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Apec smart city innovation & technology forum 2014 derry pantjadarma


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Innovations generally emerge from interactions that facilitate learning. Creative public space can be a start to develop smart cities/region where everyone can establish network which in turn when managed systematically would result in an innovation system.

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Apec smart city innovation & technology forum 2014 derry pantjadarma

  1. 1. Innovation System : Towards Sustainable Smart and Green Cities- Regions in Indonesian Economy APEC Smart City Innovation and Technology Cooperation Forum Changzhou, China, 8-11 April 2014 Derry Pantjadarma
  2. 2. ECONOMIC CHALLENGES 57.5% 23.8% 9.3% 4.8 % 2.5 % 2.1% Sumatera Kalimantan Java Bali-Nusa Tenggara Sulawesi Papua-Maluku THE DOMINATION OF JAVA ISLAND IN SHAPING THE NATIONAL GDP (BPS, Dec. 2012) ~ US$ 910 Bio 542 autonomous regions : 34 provinces 98 municipals/cities 410 regencies
  3. 3. Innovation Gap • Innovations not only formal R&D-based but also on practices in social and business innovations • Innovation policy impact on – growth of aggregate income – inequalities • In many ways; areas of excellence coexist with a large group of low productivity firms and a substantial informal economy • Productivity gaps > > wider diffusion of knowledge
  4. 4. Innovation Network • Create information and knowledge hubs • Establish physical place to interact, learn, create, innovate for common benefit • Informational exchange and knowledge sharing • More people lives in urban areas – >> Smart City and Regions
  5. 5. Framework (Taufik,2013) National level activities Regional level activities Regional Innovation System IndustrialClusters InnovationNetwork Technopreneurship Thematic Disaster Risk Reduction & Adaptation; Climate Change; Biosecurity; Ren. Energy; Oceans; Biotech Food and Drinks; Herbal Med.; Renewable Energy; ICT/Electronics; Mining; Automotive Regional ecosystems; Region-to-region partnerships Regional Technopoles/ Technoparks Examples Innovation System Strengthening Innovation Centers (e.g., business incubators) Innovation System Strengthening Pillars (Flagship Programs) Examples Eco-tourism; Palm Oil; Creative Industries Green/Clean Tech.: ICT4D Water Infrastructures (e.g., electricity) ICs; Govt. Incentives; Risk Capital (VC); Philantrophic Funding; HE Curriculum HR Mobility; Forestry Knowledge Management Sub-national RIS; International RIS Smart & Green Cities (Regions)
  6. 6. Several Aspects of Smart City-Region • Renewable energy and energy efficiency • Waste and water treatment • Green logistic and transportation • Environmental friendly products and services • Green estate, building and interior • Green ICT
  7. 7. To start with.. • Creative Public Space – Physical, Cultural, Psychological, Intelectual, Aesthetics – Inclusive • Use of available technology; waste recycling, water conservation, mangrove plantation, energy saving, internet, .....
  8. 8. Creative Public Space (CPS) • Ray Oldenburg ( American Sociologist , “The Great Good Place,1989” ) • People need informal public places where they can gather, put aside the concerns of work and home to relax and talk; Germany’s beergarden, English pubs, American tavern, barbershops, French cafes, Indonesian coffee shops ( warung kopi ) • Neutral ground where all are equal and conversation is the main activity • Without such places, the urban area fails to nourish the kinds of relationships and diversity of human contact that are the essence of a city. Deprived of these settings, people remain lonely within their crowds.
  9. 9. 5 1 2 3 4 Examples
  10. 10. 1.Bandung-West Java
  11. 11. 2. Pekalongan-Central Java
  12. 12. 3. Surabaya-East Java
  13. 13. 4. Bantaeng-South Sulawesi
  14. 14. 5. Pelalawan- Riau A REGIONAL INNOVATION NETWORK : PELALAWAN TECHNOPOLE Research & Dev’t Industries Services & CommercialsHousing Main Gate University Sport Center Offices Area of 3,754 ha. “New” smart & green city Start from CPS in Pangkalan Kerinci Technical School Pelalawan (STTP)
  15. 15. 2013-2018 • Energy : Biomass and Natural gas • Industry : Downstream processing of palm oil • Culture : Melayu Heritage • Environment : Peatland management, Green Development • E-development : public services, business, society
  16. 16. To conclude... • Think Big with Clear Vision • Start Small with Sharp Focus • Move Fast with Controllable Speed • Act Now with any Available Resources
  17. 17. Moving forward • Sister smart and green city-region across APEC economies • Consolidating the fragmented initiatives • Collaboration • Promoting innovation policy to accelerate the smart and green city movement
  18. 18. Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT) Gedung II BPPT, Floor 13 Jl. MH. Thamrin 8, Jakarta 10340 - INDONESIA Telp. (62-21)-3192 4127 Fax. (62-21)-391 2 4127 Thank You