All About Atopic Dermatitis


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All About Atopic Dermatitis

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  2. 2. All About Atopic Dermatitis There is no doubt about it, suffering from atopic dermatitis can be irritating and maybe even a little painful, but with proper care and treatment, it can be managed and controlled. A lot of people have atopic dermatitis as it is the most common form of dermatitis, but most people do not know this rash by its formal name and often refer to it as eczema. But no matter what one calls it, this non- contagious skin condition is hereditary and it is not life threatening in any way shape or form. Most often, this condition is irritated by irritants such as allergens or food.
  3. 3. Completely Disappear Over Time As A Person Ages A good thing though is that the symptoms can decrease or even completely disappear over time as a person ages. But then again, on the flip side, the symptoms of atopic dermatitis can increase and get worse as it varies case by case. When young children face the symptoms, doctors usually diagnose atopic dermatitis correctly. But often times, in older children or adults, doctors may mistakenly think that the atopic dermatitis is psoriasis. Also, this skin condition does not just affect the skin of humans because some domesticated dogs are prone to this as well.
  4. 4. Preventing It From Coming Back Anyone who suffers from atopic dermatitis will tell you that it is not fun and it can be embarrassing so they will try just about anything to stop it from coming back. While there is no cure for this skin condition, there are a few things that can be done in order to help keep the number of outbreaks down.
  5. 5. Patient's Trigger Learning what a particular patient's trigger is can be important in controlling the situation because what may cause one person to break out in a rash may not cause a rash in someone else. Although not yet proven, a lot of people see that there are certain foods that cause the rash to appear such as nuts, milk, and wheat.
  6. 6. Atopic Dermatitis Also, a person's environment can play a big role in the outbreaks of atopic dermatitis. Dust is an allergen that people with atopic dermatitis should avoid along with smoke. Also, it has been seen that the dander from cats and dogs can trigger an outbreak of a rash. Some people even find that if they get too stressed out or angered, they will breakout in a rash.
  7. 7. Extreme Heat Or Temperature Changes Also, extreme heat or temperature changes can cause a reaction of the atopic dermatitis. Pretty much, when trying to determine what will work for a particular person, one must sort of go through a trial and error period to see exactly what it is that causes the outbreaks in order to control them.
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