9 major changes in Linked in 2014


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A number of LinkedIn features have gone in recent months - LinkedIn Today, Signal, the Products and Services feature on company pages, the Profile Organizer. Some have been replaced by other services, including Pulse, Contacts, Showcase pages.

This presentation, covering 9 key changes, was for the Empowered Mums network, Palm Beach, Qld, Australia, on July 22 2014.

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  • How to take advantage of 9 Major Changes in LinkedIn in 2014
    Empowered Mums, Palm Beach, Qld, Australia, 22 July 2014
    Des Walsh
  • Ask why you are on LinkedIn and what you plan to gain from it..
  • 4 elements of LinkedIn success: Prresence, Reach, Engagement and Influence.
    Presence. This is more than just having a profile. LinkedIn is now much more than a storehouse of resumes. It provides scope for extensive participation and publishing. Use the features to create and maintain an impressive presence.
    Reach. You need a critical mass of first level connections to take advantage of LinkedIn, in terms of finding people and being found.
    Engagement and Influence. Requires active participaion.
  • Major changes
    1. Status updates re-located from Profile to Home
    2. New publishing platform – be an influencer
    3. Newsle acquired – activity of connections – replaces LinkedIn Signal
    4. LinkedIn Pulse now in – news & mobile apps – replaces LinkedIn Today
    5. Contacts – replaces Profile Organizer
    6. Send 50 emails at a time, with tags – replaces filters for batch emails
    7. Profiles to look more like Facebook
    8. Showcase pages – replace Products & Services pages
    9. Spotlight premium account – replaces Personal Plus
  • Staus updates moved from Profile page to Home page.
    Note the little pencil symbol in the status update field – click on that to create a post a blog
    Note the various filters in the dropdown menu, to access various views of updates.
    Updates, depending on which filter you have chosen, appear under the Pulse segment.
  • LinkedIn's Influencer project provided blog posts by various notables, including Sir Richard Branston, Tony Robbins, Ariana Huffington, Barack Obama.
    Now you can be an influencer too, as LinkedIn has extended the publishing platform to the broader membership.
  • LinkedIn removed the Signal feature, which allowed us to see updates by our connections.
    LinkedIn has now purchased Newsle, a news aggregator. See next slide for a screenshot of Newsle.
  • “When your friends & colleagues make the news, we make sure you know. Never miss an article about someone who matters to you.”
    Presumably LinkedIn will integrate this application into the LinkedIn platform.
  • “LinkedIn Pulse is the news app tailored to you.”
    You can select from a range of journals and other news sources and create in effect your own online newspaper. Very handy for providing content for updates.
  • The new Contacts feature is worth studying to learn the options it provides to establish and build relationships and interaction.
    There are prompts to congratulate people on birthdays, new positions and other events.
    Various filters for contacts and connections – first name, last name, A-Z, tags.
  • We used to be able to send messages to groups of connections by category. That's gone.
    You can message 50 people at a time. Tags help you to organise and streamline that process.
    Tip: use the precise tag for no more than 50. To build a group under one broad tag use numbers, for example, mainlist1, mainlist2...
  • Premium members now have “Facebook-style” cover images on their profiles.
    There is some evidence that LinkedIn is now rolling this feature out to basic (free) members also.
  • Products and Services feature – part of Company pages – was closed some time ago.
    We now have Showcase pages to highlight specific prducts and services.
  • For some years, LinkedIn had an economical membrship – Personal Plus - just above the Basic (free) one.
    Personal Plus has gone.
    A new premium membership category, Spotlight, provides some features as listed in the comparative chart of account types at this link: Compare accounts
  • Hot so take advangage of 9 Major Changes in LinkedIn
    Empowered Mums, Palm Beach, Qld, Australia, 22 July 2014
  • 9 major changes in Linked in 2014

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