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Pacer's Power Point Presentation


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ISYS 363.01; Fall 2013; Pacers

Published in: Education, Technology
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Pacer's Power Point Presentation

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363.01 Fall 2013 Pacers
  2. 2. Group Collaboration Tools  What we need and expect :  The tools that have more different “collaborative” features like file sharing, instant messaging , also can do visual or video conference.  The tools that are easy and broadly to use.  The tools that can be accessible, no charge. ActiveCollab( Project Management) Skype( Instant Messaging) Tiny Chat( Video Conference) Dropbox( File Sharing) Google Doc( Document Sharing
  3. 3. Criteria, Concerns, and Market Leaders Concerns:  Security  Compliance  Integration Market Leaders:  IBM  Jive  Communispace Criteria:  Inexpensive, usually free  Instant communications thru video conferencing, text message, etc.  Collaboration and notifications tools are available  Centralized communications  Share file anywhere, anytime  Share different kinds of documents, such as
  4. 4. • Mobility You can easily access to Dropbox by using iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and Android devices. • Picture and video sharing You can transfer picture and videos to your Dropbox account and share them with your group members • Keep your file safe and secure You can just drag any file to your Dropbox and Dropbox will automatically back it up in its server so you will be able to access to you files no matter what happens to your computer. • Share files with non Dropbox users You can share files to non Dropbox users by putting them in public folder of your Dropbox. Then, simply right click and copy the public link to the specific file. • Difficulty finding files location. It could be difficult sometime to find files location because no specific tabs are available. • Free version could only be used up to 2GB of storage You can unlimited use free version but you can only use up to 2GB of storage. If you want to add more GB you have to pay monthly or annually. • Everything you put in your Dropbox will be residing and occupying space in your hard drive You can not use it to archive files if you want to free up some space in your computer. • Inability to Collaborate on files. The files that you have uploaded are the only files that could be synchronized. Pros Cons
  5. 5. Google Docs. Pros:  1. Document Sharing function instead of printing or writing things down ; do not need to download or installed any software.  2. making changes and reviews by any group member instantly.  3. Quickly access to files in cloud anywhere around the world. Cons:  1.Need to be online to access; rely on Internet totally.  2. limited feature compared with MS software( Word & Excel)  3. Unsecure and there is no offline copy on your computer.
  6. 6. Pros: ● Able to simultaneously video chat with 12 people at once ● Very user friendly and easy to set up disposable chatrooms ● No limit to outside viewers and participants in text chat Tiny Chat Cons: ● Service does not provide in- client file sharing ● Must have fast and reliable internet connection to stream videos ● Anonymous viewers may pose risk to online safety
  7. 7. Skype  Almost ubiquitous and is very easy to start up.  Does not take a long time to start collaboration  User interface is very easy to use  Free!  Does not have good audio/ visual integration with large meeting rooms  Multi-Party audio is not very clear and is a reliability  Skype does not run on a secure server  Automatically reuses proxy credentials
  8. 8. ActiveCollab  Pros  useful for any team management project  Has quite different and more features for business  Open Source, Extensible, Fully Customizable  Cons  High Cost-not suitable for students  Needs some time to learn and get used to  Not a convenient tool to use
  9. 9. Google Doc  Free program  Easy to learn  wecan access the database wherever we have an internet connection.  Has a few more "collaborative" features such as file sharing. We can edit the file online right away instead of downloading the file to our computers.  It’smoreeffectiveandconvenientforateamprojectbecause itcansaveourtimeandGoogle Docs imports and exports most file types
  10. 10. References