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How to use Schedule Groups Patterns and Shift Templates in Kronos


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How to use Schedule Groups Patterns and Shift Templates in Kronos

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How to use Schedule Groups Patterns and Shift Templates in Kronos

  1. 1. How to use Schedule Groups, Patterns and Shift Templates Kronos v8.0+
  2. 2. Why use Schedule Groups? Pattern Template Monday-Friday Shift Template 9a-5p Schedule Pattern Schedule Groups Answer: Best method of maintaining large groups of employees that have same work schedules. Lastly it provides flexibility to “Standardize” schedules for small to large groups of employees. Example: If you could edit 1K employees schedules individually or break them up into 10 groups and make 10 edits.
  3. 3. Create Schedule Group New Setup & apply to employees Create Schedule Group with inheritance Create Shift Template Create Schedule Pattern. Add Shift Template to the Pattern Apply Schedule Group to Employees Apply Schedule Pattern to Schedule Group Update Data Access Profiles to allow users to access to Shift Template, Pattern Template, Schedule Group Existing Setup apply to employees Edit Schedule Group using Schedule Editor or People Editor Remove from existing Schedule Group by END DATING old group. Add to existing Schedule Group. Be sure to not have Overlapping Dates for Schedule Groups Review Schedule Setup in Schedule Editor Use Existing Schedule Group Process Overview
  4. 4. Schedule Period Schedule Periods are intervals in time based on WEEKS or DAYS.
  5. 5. Shift Templates Shift Templates are simply shifts that have been recorded and named for future use. They have specific Start and End Times
  6. 6. Pattern Template Patterns are simply a series of scheduled shifts and/or pay code edits that repeat over a specific period of time.
  7. 7. Schedule Group A schedule group is a collection of employees who work the same or similar shifts. You can assign new hires and existing employees to one or more schedule groups. Place employees in schedule groups to facilitate creating and editing their schedules.
  8. 8. Shift Template Data Access Profile Update Data Access Profile to allow users to access shift template.
  9. 9. Shift Group Data Access Profile Update Data Access Profile to allow users to access Schedule Groups.
  10. 10. Pattern Template Data Access Profile Update Data Access Profile to allow users to access pattern template.
  11. 11. People Editor Record – Group Assignment Update employee’s people editor record with correct Schedule Group with correct start and end dates. Do NOT overlap dates.
  12. 12. How to Step-by-step instructions
  13. 13. To build an Inheritance Schedule Group: 1. Go to Setup > Scheduler Setup > Schedule Groups. 2. Click on New. Add name of Schedule Group and click in the box labeled Inheritance. 3. Click on Save and Return. To assign a Schedule Pattern to an Inheritance Schedule Group: 1.Open the Schedule Editor or Schedule Planner. 2.Click the By Group tab. 3.If the group is a new one, from the menu line click Group and select Load Group. 4.Select the Group from the drop down menu. 5.Click OK. 6.Right click on the line with the Schedule Group name then select Add Pattern > Shift or Pay Code. or Highlight the Schedule Group name, click Shift on the menu line, and choose Add Pattern > Shift or Pay Code. 7.Build the pattern or select Insert Pattern and select an existing pattern template.
  14. 14. To assign employees to the Schedule Group: 1. If the employee is assigned to another Group: 2. From the By Group tab, right click on the employee name and select Remove from Group. 3. Select the Group name. 4. Enter the Start Date as the day after the last shift this employee should have from the old Group. 5. End date should be Forever. 6. Click OK. 7. Lock any Shifts or Days that have not been signed off and should not be over written by the new group. To assign to a new Group (select the appropriate Time Period, such as Next Schedule Period): 1. In the By Group tab, right click on the employee name from the Ungrouped list of employees and select Add to Group. 2. Select the name of the new group to which employee should be assigned. 3. Enter Start Date as the first date of the Schedule Period where the new Group assignment should be effective. 4. Enter End Date as Forever or the date this Group Schedule assignment should end. 5. Click OK. 6. Unlock Shifts/Days from Current and/or Previous Pay Period.
  15. 15. To Edit an existing Inheritance Schedule Group Pattern: 1. Select Current Schedule Period or any period of time when shifts/days are not signed off. 2. Go to the By Employee tab, click on Actions > Select All. 3. Click on Actions > Lock Days. Select the dates that should be protected and not overridden. 4. Click OK. 5. Change Time Span to Next Schedule Period or Range of Dates for the new Schedule Group Pattern. 6. Right click on the Group Name then select Edit Pattern > Shift Pay Code. 7. Edit the pattern with the correct shifts. 8. Make First Work Date and Pattern Start Date the effective date of the pattern change. Be sure to select Override Other Patterns. 9. Click OK. 10. Click Ok through the two messages. 11. Click Save when the Pattern Editor box closes. To Edit a single day for a Schedule Group: 1. Go to Scheduling > Schedule Editor/Planner. 2. Click on the By Group tab. 3. From the Show box, choose the appropriate Schedule Group to be edited. 4. From Time Period box, select Period to be edited. 5. Click on the date to be edited in the Group. 6. Right click or Select Shift > Edit Shift. 7. Delete shift and add Pay Code or edit shift as needed.
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