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Red Iron Capabilities


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Capabilities, Creative, Consulting, Branding, Interactive, Experiential, Planning, Small Agency, Boston, New England, Northeast, Retail, In-house, Agency

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Red Iron Capabilities

  1. 1. Agency Capabilities Derrick E. Wood Founder, CCO
  2. 2. hello
  3. 3. <i>thank you</i> for opening this up and having a bit of curi- osity as to what <b>Red Iron</b> is all about. we hope you will find what you are looking for in a creative-marketing-brand- ing-interactive-experiential- planning agency. what makes us different is our understanding of how business works and how you just need that go-to-team to get stuff done and get you <b>promoted</b>. right? >>>
  4. 4. we are a small agency made up of people who used to be in a big agency who wanted more. we know how busi- ness works – we are shareholders, we know how brands work – we are consumers. we know that you want to make your budget go far, we have been there, done that – we want that <b>promotion</b> too!
  5. 5. here are some of the agencies where we have worked, learned and played. >>>
  6. 6. we say our <b>lexicon</b> is fun, smart, and please don’t hate us for not inventive, intelligent, conversa- liking the phrase low-hanging tional. we say things like crave- fruit, or synergy, or relentless worthy, and passionate, and bril- pursuit, or web 2.0. it’s just not liant. it’s more about talking us, we aren’t BS bingo players. things through, asking the right let’s just talk and leave all the questions, using words that are buzz at the door. >>> both emotional and vocational. let’s just talk, we are bound to come up with the right language to frame your brand. keep it simple, we are already impressed with you for the position that you are in.
  7. 7. btw, isn’t your brand better than the fruit that anyone can easily grab? you don’t know where their hands have been do you? get a ladder, be daring. >>>
  8. 8. we do we are students of marketing, here’s a TAG CLOUD of what we have branding, creative, experiential, done before and any combination of interactive. we are constantly these things can be pulled together learning, trying, teaching, ana- for you. >>> lyzing and going around another time. we do a lot and there isn’t much we won’t attempt. we are hon- est in our capabilities and limi- tations. we aren’t afraid to say we don’t know, but are excited to learn. above all, we want you to succeed, so we’ll do what it takes.
  9. 9. engaging your tribe live events internal communications experiential branding audience integration brand values insight event production street teams art direction pitching creative print strategy brainstorming graphic planning copywriting design channel planning marketing social media interactive content management workflowprocess testing usability ui design photography imaging
  10. 10. we did >>> a lot of work in a lot of different areas at a lot of different compa- nies with a lot of great people. in short, we have done...well, a lot. i interactive as you will see, it’s done with e experiential integration in mind. it doesn’t b branding have to match like luggage, but the strategy, tone, message should all p print feel like it’s coming from the same m marketing brand. your customers don’t really understand or care about your org chart, so don’t show them.
  11. 11. The The ebpm ibpm i Little Little White White Market Market ibpm iepm i im pm im iebpm iem im iebpm epm im Well Spot p ibm im Your health supply superstore
  12. 12. Introduction we will Goals Getting to know you and your business objectives be <b>respectful</b> of your time and your budget. we have worked on Output Shared understanding both agency and client side so we get how things work. there is an Steps Brand immersion old african saying, “if you want to Process mapping go fast, go alone. if you want to Develop goals go far, go together. if we agree on this process, then we move forward fast and go far. >>>
  13. 13. Discovery Insight Strategy Creative Execution Evaluation Relationship Learning more Look for deeper Develop a Create a unique Deliver Measure the Continue to about your insight to set strategy to experience experience efficacy of the look forward opportunity your experience drive all that supports that supports experience and extend the apart experiences to strategy the creative experience business goals concept Appraisal of the Unique Strategic Expression of Delivery of ROI and Future planning opportunity proposition Platform brand experience awareness Review past Customer Point of Integrated Logistics Success Post-program programs research difference positioning criteria communication Production statement evaluation strategy Competitive Persona Strategy Specs landscape review development development Create program Testing matrix Ongoing Experience Flow identity programming Content audit Content surveys Experience Pre-program Technical Specs platform Logo and asset baseline Archive of Business brief development program Creative brief Live feedback Guidelines Future Success Post-program experience criteria survey planning
  14. 14. we hope to be able to work <b>together</b> to be able to learn from each other to be <i>profitable</i> enough to give back to be able to <b>employ</b> good people to be respectful of different ideas to live the dream of a small agency to be flexible and adaptable to fight the good fight to <b>celebrate</b> often
  15. 15. to change attitudes and behaviors of customers to grow brands <b>bigger</b> than we expected to have different conversations each day to move the ball, the needle, the nut to treat each other with <i>respect</i> to try stuff that scares the pants off of us to leave each day mentally exhausted to be able to respect work and life balance to <b>love</b> what we do every day
  16. 16. thx.
  17. 17. <i>thank you</i> for taking the time to get to know us a little better. we hope you can appre- ciate our interest in brands, in marketing and in creating meaning- ful experiences. we look forward to the chance to work and learn with <b>you . give us a call , we are up for the conversation and a cup of coffee.
  18. 18. 3 Haven Way Hopedale, MA 01747 508.498.6194