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Dermaroll hair loss


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Dermaroll hair loss

  1. 1. GROW YOUR HAIR NOWCALL/TEXT: DR ZARAH ZABALA CEL: 0916-301-3870 EMAIL: WEBSITE: dermaperfection.webs.comDELIVERY GUIDE : MEET UP DELIVERY FOR FREE IN SM NORTHEDSA FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE via DHL, LBC, FEDEX INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING VIA IEMS POST OFFICE (+ SHIPMENT COST)Price: 5500 ($138)- WORTH GOOD FOR TEN SESSIONSPACKAGE INCLUDES: 1. DEMA ROLLER UNIT 2. 10 HAIR GROWING SERUM (USED AFTER DERMAROLLER)- GOOD FOR TEN SESSIONS 3. INSTRUCTIONS AND DERMAROLLER LITERATURE- EVERYTHING FROM NUMBING CREAM TO AFTER CARE 4. LIDOPRIL CREAM (NUMBING CREAM) 30 grams 5. HAIR BOOSTER CREAM or SPRAY 30 grams/ 60mLDermaroller TreatmentsThe dermaroller can be used as part of a successful treatment regime for all of the following. Stretch Mark Removal Anti Aging Scar Removal including pitted scarring and Acne Scarring Wrinkle Reduction Hair Loss Treatments Boosting topically applied skincare productsCALL/EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATIONScalp Roller Hair Loss Treatment Results:
  2. 2. Dermaroller is a hair loss product that gets results. In recent trials, over a 3 month period men treated with theScientia Scalp Roller experienced an increase in hair growth and an average 80% reduction in hair loss. The hairrestoration and regrowth process can help with thinning hair, balding, bald spots, receding hairlines, alopecia andmore.In clinical practice, when combined with the use of hair grower serum needling has excellent results. Reportedstatistics indicate that around 85% of clients have their alopecia stabilised – so they do not continue to lose their hair.In 64% of these stabilised clients, new hair growth is reported. In only 15% of cases, the hair loss continues. Thismay be due to other additional health or environmental factors. It is also important to realise that the scalp rollingprocess must be continued to see results. If you give up too soon, then you may not experience the full benefits.Is the Derma Roller Just used to Stop Hair Loss?Of course, the dermaroller can assist a much wider range of skin related problems. It’s gentle action stimulates theskin to return to its former healthy state by increasing collagen production in the skin, increased blood flow andenabling skin care products to penetrate and nourish much more effectively. As hair loss products go, it is veryversatile. HAIR LOSS & HAIR REGROWTH Phillipa McCaffery, MDAndrogenetic alopecia ( AGA ) is the commonest form of hair loss affectingboth men and women. It affects around 50% of men and between 20% - 50% of women by the age of 50.AGA is caused by progressive, gradual shrinking of normal hair follicles thatproduce normal (terminal) hairs into miniturised hair follicles that producefine (vellus) hairs. The terminal-to-vellus hair ratio, normally 2:1 graduallyreduces until it is reversed.Although AGA is considered by most doctors to be a cosmetic condition, itcan have significant psychological and physical effects on those affected byit. Loss of hair allows increased ultraviolet light to reach the scalp and, inAustralia, the highest incidence of malignant melanoma is on the scalps ofbalding men. AGA has also been linked to prostrate and cardiac conditions inolder men. Women are particularly prone to suffering the adversepsychological effects of hairloss, as a thick head of hair is a highly valuedaspect of feminine beauty in almost every culture.AGA occurs most commonly in Caucasian men, followed by Asian and AfricanAmerican men. AGA has it’s lowest incidence in Native American and Eskimomen.
