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Cutting edge advanced worksheet


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Cutting edge advanced worksheet

  1. 1. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 11. Match the beginnings and endings of the following phrasal verbs and nounphrases. way of tourism mass behind run out chains hand about lag life go of rough over fast food society wax (lyrical) draft multi-ethnic in2. Write the correct phrasal verb or noun phrase with the definition below.a) give a piece of work to a person in authority ___________________________b) a piece of writing that is not finished _________________________________c) the style or way you live your life ____________________________________d) to describe something in a very enthusiastic way _______________________e) completely use up something ______________________________________f) a society made up of different ethnic groups ___________________________g) tourism involving very large numbers of people ________________________h) a group of fast-food restaurants which are of similar design and are ownedby a single company __________________________________________________i) moving or developing more slowly than others __________________________j) look at or check something carefully __________________________________ Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  2. 2. Cutting Edge Advanced Worksheet3. Read the dialogue below. Complete the gaps with an appropriate phrasalverb or noun phrase from Exercise 1. You may need to change the form.A When do we need to 1)__________ that essay on globalisation?B Tomorrow. I’ve made a 2)__________ of my ideas.A Yeah, me too. Shall we work on it together?B OK. Well, I started with examples of people’s 3)__________, and how globalisation is part of this, like eating at 4)__________. I also talked about how most of us live in a 5)__________ society, you know loads of people from different backgrounds.A Good idea! I was thinking of 6)__________ the positive side, you know, saying that I love Sushi and now it’s gone global and you can buy it in supermarkets everywhere.B What about the negative side? We need to mention the damaging effects of 7)__________ or how some nationalities might feel they are 8)__________ other countries.A Let’s get our lesson notes now and 9)__________ them thoroughly, otherwise we’ll 10)__________ time. Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  3. 3. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 1Key1.mass tourismrun out ofhand inlag behindgo overrough draftfast food chainswax (lyrical) aboutmulti-ethnic society2.a) hand inb) rough draftc) way of lifed) wax (lyrical) aboute) run out off) multi-ethnic societyg) mass tourismh) fast food chainsi) lag behindj) go over3.1) hand in2) rough draft3) way of life4) fast food chains5) multi-ethnic6) waxing lyrical about7) mass tourism8) lagging behind9) go over10) run out of Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  4. 4. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 21. Match the phrase (1-10) with the correct definition (a-j).1. sell out a) a person who tells jokes or stories in front of a live audience2. stand-up comedian b) to get very high marks in an examination3. laugh our heads off c) to happen in a particular way that you did not expect4. sing along with d) to have no more of something to sell5. stressed out e) to start something very lively or energetic6. bored to tears f) to laugh loudly and for a long time7. non-P.C. g) to be so worried and tired that you cannot relax8. launch into h) to sing at the same time as somebody else who is singing9. pass with flying colours i) language or behaviour to avoid because it is offensive to a particular group of people10. turn out j) to be extremely bored2. Complete the gaps below with an appropriate word or phrase from Exercise1. You may need to change the form of the phrases.Mum So how was the gig last night? You got home very late.Laura Sorry. It was great! I’ve felt so 1)__________ recently with the exams, it was great to take time off.Mum Well, they’re finished now and I’m sure you’ll 2)__________. Next week you’ll complain you have nothing to do and say you’re 3)__________. Was it packed?Laura Yeah, loads of people were queueing outside the stadium, but it 4)__________ weeks ago. There was a 5)__________ on first, which I thought would be strange but he 6)__________ to be really good and was so funny.Mum I hope he didn’t tell any rude jokes?Laura Not really, but now and again he was 7)__________ . Everyone thought he was hilarious, we were all 8)__________.Mum So what time did the band come on stage?Laura About 10.30. They 9)__________ my favourite song straight away. It was like karaoke, because everyone was 10)________ them.Mum Maybe I can come next time?Laura Mum! No! Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  5. 5. Cutting Edge Advanced Worksheet3. Write true (or false!) sentences about yourself. When was the last time you:a) felt really stressed out?b) were bored to tears?c) passed something with flying colours?d) laughed your head off?e) sang along with someone/some music? Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  6. 6. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 2Key1.1 d)2 a)3 f)4 h)5 g)6 j)7 i)8 e)9 b)10 c)2.1) stressed out2) pass with flying colours3) bored to tears4) sold out5) stand-up comedian6) turned out7) P.C.8) laughing our heads off9) launched into10) singing along with3.Students’ own answers. Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  7. 7. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 31. Choose the correct word to complete the idiom.a) (be) at your wit’s end / final / outb) fall / run / fly off the handlec) inside / ins / in and outs (of something)d) keep / mind / leave your own business!e) on-off / stop-start / in-out relationshipf) over / above / off the topg) (the) penny dropped / fell / landedh) play / pray / pay for timei) pull / force / hold yourself togetherj) (be) really in / into / to somethingk) (talk about) somebody behind their face / back / earsl) (look/feel) washed through / out / in2. Now match the completed idiom (a-l) to the correct definition below. i) when someone finally understands ii) a relationship where you are always something breaking up and getting back together again soon iii) to be very worried because you iv) to delay something because you are not have tried everything to solve a ready or need more time to think about it particular problem v) to become very angry suddenly and vi) to feel weak and look unhealthy unexpectedly, about something that because you are very tired does not seem very important vii) to say bad things about somebody viii) to force yourself to stop behaving in a without them knowing about it nervous, frightened or disorganised way ix) something that is likely to annoy or x) to like and be very interested in offend people because it is so extreme something or excessive xi) to keep something private and not xii) know all the exact details of a want to tell anyone about it complicated situation, problem, system, etc3. Write true (or false!) sentences about yourself. You also need to complete theidiom using your answers form Exercise 1.a) I fly _____ the handle when…b) I would tell someone to _____ their own business if…c) I would _____ for time if…d) I would talk about someone behind their _____ if…e) I feel washed _____ when…f) I know the _____ and outs of…g) What I’m really _____ is… Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  8. 8. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 3Key1.a) endb) flyc) insd) minde) on-offf) overg) droppedh) playi) pullj) intok) backl) out2.ii) e)iii) a)iv) h)v) b)vi) l)vii) k)viii) i)ix) f)x) j)xi) d)xii) c)3.Students’ own answers Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  9. 9. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 41. Match the verbs below with the correct preposition/particle and definition.beat cheer chill clear count flareget go put take (x2) talka) ‘_____ up’ means to suddenly have strong feelings or become violentb) ‘_____ over’ means to assume control of something.c) ‘_____ out’ means to relax completely instead of feeling angry, tired ornervous.d) ‘____ on with’ means to have a friendly relationship with somebody.e) ‘____ through’ means to verbally discuss something very thoroughly so youare sure you understand it or feel more comfortable and happy aboutsomething.f) ‘____ up’ means to hurt someone badly by hitting them.g) ‘____ (something) down to’ means to explain the reason for something,especially when you are guessing.h) ‘____ up’ means to make somebody feel less sad and more happy.i) ‘____ up’ means to start something new, like a job or a new hobby.j) ‘____ on’ means to rely on or expect someone to help/something to happen.k) ‘____ up to’ means to approach somebody in order to speak to them.l) ‘____ out’ means to make a place tidy by removing unwanted things.2. Read the following extracts from a college leaflet advertising variousclasses. Use a phrasal verb from Exercise 1 to complete the gaps. You mayneed to change the form of the phrasal verbs.Martial Arts don’t mean hitting people or 1)__________! It means discipline andfitness. Join our new class and 2)__________ a new hobby that will keep you fitand healthy.Are your studies 3)__________ your life? Are you finding it difficult to cope? Callthe confidential advice line and 4)__________ your problems with experts.Relaxation-the most important lesson for life. Sometimes our tempers5)__________ for no reason. Learn to 6)__________ with Yoga. Your classmateswill find it easier to 7)__________ you in your new relaxed state.Feeling tired? Lacking energy? This could be 8)__________ your diet-you are whatyou eat. You can 19)__________ our professional nutritionists to help.Shy? Unhappy? 10)__________ the self-help books from your bookcase! At the endof this course you will be able to 11)__________ to new people and make friends.We guarantee the course will 12)____________ and change your life! Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  10. 10. