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I love giving free instructional meetings to educate real estate professionals and business owners how they can make more money next month than they've brought in the 3 previous months... http://derrickali.com/local

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Who is Derrick Ali

  1. 1. Derrick Ali A native Chicagoan, I attended Iowa State University returned to the Windy City in the 90s I launched my first business – YourCreditCardAssociation. Later I settled down in the State of Michigan and raising family. I jumped on board the internet in the mid 1990′s and successfully authored my very first ebook: “Successful Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investors” available on TheCreativeInvestor.com website forums (now Probot.com). After many years of hacking it in the telecommunication marketing and advertising field I transitioned fulltime into real estate. Presently , I love giving free instructional meetings to educate real estate professionals and businessowners how they can make more money next month than theyve brought in the 3 months prior to mycoming on as assistant marketing director.Creating Marketing Systems To Help Real Estate Professionals Dominate Their Local MarketsPersonal Real Estate Marketing SystemsMy first experience with the power and value of working with the right system came using the webtechnology I learned from the corporate world and my strength in using the Internet to market myinvestment properties, I was able to position my properties online ready-to-buy investors &purchasers via rent-to-own and ended up selling/buying over 200 single family houses. It was thesystem that allowed me to purchase millions of dollars of single family properties across the U.S.Virtual Referral-Magnet SystemHarnessing the power of online tele-classes, for nearly 4 years I educated a team of over 2,000 refferalpartners to go out and find motivated seller +distressed properties in more than 9 different States. Alltraining was done online and by telephone. The referral partners would email sellers, take pictures ofthe properties and complete detailed info of each house and then upload the information to a websiteforum community I created. Our system allowed us to locate over 700 properties which we thenpromoted to a database of investors on forums such as Yahoo Real Estate, TheCreativeInvestor.com,MSNGroups, and GoogleGroups. The VRM system brought hundreds of millions of dollars worth ofreal estate into play and under our control.Mortgage Marketing SystemWhile in Chicago during the early to late 1990s I was invited to get into the mortgage business so Ipartnered with a mortgage banker to create a marketing system to attract 100s of mortgage loanoriginations online on autopilot. We built a system that generated from zero to over 50 new loansfunded in less than 90 days. The company wnet from less than $500K/mo to over $2.2 Million Dollarsin monthly fundings the first year. All of this was made possible because of the system we used todominate the local mortgage community we targeted in Chicago..At-Risk Youth Entrepreneurs ProjectOur team targeted local vacant property and REO properties (primarily witihn blighted urban areas).Armed with a proprietary investing-method of property acquisition and title-holding manner, we wereable to succeed placing under contract 47 distressed properties in the city of Kansas City MO. Thisamazing project broke records at the time.
  2. 2. The Marketing System is Everything.I hope these few examples of real life transactions that I was personally involved in will help youunderstand the value of the right system. I believe that the right leaders combined with the rightmarketing system will dominate any market that they compete in. System and Leadership.What Am I Doing Now?I currentlyspecialize in business development primarily focused on Real Estate. I’m interested informing local leadership teams to spearhead the development of my specialized marketing systemnation-wide. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. http://derrickali.com/local/contact