The Right Knowledge You Need To Battle Cinnamon Dermatitis


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The Right Knowledge You Need To Battle Cinnamon Dermatitis

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  2. 2. The Right Knowledge You Need To Battle Cinnamon Dermatitis There are some people who do not now that they are allergic to certain or many objects in this world. Maybe the most common allergens are those that come from spices. Cinnamon dermatitis main attributes are bullous eruptions on the skin that was exposed to the allergen.
  3. 3. Cinnamic Aldehyde There are two components of cinnamon that are known to initiate anaphylactic reactions namely, the cinnamon oil and the cinnamic aldehyde. The latter is the most common of the allergic constituents. It is also widely used in several products making the exposure increase in possibility.
  4. 4. Cinnamon Oil Cinnamon oil was documented to be an allergen for many people during the nineteenth century. Contact with this allergen causes cinnamon dermatitis to exhibit in the form of swelling in the throat. Severe cases have the possibility to cause asphyxia. It is important to know if you are allergic to cinnamon by undergoing allergy testing.
  5. 5. RAST Test These tests are also known as RAST test or Allergy screen with the formal name of Allergen-specific IgE antibody test. Additionally, these tests involve Total IgE, complete blood count, white blood cell differential count, Eosinophil count, and Basophil count.
  6. 6. Cinnamon Contact Dermatitis Cinnamon contact dermatitis is considered as irritant contact dermatitis, meaning that the allergic reaction would only occur during prolonged exposure to the irritant. However, in people with either pre-determined medical ailments or hypersensitivity to the specific allergen, the effects might be instantaneous.
  7. 7. Cinnamon Dermatitis in Toothpastes Probably the one of the most commonly used product is the toothpaste. There were reports of cinnamon dermatitis in several countries related to the use of toothpastes. If you are sensitive to certain allergens, it is necessary for you to avoid flavored toothpastes. Cinnamon was known to be integrated in such products to serve as the main flavoring agent.
  8. 8. Oral Symptoms This instance produced oral symptoms and cinnamon dermatitis to several people in England. These people were mostly affected by one percent of cinnamic aldehyde in the toothpastes. Some of the patients affected with the cinnamon dermatitis developed a severe case of acute stomatitis due to the cinnamon oil in toothpastes.
  9. 9. Toothpastes Are Not Entirely Safe Study shows that toothpastes are not entirely safe to use due to its constituents. Almost 50% of the total forty-eight products contained approximately thirty compounds and these compounds are widely known to cause irritations. Flavor agents and preservatives are the most common ingredients in toothpastes to cause allergic reactions.
  10. 10. Self-Care at Home for Cinnamon Dermatitis If you have experienced cinnamon dermatitis in the past, it is necessary to avoid touching the objects that might have caused the ailment. You can also wash your hands with soap and cool water in order to remove most the substance that caused cinnamon dermatitis. However, this method must be done immediately after exposure.
  11. 11. Blistering Blistering might sometimes develop upon initial contact with the allergen. Immediate treatment includes a cold and moist compress applied on the exposed area for thirty minutes. It is advisable to do this at least three times a day. You can also try a cool oatmeal bath, calamine lotion and oral antihistamines that are helpful in relieving the itching. Additionally, refrain from applying antihistamine lotions directly on the exposed skin since you may also develop allergic contact dermatitis from the lotion itself.
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