How To Drive Quality Inbound Phone Leads To Your Local Business


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How To Drive Quality Inbound Phone Leads To Your Local Business

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How To Drive Quality Inbound Phone Leads To Your Local Business

  1. 1. How To... “DRIVE QUALITY In-BOUND PHONE LEADS Into YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS?” A HearAndProfit Publication
  2. 2. WHO WROTE THIS EBOOK? Derrick Ali is the Marketing Advisor for HearAndprofit's Value-Added Content Creation Channel. Derrick has written and presented extensively on busines growth strategies, and runs a weekly webinar on local-marketing topics. @HearAndProfit Local Lead Generation TABLE OF CONTENTS: Core Local Service Offerings 4 Proven Value of In-Bound Phone Leads 6 Attracting The Right Phone Leads 7 The Components of Local Lead Generation 8 More Resources 13
  3. 3. CORE SERVICE OFFERINGS OF INBOUND LEADS The formula for being successful with set up and activating an inbound marketing campaign is simple: They Will Get Your Biz Found (drive traffic to your ads, signage and/or site), Convert (generate phone leads and customers from that traffic) and Analyze (be smart about what worked and what didn't). This methodology maps out exactly the list of core services that any marketing service firm you choose will need to offer if they want to earn your business and drive better results for you as their client. Methodology & Service Offerings Get Your Biz Found > Traffic Generation Convert > Lead Generation > Customer Acquisition Analyze > Reporting/Analysis
  4. 4. PROVEN VALUE of IN-BOUND PHONE LEADS GENERATION This Ebook is focused on what your agency needs to do to drive leads. Getting your lead generation infrastructure (architecture) in place should be the top priority of any agency you choose to work with, especially those with whom you plan to interview. You will also want proof that the strategy they recommend supports your sales process and works. There is no better way to prove this than by generating leads within the first 30 days of an engagement. If the agency you are currently using was brought on to revive your website, or improve the number of phone leads your business gets month over month, you'll need to confirm they are using and/or plan to employ the following skills highlighted within this ebook... And do so effectively. Remember - Phone Leads are the catalyst for new customer acquisition and the critical sign of a healthy ad campaign and website. Lead generation is also critical to customer retention, referrals, increases, and reactivation. “The Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies always show your business value immediately by generating leads within the first 30 days of working with you as a client...”
  5. 5. ATTRACTING THE RIGHT PHONE LEADS Aim your Efforts at Your Biggest & Best BuyerPersona Who is your ideal end-customer/user? Make sure you craft all the content, promotion, and landing pages with these people in mind. Align Your Marketing Efforts with Your Sales Process What are the needs or goals driving the sales process? Consider these when laying out your initial marketing action plan and align initiatives to deliver on these points. Consider the Marketing Funnel You can drive leads in at top of the funnel with offers like Ebooks. The middle of the funnel is all about offers like demos and free samples. Know what types of activities your best customers value the most. Then engage them in that way.
  6. 6. SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW HOW TO GENERATE LEADS? Reality Check – Does Your Current Marketing/Advertising Plan Have The Tools & Skill-Set To Consistently Deliver The Following? Critical Components of Successful In-Bound Phone Lead Generation 1. Creation of High-Value, Useful, and Premium Content 2. Creation & Optimization of sms Phone-Lines/Landing Pages 3. Creation of Call-To-Action Text Keyword/Buttons? 4. Blogging & Op-In Text Promotion 5. Social Media Promotion & Contests
  7. 7. CREATION OF HIGH-VALUE, USEFUL, And PREMIUM CONTENT You know the importance of content is the main attraction factor which boosts the value- line of yourservice offering. And when it critical for getting prospects into the top of your sales funnel. People find your business listing or website because of its content – the ad design you create, keywords you select online, and the blog topics. But what happens when they call in or arrive at your ad-site? How do you deepen a conversation with a caller/ visitor, immediately add value for them and begin to segue that conversation into the sales process? The answer is premium content, not the short-form content you create on your blog. Premium content is longer-form pieces that explore topics, tips, desires, fears, and industry trends at a deeper level – something like an ebook, audio, video, or a webinar with experts from your company. You can require a caller to "press 1" or "2" to get details, sms text from their mobile phone, or have an ad-site visitor to fill out a form to access this type of content. These activities / involvements turns the caller/visitor into a quality lead and sales prospect. In the coming pages you'll read about some of the key mechanics behind phone leads generation - but know that it will ultimately hinge on your ability to create killer content for which callers & visitors will happily share their contact information with you. To use an analogy, lead generation is like fishing and you'll need good bait to hook the big guys before you start to reel them in. Happy casting!
