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Customer_Deck_Digital Government_FY17_Q1


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Customer_Deck_Digital Government_FY17_Q1

  1. 1. Digital Government Dervla Cunningham, Government Account Manager Transforming government for greater impact and outcomes
  2. 2. “To be efficient and effective in today’s complex, interlinked and fast-changing environment, governments need to redesign their structures and processes to capitalize on a new set of actors and tools,” World Economic Forum Future of Government Report
  3. 3. Economic growth Public value is the measure of success Societal advancement Environmental sustainability
  4. 4. Demand for omni-channel citizen engagement Citizen expectations of digital service delivery Expanding volume and costs of data Digitizing labor intensive, paper-based processes Cross-agency collaboration for better service Security, privacy and regulatory requirements Aging, costly and inflexible legacy technology Recruiting and retaining next generation of government workers The rapid pace of innovation and societal changes are presenting new challenges for agencies
  5. 5. 1780s 1870s 1970s TODAY Steam, water, mechanical production equipment Division of labor, electricity, mass production Electronics, IT, automated production Blurring the physical and the digital divide Industrial Revolution 4.0
  6. 6. Digital transformation is essential to advance the mission of government 6 ENGAGE YOUR CITIZENS for greater connection and participation EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES to deliver productivity gains that improve impact OPTIMIZE YOUR OPERATIONS for a more efficient service delivery platform TRANSFORM YOUR SERVICES to unlock insights that improve citizen services
  7. 7. ENHANCE capabilities for managing citizen identity and data securely REDUCE COSTLY maintenance & free up government resources INCREASE resiliency with scalable, on-demand government services infrastructure IMPROVE agency agility through self-provisioning services OPTIMIZE GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS and rapidly deliver new agency and citizen services capabilities
  8. 8. “We chose Microsoft Azure because it was the most suitable option and addressed nearly all of our methodology, research, and technology requirements.” Juan Manuel Galarza Tax Authority of Mexico General Administrator of Communications and Inform Tax Authority of Mexico Tax authority improves interaction with taxpayers through cloud computing services Learn more
  9. 9. “Modern e-government technologies enable more transparent and efficient operations, and I’m convinced that Microsoft solutions will help us reach these goals to the benefit of all citizens of Lviv.” Andriy Sadovy City of Lviv Mayor City of Lviv Tourist Services City of Lviv modernizes data collection, drives city transformation with shift to cloud Learn more
  10. 10. “The Airport Optimization Project feeds into that because we want to reduce the amount of CO2 that’s generated when an aircraft lands, taxis, and ultimately departs.” Tim Walmsley Environment Manager Manchester Airport Manchester Airport Untangling airport operations to help save fuel, money, and impact on the environment Learn more
  11. 11.  Reduce the cost of IT datacenter operations  Flexibility in providing solutions on-site, in-cloud, or a mix of both  Scale to accommodate variable loads across services, applications, and the network  Decrease software and application maintenance, staffing, and administrative costs  Self-provisioning of services for agencies contributes to improved agility  Free up resources to invest in new services, shift focus from maintenance to innovation  Resilient applications and services  Flexibility & scalable to meet demands  Support wide range of devices and experiences  New security enhancement to protect personal, business and intelligence data Microsoft Azure, StoreSimple, SQL DB SQL DW, Stream Analytics Windows Server 2016, Azure Stack, Azure App Service EMS / Intune Windows Server 2016, Azure Stack, System Center, OPTIMIZE YOUR OPERATIONS For a more efficient service delivery platform
  12. 12. TRANSFORM YOUR SERVICES to unlock insights that improve citizen services ACHIEVE the potential of the internet of things ACCELERATE insight driven decisions on government agency operations and performance COMBINE multiple data sources for enhanced insight and better decision making CONTROL government data storage and analysis costs
  13. 13. Embrace an open data culture fostering innovation Store, sort, search and analyze data quickly and easily Control data costs using an on-demand, pay-as-you-go storage services are more efficient, allocate resources more effectively Glasgow City Council Using the latest technology and open data culture to become a model for demonstrating smart city technology at scale Learn more
  14. 14. “Building on Microsoft Azure has enabled us to focus on what really matters to us. Having the freedom to be the most innovative mobile payment solution.” Tuomo Parjanen iQ Payments CEO City of Turku City of Turku deploys advanced cloud based PayiQ mobile ticketing and payment solution Learn more
  15. 15. “From this enhanced understanding we can focus fuel and CO2 efficiency programmes to improve operational performance for the airlines that traverse our airspace.” Ray Lim Business Intelligence Manager National Air Traffic Services (NATS) NATS takes flight with the cloud Transforming analytics capabilities, and removing over 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions from UK skies. Learn more