  3. 3. Almost all men and women with AGA begin to loose their hair prior to theage of 40 and many will commence loosing their hair by the age of 30.AGA is distinguished from all other types of Alopecia by it’s gradual onset.Men present with gradual thinning in the temporal areas, producing a Vshaped frontal hairline. As baldness progresses, a bald patch appears on thecrown of the head, which increases in size as the frontal hairline recedes.Eventually the receeding frontal hairline and the bald patch meet up, leadingto loss of hair on most of the top of the head, whilst the hair around thebase of the head remains intact. This pattern of hair loss is classified asNorwood/Hamilton stages 1-7.Women usually present with diffuse thinning of hair on the crown of thehead. This pattern of hair loss is classified as Ludwig stages 1-3. V shapedtemporal recession does occur in women but usually to a lesser degree thanin men. In general, women maintain their frontal hairline.AGA is inherited however, the exact mechanism of inheritance has not beendetermined. It is also likely that systemic or external factors also play a role.There are currently only 2 clinically proven, TGA/FDA–approved medicationsavailable for treatment of AGA - Minoxidil and Finasteride.MinoxidilAlthough the exact mechanism of action is unknown, Minoxidil appears tolengthen the duration of the anagen ( growth ) phase of hair, and it mayincrease the blood supply to the follicle. Used alone, regrowth is morepronounced on the crown than in the frontal scalp and is not noted for atleast 4 months. Consequently, many people grow discouraged and give upusing Minoxidil before it has had a chance to work.Clearskincare’s 96 pin Skin & Scalp Roller all patients to maximise thebeneficial results of Minoxidil. New hair growth can be seen within 4-6 weekswith daily scalp rolling and a single application of Minoxidil, greatlyimproving patient compliance.Treatment with Minoxidil and the Skin and Scalp Roller is necessaryindefinitely as stopping treatment leads to reversion to the pretreatmentbalding pattern.FinasterideFinasteride is taken orally and is a 5 alpha-reductase type 2 inhibitor. It isnot an antiandrogen. The drug can be used only in men. Finasteride has
  4. 4. been shown to diminish the progression of ALA in males who are treated,and to stimulate hair regrowth.Finasteride must be continued indefinitely because discontinuation results ingradual progression of the disorder.In women with ALA, especially those with a component ofhyperandrogenism, drugs that act as androgen suppressants (eg,spironolactone and oestradiol/ anti- androgen combination oralcontraceptives) may be beneficial.Surgical treatment of ALA has been performed for the past 4 decades viaHair Transplantation. The main problem is covering the bald area withsufficient donor plugs to produce a normal hair pattern. Micrograftingproduces a more natural appearance than the old technique of transplantingplugs. Scalp reduction has been attempted to decrease the size of the scalpto be covered by transplanted hair. However, the scars produced by thereduction technique often spread and become more noticeable with time.Ideally, if treatment with Minoxidil and the Skin and Scalp Roller iscommenced as soon as hair loss becomes apparent, the need for Surgicaltreatment can be prevented.Non Surgical Hair Regrowth with the Skin &Scalp Roller - Combinedwith Minoxidil:How does it work?The Skin & Scalp Roller ( needle length 0.75mm, gauge 0.25mm) isan instrument consisting of a heavy duty plastic roller head coveredin 96 tiny stainless steel needles.The Skin & Scalp Roller, specifically for the use in hair treatments,has three separate actions on the scalp. The needles are designed topenetrate the stratum corneum, the hard outer surface of theepidermal layer of the scalp. Hundreds of tiny channels are createdthrough the stratum corneum, which facilitate the passage andabsorption of Minoxidil into the dermis to maximize it’s absorption bythe hair follicles.The Skin & Scalp Roller also stimulates blood flow to the hair folliclesvia direct scalp massage. The third action of the Skin & Scalp Rolleris to gently exfoliate excess skin cells which accumulate in the hair
  5. 5. follicles, contributing to hair follicle malnutrition and ultimately hairfollicle failure and permanent hair loss.Does it hurt?The needles of the Skin & Scalp Roller are long enough to assist inthe penetration of hair grower booster serum, but will not damagethe scalp in anyway. It is normal for the scalp to be a little sensitivewhen scalp rolling is first commenced, but most people report noproblems after 1 week. We recommend using the Skin & Scalp Rollergently at first, increasing the pressure on the roller as the patientbecomes accustomed to the sensation of scalp rolling.Can the Skin & Scalp Roller be used for women and as well as men?Women can use the Skin & Scalp Roller alone or in conjunction with hairbooster serum. We recommend female patients should also be assessed bytheir doctor for other symptoms of androgen excess.Are there any side effects?No side effects have been reported to date.Can the Skin & Scalp Roller be used for other forms of Alopecia?Minoxidil is recommended as the treatment of choice for all forms ofAlopecia. Prior to the advent of Minoxidil, treatment for alopecia consisted ofa variety of assaults on the scalp with chemicals to injure the dermis in thehope of stimulating the follicles into anagen and /or local injections ofhydrocortisone. Whilst the author has no direct evidence to date in thispatient group, it certainly makes sense from first principles that needling thescalp in conjunction with Minoxidil would be beneficial in the other Alopecias,even if only giving patients the psychological support of “doing something “whilst waiting for the Alopecia to spontaneously resolve.