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 4Key1.a) flareb) takec) chilld) gete) talkf) beatg) puth) cheeri) takej) countk) gol) clear2.1) beating someone up2) take up3) taking over4) go through5) flare up6) chill out7) get on with8) put down to9) count on10) clear out11) go up12) cheer you up Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  11. 11. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 51. Match the phrasal verbs in the box to the definitions below. hand out mess around take down shout out work out chat away run off speak out eat away (at) slow down see off lie arounda) __________ :to talk in a friendly way, especially about things that are notimportant, for a period of time.b) __________ :to gradually remove or reduce the amount of something.c) __________ :to give something by hand to each member of a group of people.d) __________ :to spend more time lying down and not doing anythinge) __________ :to behave in a silly way when you should be working or payingattention.f) __________ :to run away from the place you are.g) __________ :to speak loudly when you are in an audience or class to getattention.h) __________ :to publicly protest about something, especially when this could bedangerous.i) __________ :to go to the airport, station, etc to say goodbye to somebody.j) __________ :to go more slowly, or to make someone go more slowly.k) __________ :to make a short note of something on paper, so it will beremembered.l) __________ :to calculate an answer, amount, value or result.2. Phrasal verbs often have more than one meaning. Match six of the phrasal verbsabove with their alternative meanings below.a) __________(with) :to take something without someone’s permission, similar tostealing.b) __________ :when something is making you feel increasingly worried.c) __________ :to dismantle a large structure or machine.d) __________ :to leave something in an untidy or inconvenient place.e) __________ :to try to solve a problem, especially an emotional one betweentwo or more people.f) __________ :to defeat an opponent in a fight or competition.3. Write answers to the following questions.a) What would make you speak out about something? Or have you ever spoken outabout something?b) At the weekends, do you like to be out doing things or lying around at home?c) Do you like chatting away with friends on the telephone?d) When was the last time you saw somebody off at the airport?e) Have you ever messed about in class? What did your teacher say?f) Has anything ever eaten away at you?g) Do you think talking through problems is a good way of solving them? Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  12. 12. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 5Key1.a) chat awayb) eat away atc) hand outd) lie arounde) mess aroundf) run offg) shout outh) speak outi) see offj) slow downk) take downl) work out2.a) run offb) eat away atc) take downd) lie arounde) work outf) see off3.Students’ own answers. Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  13. 13. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 61. Match the beginnings and endings of the following idioms. break your hand at something dream your bust go even be headlines be in the it rich make life away (be) over red score in the hot seat strike the moon try a hat-trick2. Read the article below quickly and put the paragraphs into the correct order.a) His love life also 1)__________, none more so then when he wed former modelJoy Maliek. She encouraged him to 2)__________ business and together theylaunched the fashion chain ‘Footsie’. It was not the success they hoped for andwhilst 3)__________ in the first year, sales plummeted and the company4)__________ two years later.b) Webber trained hard, often missing school for extra practice sessions. The hardwork paid off and, at eighteen, he was offered a contract with his home teamMiddlesbrough. “It was the happiest moment of my life; I was 5)__________”,remembers Webber. He soon became Captain and 6)__________ in the game thatwon them the Championship.c) David Webber is now a household name. But in his own home, growing up,becoming a famous footballer was just a dream. His mother wanted him to go touniversity and stop 7)__________. His father wanted him to follow his dreams andbelieved his son would one day be successful.d) Not a man to be kept down, however, he spent his last #100 at the casino and8)__________. A millionaire for the second time, “and a much wiser man” he adds,he bought his beloved Middlesbrough and is now nursing them back to the top.e) The failed venture took its toil on their marriage and bouts of depression finallycaused him to retire from the game. Investments made whilst trading as ‘Footsie’were found to be illegal and Webber was 9)__________. He continues to protesthis innocence. Guilty or not, his previously healthy bank balance was now10)__________.3. Read the article again and use the idioms form Exercise 1 to complete the gaps.You may have to change the form of some of the idioms. Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  14. 14. