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Eagle Mail Overview


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An overview of the Eagle Mail collaborative system.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Eagle Mail Overview

  1. 1. Eagle Mail – Calendar Overview Calendar overview DeskNow lets you organize your time and your team's time using Calendars. With DeskNow calendars, you can: • add, edit and change scheduled events • create task reminders, with an optional due date, and mark the tasks as completed • use multiple calendars to organize you personal and group schedule: you can keep a personal calendar for your own personal / family events and tasks, a calendar for your company, a calendar for the project that you are managing, a calendar for your favourite sport events, etc • combine multiple calendars in a single view to identify conflicting appointments and determine your availability • share calendars with others, to organize your work, make deadlines visible to every member of your team, etc. You can also access all your events and tasks in all your calendars from any mobile device. You or your assistant can schedule all your appointments from the office PC, and when you are away from your office, you can use your phone to view them, or to add new ones. All without synchronization. Calendar A calendar is a virtual space where you can organize your appointments and tasks. DeskNow allows you to create and use an unlimited number of calendars, so that you can separate your personal activities from your office activities, etc. If you are nvolved in several projects, you can also create a calendar for each project. A calendar is accessible under the Calendar menu (to view appointments and tasks that have a particular due date) and the Tasks menu (to view all your tasks). You can share Calendars with others users (for instance a project calendar can be shared with all the users involved in the project). You can choose to view all calendars at the same time, to have an overview of all your appointments and tasks, or only on some calendars. • to view all your calendars: click on the Calendar link on the menu • to view a single calendar: open the Calendars menu, and click on the name of the calendar • to view a specific group of calendars: open the Calendars menu, click on Manage, select the calendars that you want to view and click View selected • to create a calendar, click on Calendar on the menu, and click on New calendar
  2. 2. at the bottom of the page. • to rename or delete a calendar: click on Calendar on the menu, and click on the Properties and sharing link relative to the calendar that you want to rename / delete. When working with calendars, the title of the page will always tell you which calendars you are looking at. For instance, you may see 'My Calendar + Group calendar'.