  16. 16.  Achieve the potential of the IOT (Internet of Things)  Prevent Fraud/Waste and Abuses  Get insights to innovate Smart Energy, Tax, Finance, Transportation and Resource management challenges  Transform Reporting giving you and your citizens an clearer operational picture  Communicate and collaborate more effectively  Make insights ”actionable”, and able to drive short and long term actions  Listen and analyze citizen social discussion & interactions  Proactively deliver e- participation forums and services  Use social data, including sentiment to improve citizen services Microsoft Azure, SQL DB SQL DW, Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics Microsoft Azure, StoreSimple, SQL DB SQL DW, Stream Analytics Microsoft Azure, StoreSimple, SQL DB SQL DW, Stream Analytics TRANSFORM YOUR SERVICES to unlock new agency and citizen impact
  17. 17. EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES to deliver productivity gains that improve impact COLLABORATE with integrated tools to build better citizen services ADVANCE government employee productivity with one complete collaboration solution ENHANCE services experience when employees have the best tools for the job INCREASE citizen services response rates with access to information and people
  18. 18. Auckland Transport Transport agency helps city handle massive growth with integrated document management solution Learn more “The agency estimates quantifiable savings of $3 million in the first 10 years—and it expects the savings to continue to grow as the solution is rolled out to 200-plus capital projects.” Roger Jones Auckland Transport Chief Information Officer
  19. 19. Wijkracht Social workers adopt Microsoft cloud and devices to better connect with the community Learn more “By using Windows 10 and Office 365 together, our social workers are more effective and our IT costs are significantly lower.” Jos Geesken Wijkracht CIO
  20. 20. City of Chicago City improves operational efficiency and services, reduces costs with move to the cloud Learn more “Just for email alone, we have reduced our costs per user by nearly 80 percent using Office 365, while expanding service to all City employees.” Brenna Berman City of Chicago Chief Information Officer
  21. 21.  Improve productivity with collaboration and communication tools  Simplify collaboration and enhance security between agencies  Work seamlessly across tablets and phones with mobile access to documents, email and collaboration tools  Protect document integrity and reduce legal risk  Simplify compliance with records management obligations  Manage records and efficiently respond to requests for information while reducing time spent on eDiscovery  Empower employees to treat citizens like customers  Promote and enable cross- organizational collaboration  Improve case management with CRM tools like service request management and contact history  Allow for a single citizen view by consolidating systems Microsoft Azure, StorSimple, SQL Dynamics, Office365, Skype4Biz Dynamics, Office365, Skype4BizMicrosoft Azure, Dynamics, Office365, Skype4Biz Empower Your Employees to deliver productivity gains that improve impact
  22. 22. ENGAGE YOUR CITIZENS For greater community connection and participation ENHANCE citizen engagement with digital townhall and social forums IMPROVE efficiency, delivery and quality of in-person citizen services INCREASE online and mobile citizen services experiences ENABLE rapid response and transparency to citizen service requests
  23. 23. Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Government department uses CRM platform to deliver a people-centered solution Learn more “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you get case management, workflow capabilities, a database, security, and alerts and notifications - all without having to code anything. All this makes the system very appealing when you are looking to speed the time-to-value of a new application.” Bryant K Young CIO Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
  24. 24. City of Regina, Saskatchewan Canadian provincial capital adds automated services, saves money with cloud solution Learn more "In the first year, our new Azure-powered identity management solution saved us over $40,000 in upfront expenses and licensing compared to a competing third-party product we considered. We also saved $360 a month by building our portal using CKAN on Azure versus a competing hosting service." Carole Tink City of Regina Manager of IT Strategy and Business Support
  25. 25. City of Ulm City of Ulm in Germany Uses the Cloud to Engage Citizens in Joint Decision Making Learn more “Deliver an urban policy debate by including citizens early in discussion around projects and initiatives. The scalability of cloud-based services was critical in managing the demand and financial costs of the solution.” Christian Geiger Team IT Ulm 2.0
  26. 26.  Focus on providing citizens with “always-on” access to information and services.  Promote self-service and community-service experiences from home and from mobile phones  Decrease services costs, but maintain a quality citizen experience  Allow workers to connect with citizens anytime and any place.  Choose the device and OS that best fits the needs of your organization with a wide range of devices and experiences  Protect citizen and agency data for mobile workers with security enhancements  Listen to and analyze citizen interactions at scale on social channels  Create cases to engage on key social interactions and requests  Use social data, including sentiment to trigger workflow rules and handle special situations differently Windows Server 2016, Azure Stack, Azure App Service EMS /Intune Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, Dynamics, Office365 Windows Server 2016, Azure Stack, SQL Server Engage Your Citizens For greater community connection and participation
  27. 27. Tomorrow Starts Today Advance government priorities in a mobile first, cloud first world REDUCE government administrative and IT costs UNLOCK insights that improve agency and citizen services EMPOWER productivity to deliver meaningful citizen outcomes ENHANCE Citizen dialogue and services experience
  30. 30. Next steps Learn more about our vision for Digital Government Transformation at  Our perspectives in blogs, videos and articles  Customer stories  Events & webcasts  Social channels  [Insert more next steps for your audience here]