO at Digital Agency 360i
  3. 3. Disclaimer With the new social business environment, we are all learners. These are my thoughts. They do not constitute legal or business advice. The social media landscape is changing as we speak and will continue to do so. Longer version at the end of this slide deck.
  4. 4. Australians online - demographic percentages 2-17 8.1% 18-24 14.7% 23-34 17.5% 35-49 28.6% 50+ 31.1%
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Only 30% of Australian small businesses have a social media presence - so far 65% of Australians use social media - what are they saying about you and your centre, business, quality of service? - if you know, how are you responding?
  7. 7. The Way Forward - Your 5 Point Plan 1. Understand “Generation C” 2. Be Strategic 3. Create Great User Experiences 4. Manage the Risk 5. Experiment
  8. 8. 1. Generation C “They live and breathe in social networks and use mobile devices as their windows to the world.” Brian Solis, What's the Future of Business?
  9. 9. 2. Be Strategic - 5 Key Points Assess: where are your customers? Listen: what are they saying? Join the conversation - share, respond Be transparent - (we're all learning!) Get good at one platform, then add another
  10. 10. What Platforms ?
  11. 11. 3. Create Great User Experiences
  12. 12. 4. Manage the Risk
  13. 13. 5. Experiment In this new environment of social business, we are all learners But it's the future we're in - so if we want to survive, let alone win, we don't have a choice So we are all experimenting - time to dive in if you haven't, time to swim if you have Keep the focus on your business goals and creating great experiences
  14. 14. m
  15. 15. Recap: The Way Forward 1. Understand “Generation C” 2. Be Strategic 3. Create Great User Experiences 4. Manage the Risk 5. Experiment
  16. 16. One More Thing: It Takes Work
  17. 17. Links Books, Reports, Guides What's the Future of Business? Changing the way businesses create experiences - Brian Solis What’s The Future Of Business? Brian Solis Tells Us In A Fireside Chat The Yellow Social Media Report May 2013: What Australian people and businesses are doing with social media Australian Online Landscape Review February 2013 - Neilsen Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2013 (from Social Media Examiner - US focus, but good value) Social media glossary of terms (none of these is perfect, but this one is pretty good)
  18. 18. And More Links Social media policy for your business Every business needs its own policy guidelines, developed to fit the company's purpose, structure and culture. To help while developing that, on my website Des Walsh dot Com there is a basic template (feel free to borrow and adapt) with some links to other companies' guidelines. Guidelines for social media participation Good websites for keeping informed: Social Media Today - Social Media Examiner -
  19. 19. Image Credits Social platforms wordcloud - Wylie's Baths, Coogee, NSW - by kind permission of the management Rainbow Bay, flags up, Coolangatta, Qld - Des Walsh Swimming kickboard - by Sam2857, flickr, CC BY-SA Diving - by Ruth Buchanan, flickr, BY- SA Logos are copyright to the respective companies. m
  20. 20. Disclaimer - Longer Version The data included in this presentation are to the best of the presenter's knowledge accurate and up to date. Opinions and commentary about social media and business strategies are drawn from the presenter's observation, study and experience and are provided for information and general education purposes only. The social media landscape changes on a daily basis and any reputable social media strategist or consultant will tell you we are all learning as we go. Strategic and tactical social media decisions should not be made solely on the basis of the commentary and suggestions in this presentation and should be tested against the specific businessess's or individual's business goals, resources, values, culture, and market context: it is recommended that this be done in consultation with a suitably qualified/experienced social media specialist.
  21. 21. Des Walsh dot Com | @deswalsh Advanced coaching for the new social business environment Call or email if you have a question now or later - meter will not be running for short calls! Call or email to discuss having a complimentary, no-obligation 30 minute exploratory consultation (speaker phone for your team is ok) International: 61 413 089 355 | Australia: 0413 089 355 or email