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 6Key1.dream your life awaygo bustbe in the hot seatbe in the red/headlinesmake headlines(be) over the moonscore a hat-trickstrike it richtry your hand at something2.1 c)2 b)3 a)4 e)5 d)3.1) made headlines2) try his hand at3) breaking even4) went bust5) over the moon6) scored a hat-trick7) dreaming his life away8) struck it rich9) in the hot seat10) in the red Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  15. 15. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 71. Choose the correct word to complete the idiom.a) beat about / through/ under the bushb) bright and light / breezy/ breathyc) get your hands / claws / fingers on somethingd) keep yourself / oneself / yours to yourselfe) know why / how / where you stand with somebodyf) not have a clue / queue / cue about somethingg) pull somebody’s arm / ear / legh) put / leave / throw something behind youi) say what’s on / in / inside your mindj) storm off / in / awayk) (be a ) sucker to / for / about somethingl) (go) window / looking / glass shopping2. Now match the completed idiom to the correct definition below. i) to look at the goods in shop ii) cheerful and confident windows without intending to buy them iii) to know nothing at all about a iv) to tell somebody something that question or problem is not true just for a joke v) to avoid or delay talking about vi) to like something so much that something awkward or embarrassing you cannot refuse it vii) to forget about an unpleasant viii) to go somewhere in a noisy, fast experience and think about the way to show you are angry future ix) to know what somebody thinks x) to tell someone what you’re about you thinking or worrying about xi) to live a private life and not xii) to obtain something that is quite involve yourself with others difficult to find3. Write answers to the following questions. You also need to complete theidiom using your answers form Exercise 1.a) How would your friends describe your character? Are you bright and_______? Do you like to keep _______ to yourself?b) Is there anything you are a sucker _________ ?c) If something is bothering you, do you say what’s _____ your mind or do youkeep quiet?d) Do men and women both enjoy going _______ shopping?e) When you have an unpleasant experience, do you tend to dwell on it or tryto _____ it behind you? Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  16. 16. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 7Key1.a) aboutb) breezyc) handsd) yourselfe) wheref) clueg) legh) puti) onj) offk) forl) window2.ii) b)iii) f)iv) g)v) a)vi) k)vii) h)viii) j)ix) e)x) i)xi) d)xii) c)3.Students’ own answers. Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  17. 17. Cutting Edge Advanced Worksheet1. Complete the phrases below with the correct word form the box.move bite taste (x2) icon generation question herofeelgood effects apart debuta) An ‘acquired _______’ is something that people only begin to like after theyhave tried it a few times.b) To ‘call something into _______’ is to make people uncertain about whethersomething is right or true.c) A ‘career _______’ is something that you decide to do in order to develop yourcareer.d) A ‘cult _______’ is someone who has become extremely popular among aparticular group of people.e) A ‘_______ film’ is one whose main purpose is to make you feel happy andcheerful.f) Something that is ‘in bad _______’ is unacceptable, especially because itupsets or offends people.g) To ‘make your _______’ is to make your first public appearance as anentertainer or sportsperson.h) To ‘set _______ from’ is to show the difference in quality between one thing orperson and another.i) A ‘sound _______’ is a very short part of speech or statement, especially onemade by a politician, that is broadcast on radio or television.j) ‘Sound _______’ are sounds produced artificially for a film, television or radiobroadcast, etc.k) A ‘spokesman for a _______’ is a person who expresses the ideas or opinionsof a particular age group.l) A ‘style _______’ is a famous person who is admired and imitated by manypeople because of their fashion sense.2. Write answers to the following questions. Remember to complete the idiomusing your answers form Exercise 1.a) Who is a major style _______ in your country?b) Have you made, or are you planning to make, a career _______?c) Do you have a cult _______?d) When did your favourite actor/actress make their _______?e) Can you give an example of food or drink from your country that is an acquired_______?f) What is your favourite _______ film? Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  18. 18. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 8Key1.a) tasteb) questionc) moved) heroe) feelgoodf) tasteg) debuth) aparti) bitej) effectsk) generationl) icon2.Students’ own answers. Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  19. 19. