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Daily Sales Goal Getting Report Card


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Daily Sales Goal Getting Report Card

  1. 1. I would advise you to learn to use and rely on three (3) types of lists:(a) Standard tasks and items that must be attended to every day(b) Things you can do every day to create growth and opportunity(c) Daily to-do and to-call lists, made the night before, to manage your time and contacts These checklists represent a very basic, day-to-day goal- setting process, and I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t talk to you about the impact goal-setting has on the success or failure of an individual in his or her business. I have a little goal-setting report card that I use to evaluate my goal- setting activity for each day:Daily Goal-Setting Report Card A - Convinced 10 People Capable of Moving My Business Forward by 3 to 5 x Times Present Sales B - Told 10 People How To Benefit By Purchasing My Products and/or Services C - Convinced Someone (1) to buy My Product or Service D - Written List of People and/or Ideas But Its Still A Secret E - Only Made A Mental Note of People and Ideas Yet Kept Secret F - No Purposeful Action Steps Taken To Obtaining My Goals At AllPROGRESS CHART PROGRESS MEASUREMENT CHART OF Derrick AliFunction of Successfully Building MyBusiness Career Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5Be On Time For All AppointmentsRead A Chapter of a Self-Improvement BookMeet or Contact 1 Brand-NewProspectAsk A Customer or ProspectiveClient for a ReferralMail A Thank You Letter To AClientMake A List Of Things To Do forThe Next DayPROGRESS CHART PROGRESS MEASUREMENT CHART OFFunction of Successfully BuildingAli Derrick MyBusiness Career Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5