How to increase your advertising roi by 10 to 20 percent or more by spending less


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How to increase your advertising roi by 10 to 20 percent or more by spending less

  1. 1. “How To Increase Your Advertising ROI (Return-On-Investment)by 10-20% by Spending Less?”(A Case-Study of Pay Per Call Advertising by Local Businesses)By Derrick Ali, HearAndProfit Publishing www.ForSmarterBuyers.comPay Per Call Advertising Explained:This article is for owners (and managers) of local businesses not seeing a return on their websiteadvertising investment.Warning - Sending paid traffic to your website homepage can be a total waste of time and money andmay even be bankrupting your small business.Note - If you have refused to consistently advertise and/or are incorrectly promoting your website,regardless of whether you already enjoy the best brand reputation in your local market or not, thenegative effects are causing you to leave money on the table (read: web-browser)!Stale-Branded (meaning generic business card name address and telephone number) websites actuallyreduce leak’ revenue away from the merchant, small business or practice owners.The Problem: Say 30 people online come to visit your website homepage each day, and leave withoutpurchasing your product or service or opt not to make an appointment with you; the result is You lose100% of any/all benefits by not converting this traffic.Question: Does your site currently have a way or option to capture and follow up with lost visitorsbesides NAP? Does it have a Strong Reason Why visitors should give their - email address? Is there aclear & powerful Call To Action urging the visitors to Telephone? How about an online coupon-redemption application?It your answer to any of the above is NO, then your website in its current format is suffering from whatI (and other online marketing experts) refer to as: SLL (Sales-Loss-Leakage).The Solution: Nothing beats direct contact with a prospective customer, client, and/or patient. Salesconversions are always much higher too, So while I can’t blame merchants for posting their traditionalname, address, and phone numbers - thats a no brainer :-);However, I do fault them with not having the presence of mind to strike while the iron is hot with thewebsite visitor to compel them to act and act now.For Example: Make an Offer (above the fold) on the site to entice them to DO SOMETHING NOW,like call right away, or exchange their NAP (name address+phone+ AND/OR Email for something(info-guide, free analysis, complimentary product, video, newsletter, case-study, report, exam, orcoupon, etc.)?But the potential for SSL(sales-loss-leakage) is why I personally train local business owners how toimprove return on investment and properly promote almost all of their consumer goods, through pay-per-call ad-offers management & creation services. I help them to analyze their campaigns for effectiveconversion of visitors to prospect and call-delivery to sales and confirmed appointment.By setting up Pay Per Call marketing campaigns merchants can now easily track conversion of visitorsto their site, capture potential customers over the phone AND manage how much and what they pay forthese website referrals.
  2. 2. How does Pay Per Call Marketing work?Suppose you have a site for home renovations and roofing business.Step 1 You arrange for HearAndProfit publishing to set-up promote your Heating and AirConditioning Pay Per Call program, your ads will immediately begin targeting homeowners who wanta quote on the installation of a new whole-home heating or cooling system or a new roof.Step 2 The HearAndProfit Pay Per Call program is web-integrated, meaning that we replace yourstandard telephone number with our promo number when we direct traffic to your website. NOTE:where you as a merchants are NOT web-integrated, we place our promo telephone number onto yourwebsite (or in an ad on your flyers or business cards, etc.)Step 3 Your referral prospective customer, client, patient then lands on your page, they phone ourpromo number directly to you and you pay us (for example) $10.00 per call.Granted, there are stipulations regarding call duration and quality that you are in full control of.The Outcome -1.) You pay $10.00 per call if the call duration is greater than say 2 minutes and 12 seconds long andit must come from the the City/Areas your select.2.) Together with HearAndProfit the Merchant evaluate these calls for quality, so if you consistentlyget callers who are not looking for a free quote, or dont meet the standard you set up with us, then ourcommissions will be reversed.3.) On the other hand, if the paid calls are legitimate, fit your prospect-profile and are of goodquality, then our commissions will remain as agreed and you may deem them eligible for bonuses andan increase in call-completion levels billing.Control of EPC’s[Earnings Per Call] by merchants in HearAndProfit Publishings Pay Per Call networkare quite easy for merchants to manage.For example, one Home-Improvement merchant is presently set up to pay no more than:• $121.21 a week for their HVAC site (new install @ 12 qualified calls p/wk.) and• $200.00 a week on their Roofing (new roof quotes @ 10 qualified calls p/wk.), and• $333.33 for quotes on vinyl siding (free in-home estimate @ 11 qualified calls p/wk.).Their Results -33 new appointment requests weekly (up 24% from advertising prior to Pay-Per-Call)- Pretty nice, eh?Pay Per call billings vary considerably, anywhere from $1 – $20 for say a Cable TV or $37 per callwith Bankruptcy Debt-Relief and up to $49 for a Emergency Dental. Likewise call duration anddefinitions of call quality vary from merchant to merchant.