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 91. Choose the correct definition for each idiom below.clean sweep a) a victory in all parts of a game or competition b) a thorough clean of your house, normally during Springdodgy business a) a business that involves animals b) a situation which is very risky or uncertaindown the line a) at some point in the future b) to ignore the queue and go to the front of itget away from it all a) to hide in your house and not leave until you feel happier b) to escape from your daily problems and have a peaceful and relaxing holidaygive something the thumbs down a) to reject a plan, suggestion, etc b) to hold an object with your handsnot get a wink of sleep a) to not be able to get any sleep at all b) to get a good, restful night of sleepon the horizon a) unlikely to happen in the near future b) likely to happen in the near futureput your feet up a) to accidentally say something which causes offence b) to sit down and relax, especially with your feet supportedwell-built a) an impressive new building in the latest design b) someone who is physically large and strong, in an impressive waywell-off a) to have more money than many other people b) to leave a place very quickly in an angry waywell-read a) to have read a lot of books and know about a lot of different subjects b) to have studied for a very long time and feel unwell because of thiswell and truly a) completely and totally b) honestly Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  20. 20. Cutting Edge Advanced Worksheet2. Complete the gaps below with an appropriate idiom from Exercise 1.Working too hard? Maybe it’s time to 1)__________ and visit beautiful Scotland.Stay in our comfortable cottages and 2)__________ because all meals areprovided.The team had another amazing 3)__________ at last weekend’s competitionand with the Championships 4)__________ they look likely to win again.Williams was incredibly nervous about giving the presentation, hence the nightbefore he did 5)__________ and arrived tired as well as nervous. One managerwasn’t impressed by Williams’ presentation and 6)__________ , howeveranother thought there was potential and asked to meet Williams again further7)__________.Things had taken a turn for the worse and James thought there was some8)__________ going on. Sally said that she 9)__________ agreed with him.The prefect husband, according to my mother, has to be intelligent (educatedand 10)__________,) as well as attractive (handsome and 11)__________). Myfather also thinks he should be 12)__________, but also says love is moreimportant than money. Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  21. 21. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 9Key1.clean sweep a)dodgy business b)down the line a)get away from it all b)give something the thumbs down a)not get a wink of sleep a)on the horizon b)put your feet up b)well-built b)well-off a)well-read a)well and truly b)2.1) get away for it all2) put your feet up3) clean sweep4) on the horizon5) not sleep a wink6) gave it the thumbs down7) down the line8) dodgy business9) well and truly10) well-read11) well-built12) well-off Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  22. 22. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 101. Choose the correct word to complete the phrase.a) never count your chickens / kitchens / chicks until they’re hatchedb) get caught out / up / inc) family / house / home truthsd) lead a second / double / shadow lifee) lonely / sad / loving hearts columnf) love- dog / rat / snakeg) take somebody’s words / word / speech for ith) say / speak / tell talesi) right / white / light liej) your other part / side / halfk) you must be laughing / joking / smiling!l) (not) understand a letter / meaning / word of something2. Now match the completed phrase (a-l) to the correct definition below. i) to accept what someone says without ii) to pretend to be somebody else and live wanting to check that it is true that life as well as your ‘real’ life iii) to be completely unable to iv) to be shown to have made a mistake or to understand something have been lying v) to say something about somebody (to vi) used to say that an offer or suggestion is a person in authority) because you want so strange or silly that you cannot believe it to get them into trouble is serious vii) facts said to someone that are viii) someone who is unfaithful to their unpleasant to hear because they are husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend true ix) used to say that you should not make x) a humorous way of describing your plans prematurely based on a current husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend situation xi) a lie that is told to avoid upsetting xii) a section of a newspaper or magazine for someone people who want to make friends or find a boyfriend/girlfriend3. Write answers to the following questions. You also need to complete thephrase using your answers form Exercise 1.a) Have you ever told someone some _____ truths?b) Do you think _____ hearts columns are a good idea?c) When have you told someone “you must be _____!”?d) Have you ever _____ tales on someone?e) Is it acceptable to tell a _____ lie?f) What are the most important qualities in your other _____? Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable
  23. 23. Cutting Edge Advanced WorksheetModule 10Key1.a) chickensb) outc) homed) doublee) lonelyf) ratg) wordh) telli) whitej) halfk) jokingl) word2.ii) d)iii) l)iv) b)v) h)vi) k)vii) c)viii) f)ix) a)x) j)xi) i)xii) e)3.Students’ own answers Cutting Edge Companion Website Copyright © 2003 Pearson Education Photocopiable