  8. 8. CREATION OF LANDING PAGES & AD-SITES OK so you've created the high-value, useful, and premium content your customers are searching for - now you need a landing page for it to live on. A landing page is a page on your website whose sole purpose is to facilitate lead generation. They have minimal navigation, copy that explains the offer and, of course, a simple form to complete for leads to automatically get(see, hear, or download) your premium content. These pages will be a critical component of the inbound phone lead generation strategy that you put together for any of your marketing and/or ad-campaigns. The landing pages you create for your customers should clearly convey the value of the offer. Use headers to support the title and any subtitles. Use the rest of the text to clearly and concisely explain the value of your offer. Use bullet points to demonstrate clear takeaways and break up large blocks of text. Keep it brief and to-the-point. What will the person get from your offer? Will they learn how to do something? Become more open to sharing knowledge & fact on a specific topic relating to the service you provide? How will the information be presented to prospects?Don’t leave any questions about what they’ll be getting from you!
  9. 9. CREATION OF CALL-TO-ACTION BUTTONS Now, landing pages and ad-site offers are useless if no one sees them. To get people to an ad-site or landing page, you’ll need a call-to-action (CTA). These are lines of text, images or buttons on your website that link directly to landing pages. Your ad-site should be decorated with CTAs, from large prominent banners on the homepage to smaller buttons in the margin of product pages to links in your text & email signatures. You DO NOT need to have an in-house graphic designer to make call-to-action buttons (though it doesn't hurt). InDesign is a preferred tool, but you can scale back and go simpler with PowerPoint. Or consider using a free- lancer to get the images you need to drive CTA clicks, landing pages views and, ultimately, form submissions.
  11. 11. CREATION OF LOCAL BILLBOARDS PARTNERS via SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION Social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, are where your customers live and have their conversations. Its where they trade recommendations, ask questions and share links. Find out which of those channels are most productive for use by your business (LinkedIn is solid for B2B, Twitter better for B2C) and an a relevant post or blog tip on Your FB Account or FanPage can allow you access into these conversations be sure to include linksto your 'relevant' landing pages [aka Web-Billboards]. You should setup a regular schedule of when and where you share your newest blog articles (which have links to CTAs) and direct links to your useful premium content offers. Also take advantage of all the additional opportunities each social network affords you. These include Twitter’s profile links or your Facebook page’s info links. You should also make sure your ad-site/landing pages have social media share buttons so that visitors can easily share your content themselves in their own social channels.
  12. 12. BLOGGING PROMOTIONS If If you want to generate leads from your blog, always place a CTA button on each and every blog post you publish. Each post is an opportunity to tease out the larger concepts covered in your ebook or feature on your audio/ video/webinar. Readers will then welcome the chance to dig deeper on a certain topic and convert into serious (read: quality) leads. In addition to these CTA buttons, you can also leverage the text within your posts/ blog articles for conversion. Use anchor text to link to appropriate offers to optimize your posts for better conversion. For example - If you're a personal injury attorney and you've written an article about "Questions to Ask if You’ve Been in an Accident," link some anchor text within the article to your ebook on Accidental-Injury Review 101. Literally, turn the phrase “accident protocol” in the blog post into a clickable link that leads to the landing page for this offer. CREATION OF INDOOR BILLBOARDS and SIGNAGE See 'More Resources' for examples... Plus qualify to have one custom targeted lead generation web-billboard (plus off-line sign) for your local business designed by HearAndProfit publishing.
  13. 13. MORE RESOURCES / HEARANDPROFIT The Inbound Marketing Specialists on our ad team have helped hundreds of small and mid-sized local businesses to use lead generation to drive better leads quality & consistently grow their business. Request a Strategic Consultation to Learn How Inbound Can Help Your Business Grow. Here: ----------