  3. 3. How well does Pay Per Call Marketing work?Based on recent industry reports, Pay Per Call marketing works well for those merchants andprofessional practices who work at it. :-)As reported on Revenews that one service provider added a quarter million bucks in billings by drivingphone calls for his client. Yes there is a learning curve involved and it wont be all roses, but in the end,the effort ADDED to his clients overall income and sales growth.The co-founder and CMO of RingRevenue, wrote the following in Feedfront magazine:"Top Pay-Per-Call providers are converting 10x better than clicks using just Google Adwords. Click-through rates improve 5-30% when promo-phone numbers are included in the ads. Advertisers areearning 1.5 to 2x as much for converting calls as they do for online transactions alone."We’ve only just started introducing Pay-Per-Call locally here in Jackson County – since launching theHearAndProfit Publishing arm of program. So we have very little data to cross-compare Pay-Per-Call to Your Current Advertising Conversions at the moment. This is good news forthe smart business owner and/or practice manager. HearAndProfit Publishing is offering for a limitedtime the opportunity of working with us on an exclusive basis to test pay per call against your currentadvertising control.This no-cost opportunity will be limited to just one business of its type in Jackson County.HearAndProfit Publishing has already extended this offer to each of your local competitors. The offer ison a first-come first-served exclusive basis. A free report and overview of our findings will be madeavailable as a case-study only to those businesses whom respond. The case-study report will reveal theeffectiveness of local pay-per-call strategies for the privileged few Jackson County businesses who takeus up on this offer.Deadline for applying for this free Pay Per Call marketing Test-Drive is MAY 31, 2013Right now, merchants on most of the major national advertising networks offer pay per call marketingand sms campaigns — including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.So, for local businesses, the time to get on board and learn how to make Pay Per Call work is definitelyNOW.To that end, I HIGHLY encourage you to take advantage of testing the HearAndProfit Publishing localPay Per Call Test-Run in Jackson County.Derrick Ali, the HearAndProfit Pay-Per-PCall program developer, shows exactly how he managed tohelp local businesses to “supercharge” their mobile marketing systems and convert amazing salesnumbers gain new customers, clients, and new patients in a single month.Moreover, this process was recently endorsed by one of the original Pay Per Call marketing experts —an early and successful adopter of the strategy and one of the guys who taught Derrick the ropes.Check out HearAndProfit Publishings Pay-Per-Call program today — You have nothing to lose, as itcomes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. :-)
  4. 4. Again - This no-cost opportunity will be limited to just one business of its type in Jackson County. Andyour local competitors may already have blocked your company from participating. Remember thisoffer is on an exclusive first-come first-served basis.Even if your competition has already shut you out of this free test-drive you may still receive a copy ofthe free report that will reveal our findings from the test-run. But only to those businesses whomrespond to register will receive the report: "[Case-Study] The Effectiveness of Local Pay-Per-CallAdvertising in Jackson County Michigan?"Only the privileged few Jackson County Businesses (whom take us up on this offer) will obtain thisbombshell exposing the powerful proof of Pay-Per-Call marketing .About Derrick AliExpert local advertising consultant, educator, and speaker, Derrick is best known for his online marketing training for SmallBusinesses Handbook: "Quick-Start Guide To Internet Marketing Success of Your Local Business!"To contact him for consulting, speaking appearance, and/or private coaching on the matter of using pay-per-callmarketing to Stop Website SLL (Sales-Loss Leakage) for your small business, legal or medical practice. Call(517)962-1747 or Email