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Realtors Dont Read This Its Weird


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If you would like the
rewarding experience of
owning a Business Builder
Marketing System to grow your
real estate sales, telephone:
(517) 962-1747 or write to:
HearAndProfit Publishing
c/o Derrick Ali
1737 Spring Arbor Rd., #217
Jackson, Michigan 49203

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Realtors Dont Read This Its Weird

  1. 1. "Want More Calls From Home Sellers Looking To List with You and/or Home Buyers... Sent Direct To Your Cell Phone?" What makes HearAndProfit Publishing the best advertising solutions strategist in the world? "There is really no magic about it – it is merely patient results accountable attention to detail," - says one eminent Google Ad-Words Advertiser. 1. "Get More Calls From Home Sellers Looking To List with You and Home Buyers... Sent Direct To Your Cell Phone," reports the business editor of the Real Estate Marketer. Three ad plans and 4 marketing platforms get simultaneously launched for you. 2. Every BBMS component is test run for up to one hour at full throttle before the ad-campaign is fully activated and each ad's copy is test-written for 50 to 100's of impressions both online and off in varying markets, neighborhoods, and, high-traffic communities. 3. The Realtor Business Builder Marketing System is designed as an owner-run advertising testing vehicle. It is eighteen times more powerful than just running an ad in the paper or real estate magazine. 4. The BBMS has a hands-free ad-response handler, remote phone services, FAQ and automatic mailing platform. It is very easy to run as well as track results. No full time advertising department staffing required. 5. The finished project spends a week in the final test-phase being fine-tuned. where it undergoes 50 separate ad-trials prior to full activation with the name of your business on it. For example, the ad-results engineers use a targeted inbound leads call tracking system to monitor exactly where the most calls are coming in from. 12. There are three separate systems of power-marketing 6. The Business Builder plans, two offline and one Marketing System is guaranteed online. Low response by one will for three years. With a new not affect the others. The BBMS network of marketing strategists, is a very uncommon ad-engineers, and plenty of advertising platform to run – promotional templates you can and also a very profitable one plug, play and profit with today. too. It provides savvy realtors® with uncommon powers of true 7. The BBMS ad-rater marketing domination. scorecard helps realtors® like you to assess the 'spend- 13. BBMS was developed by worthiness' of your existing HearAndProfit Publishing. marketing campaigns. Except for the software, created by the same ad-engineers at 8. The BBMS ad-coach audit is Google. Realtors® who feel given to you as a primer of what indifferent about advertising via 5 critical things (dangerous a Business Builder Marketing trends) to watch out for in your System can always select from ads? Which ones you should? any of the a la cart marketing Which to tweak and which ones products more widely available. to keep going on. PRICE. The BBMS illustrated in 9. BBMS virtually hands the this advertisement – costs review of your entire ad-spend $13,995 for a 6 month exclusive and analysis of marketing over to engagement sole- licensed use. HearAndProfit publishing for real-time recommendations and If you would like the 'problem-ad' alerts. rewarding experience of owning a Business Builder 10. A real time micro-report Marketing System to grow your with easy to understand graphs real estate sales, telephone: can be accessed by you or an appointed staffer via mobile (517) 962-1747 or write to: phone, iPad, or PC 24 hours a day-7 days a week. HearAndProfit Publishing 11. You can get such optional extras as pay-per-call leads, c/o Derrick Ali local billboards partnerships, 52 week listing-appointment setters, 1737 Spring Arbor Rd., #217 plus Robo (auto-sent) Emails & Jackson, Michigan 49203 Phone Auto-Dialer Strategies.