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Upgrade to Plone 5


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With a stable release of Plone 5 customers you should start planning to upgrade existing sites to Plone 5. In this talk I will discuss migrations in general and especially those from Plone 4 to Plone 5. When not to upgrade
and on the code-part of migrations. Mainly I will discuss what you can and should do in Upgrade-Steps and which problems await you when migrating from one Plone-Version to another. I will also discuss migrations from Archetypes to Dexterity.

This talk is for developers who don't regularly write Upgrade-Steps and want to know why they should be bothered. Also if you do not write upgrade steps without ftw.upgrade you need to see this talk.

This is a sequel to "Migrations, Upgrades and Relaunches" given 2013 in Brasilia ( that discussed planning and why every non-trival upgrade should be a relaunch.

Published in: Technology
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Upgrade to Plone 5

  1. 1. U P G R A D E T O P L O N E 5 P H I L I P B A U E R P L O N E C O N F E R E N C E 2 0 1 5
  2. 2. Philip Bauer Munich pbauer (github / irc) StarzelDe (twitter)
  3. 3. PA R T 1 : G O O G L E F O R „ M I G R AT I O N S , U P G R A D E S A N D R E L A U N C H E S "
  4. 4. „Every non-trivial upgrade should be approached as a relaunch.“
  5. 5. „The primary challenge is not development but communication and project management.“
  6. 6. „Bring time. And space.“
  7. 7. „Expect everything to break!“
  8. 8. „Don't experiment, document.“
  9. 9. „Write your code as if your own kids will inherit the code one day.“
  10. 10. „Write upgrade-steps.“
  11. 11. „Divide and conquer.“
  12. 12. „Don't try more than two new things at once.“
  13. 13. „Use the Help.“
  14. 14. U P G R A D I N G F R O M P L O N E 4 T O 5 Why? Cui bono? An easy sell?
  15. 15. L I V E D E M O
  16. 16. I T C A N ’ T B E T H AT E A S Y A old site with content, configuration and add-ons
  17. 17. I T C A N ’ T B E T H AT E A S Y
  18. 18. I T C A N ’ T B E T H AT E A S Y LinguaPlone is hard to get rid of Theming is tricky Some add-ons work nicely in Plone 5
  19. 19. I S S U E S KeyError: 'Interface `` defines a field `checkout_workflow_policy`, 
 for which there is no record.'
  20. 20. I S S U E S ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass plone.resource.interfaces.IResourceDirectory>, 'persistent')
  21. 21. I S S U E S List of content to migrate from AT to DX is empty
  22. 22. L I N G U A P L O N E – O H M Y ! LinguaPlone ➟ (2.x) in 4.3.x Documentation: wildcard.fixpersistentutilities to the rescue! Can someone please sprint on this?
  23. 23. T H E U P G R A D E - G U I D E version_specific_migration/p4x_to_p5x_upgrade.html Needs love at sprint
  24. 24. Your design will break unless it is a full diazo theme T H E D E S I G N
  25. 25. Just joking ;-) T H E D E S I G N
  26. 26. Your design will always break T H E D E S I G N
  27. 27. Disable your custom theme before migrating! T H E D E S I G N
  28. 28. C O N T E N T
  29. 29. S E T T I N G S <record name="plone.displayed_types"> <value purge="false"> <element>talk</element> </value> </record>
  30. 30. C O D E
  31. 31. A R C H E T Y P E S D E X T E R I T Y @@pac_installer @@atct_migrator @@migrate_from_atct
  32. 32. A R C H E T Y P E S D E X T E R I T Y @@custom_migration
  33. 33. A R C H E T Y P E S D E X T E R I T Y from import field_migrators
  34. 34. A R C H E T Y P E S D E X T E R I T Y
  35. 35. A R C H E T Y P E S D E X T E R I T Y ISSUES: memory commits
  36. 36. U P G R A D I N G A D D - O N S F R O M 4 T O 5 That’s your job.
  37. 37. Thanks