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A Special Message from Derrick Ali     Be a Hero To Your Friends and Neighbors By Giving Them                      FREE ST...
Plus your name will be entered in our monthly Referral Rewards drawing for a $100 Gift Certificatefrom a local department ...
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Derrick Ali Referral RewardsProgram


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Derrick Ali Referral Rewards Program

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Derrick Ali Referral RewardsProgram

  1. 1. A Special Message from Derrick Ali Be a Hero To Your Friends and Neighbors By Giving Them FREE STUFF from Derrick Ali (Your Trusted Home Furnishing & Mattress Health Adviser) Without Spending a Single Red Cent To Do It! How often to you get to take the credit for doing something good and make someone happywithout doing any work? Probably almost never. But thats exactly what you can do when you referyour friends to me to buy a mattress, furniture, and/or even marketing services for their small businbess And For every friend you refer to me, Ill send them a letter from you saying that you were sohappy with my services that you arranged a FREE GIFT from me, with no strings attached and nopressure to spend a single penny with me! Why would I do such a crazy thing? Its really quite simple. I enjoy doing business with people like you and so its only natural that Iwould also enjoy working for your friends, relatives, neighbors and local businesses. Even if they dontneed my services now, they will eventually, and I want to spare them the chance of being cheated by oneof the many bait and switch or unethical companies in our area should they choose someone at random. Youre GUARANTEED that I wont pressure your friends in any way.. The blunt truth is, getting good new customers through traditional advertising channels is justplain expensive! By the time a business like mines pays to have ads written and designed, pay for thespace to run them, and bear the cost of all those ads reaching thousands of people who dont have apossible need for my services, I have spent some serious money. At a minimum, it costs us the regularamount of our basic service, usually more! So if I can have the opportunity to provide a sample service for one of your referrals, dazzlethem with an excellent job, and earn their trust for a future purchase, Ill be dancing in the streets! Idont need to pressure-sell them to be happy. Though a lucky few do discover our secret by happychance, most of our new customers come from people like you who refer them to me. And the morereferrals I get, the lower my expenses will be and the lower I can keep my costs to you! So you see Ihave no reason on earth to want to pressure or alienate you or your friends from me. For every referral you give me that uses my service, you will receive a FREE GIFT, yourchoice of 2 Movie tickets ($20 value), a $20.00 gift certificate to a nice restaurant here in town, a FREEoil change (cars only), or $20 cleaning certificate form a local company.
  2. 2. Plus your name will be entered in our monthly Referral Rewards drawing for a $100 Gift Certificatefrom a local department store, whether your referral uses our service or not!!EVERYONE WINS!!! Youve already received quality services from me AND a chance to win the bigprize, your friends will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our excellent system AND get asample service for FREE, and I have had the chance to earn more great new customers like you! So, go ahead and join my many other referring customers who help me keep my costs low.Help me stop lining the pockets of the advertising-exec fatcats who control the big advertising media.Take advantage of this chance to show your friends you care with a quality gift from you, my freesample my service. Enclosed you will find my Gift Authorization Form, on which you will authorize the people youknow to receive up to 3 free gifts from you. I do ask one teeny favor. Due to the number of goodcustomers who send in these referrals and the subsequent quantity of referrals who take advantage of thefree gifts, I ask that you limit your referrals to the four blanks provided. This will ensure that I canproperly service everyones referrals in a timely manner. Thank you! Heres what to do now:1. Complete the Gift Authorization Form now, and please remember to write your name as youwould like it to appear on the Gifts.2. Place the form in the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope I enclosed and take it to the mailboxwhile its fresh on your mind, or for fastest service, email it to me at: derrick.ali.5179621747@gmailc.omSincerely,Derrick AliYour Trusted Fine Home Furnishing & Mattress-Health
  3. 3. Free Sample Offer Gift Authorization Form please print clearlyReferring Customer Name:_______________________________________________ (as you want it to appear with the gift)Referring Customer Address:________________________________________________City, State, and Zip Code: __________________________________________________ Please choose your FREE gift. Please limit your referrals for the Free Gift from you to four. I will send it out when any of1. Gift Recipient Name: __________________________________________________ your referrals buys from my Address: __________________________________________________ company. City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________  2 Movie Tickets.Relationship to you (optional):_______________________________________________ ($20 value)2. Gift Recipient Name: __________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________  $20 Gift Certificate City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________ To A NiceRelationship to you (optional):_______________________________________________ Restaurant.3. Gift Recipient Name: __________________________________________________  A FREE Oil Change. Address: __________________________________________________ (Cars only) City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________Relationship to you (optional):_______________________________________________  $20 Free Cleaning4. Gift Recipient Name: __________________________________________________ Certificate Address: __________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________Relationship to you (optional):_______________________________________________Following is the content of the brief letter which I will send on your behalf along with the gift of the free service. Your returnaddress will be included so you will know if your gift was not delivered. To have your gifts sent without delay, please initialyour approval of this message to be sent on your behalf in the space provided beneath it. If Ive done something to make youfeel like this letter does not represent your feelings, please call me and share it so we can make it up to you. Thanks! Dear (Gift Recipients Name) I recently had the pleasure of working with Derrick Ali to purchase my mattress and/or new furniiture and whathappened was so surprising I thought Id write you a note to tell you about it. I was half-expecting the usual hassles withsales people – hounding us to buy-buy-buy or worse ignoring / abandoning us in the showroom, overselling me on junkproducts and services, etc. etc. What I really got from Derrick Ali was a very pleasant surprise! He was on very personable and extremely knowledgeable about furniture.& mattresses The advice he shared aboutimproving both my sleep and health during his mattress presentation was amazing. Derrick actually took time to explainthings to me before attempting to just push my order through. I could tell that he knew what he was talking about. I wasalso relieved that he didnt try to pressure sell me in any way. Derrick worked very professionally, yet he was patientenough not to rush us into a decision. And the final bill wasnt a penny more than what I had agreed to! The Best Part isthat Derrick Ali delivered excellent service like I have ever experienced before! I was so thrilled to have discovered someone who cares enough to go the extra mile that I wanted to share this withyou and do something a special for you, so Im giving you a free gift voucher to enjoy just for experiencing Derricksamazing service. Just mention the certificate Ive enclosed when you call him to get credit for your one free gift, with mycompliments. Take care! Sincerely (your name here)IMPORTANT: please initial "I approve the above letter content to be sent on my behalf" x________________