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Con solution


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Con solution

  1. 1. ConSoulution Members: Alexandra Lucht Derlyse Woguem Ngawouo s0530250 Rajab Hassan Kaoneka s0529990 Sandra Petkeviciute s0536521 Ulirike Baxter HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  2. 2. Table of contents1- Situation summary 5. Our goals2. Rich picture 6. Our recommmendations3. Project approach 7. Ideas for futher work a)Tool used b) Activities c) Dependency diagram4. Baseline SSM Model ofcompany a) CATWOE b) Root definition c) List of Issues fromSSM Model. HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  3. 3. 1. Situation summaryTiger Solutions is a small managementconsulting company founded in 2009 in the UKwhich employs two people: the company’sfounder Chris, and Justine.The problem: the growth of the companyremained stagnated after a strong performancein 2010 and recently it has lost a client Decisions: The founder is considering of goingoverseas to Germany because of the mentionedcircumstances and need a consulting companyto advise him. In addition, his colleague Justinedoes not agree with this suggestion. HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  4. 4. Justine Justine and Chris, employee at tiger Solution Chris HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  5. 5. Chris the founder thinks of expanding the businessto Germany. HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  6. 6. Different sources of revenue and expenses for the business in Germany. HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  7. 7. The rich picture HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  8. 8. 3. Project approacha) Tools usedThe meetings with the client.The first meeting has been for us (SonSoloution) theopportunity to show you, our client, ourunderstanding of the situation and to help you havea clearer view of the situation that your business isfacing or is going to face during an eventualexpansion to Germany.Through out the meeting we also learned aboutJustine´s and Chris´s preoccupations which we latteron used to redirect and modified certain points in ourmodel. HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  9. 9. The rich picture. It helped us to capture key elements of the problem faced by Tiger solution. - Tiger solution - Justine and Chris - Business situation in the UK (need for improvement or for change) - Expansion opportunities in Germany - Potential future clients ( High schools in Germany) - Source of future revenue ( future clients) - Resources required for the project (promotional actions, office room, bilingual mediator, maintenance of the systems)The rich picture shows the overview of the wholesituation as well as the relationship between theelements. These features was aim to facilitate yourunderstanding.
  10. 10. b) Activitieso Gathering information in order to make sure we would not leave apart any element or factor having an impact on Tiger solution problematic situation.o Information analyze. All the information at our disposition has been analyzed. This has been a very important step in finding the influence of single elements and how there interact. (exple: number of leaflet distributed has a direct influence on the potential number of future client and on the number of back calls because, if there are not leaflet distributed, there would not exist a need of doing back calls). Through the information analyze we found out that the element of the Tiger Solution puzzle are very interactive and one element could received influence from several other elements. HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  11. 11. Designing the dependency diagramThis activity has be made easy by the previousactivity (information analysis). The dependencydiagram summarize the result of our findings andreflects Tiger solution`s situation.(see next slide). preparation of our solution model
  12. 12. c) Dependency diagram
  13. 13. 4. Baseline SSM Model of companya) CATWOE C – Customer: o W – Weltanschauung: Tiger Solutions More clients would A – Actors: generate more revenue for Tiger Tiger Solutions Solutions T – Transformation O – Owners: Process: Tiger Solutions Tiger Solution with its current number of E - Environmental clients Constraints Tiger Solution with Financial constraints, more number of clients. number/budget of interested clients, insufficient marketing HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  14. 14. b) ROOT DEFINITON The Tiger Solutions which need growth from its current number of clients to more number of clients. Reasonably need to generate more profit by increasing its customer base considering the financial constraints, number of clients, budget of interested clients and insufficient marketing. HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  15. 15. c) List of Issues from SSM modelLIST OF ACTIVITIES Develop budget plan Analyse education systems Marketing analysis Promoting the Software to make well known: Web Design Leaflets Develop/Improve appropriate software in order to attract new customers to increase profit Implicate software Generate Revenue/Profit HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  16. 16. List of Issues from SSM model LINKING ACTIVITIES Analysis of Budget Planning Educational to stay within systems constraints Development/ImproveMarketing ment the softwareAnalysis Promotion of the SoftwareImplication of Software Revenue/Profit HTW Berlin | General Business Topics 1
  17. 17. Some thoughts Vs. Include in Report Justine and Chris are anxious about the future of the company Tiger Solution is vulnerable to competitors who make similar service with online assistance. The potential in the German market is impressive, but of course some investment would be required.
  18. 18. Justine training sessions are excellent but not thatlucrative for the company.The training sessions are well received by clients butthe Excel tools offer by the tiger Solution sustain thebusiness (something physical, especially since excelis quite dry..)client feedback is generally very positive (in the UKwere Tiger Solution is already operating)Because Chris is founder of the company he doesmost of the strategic thinkingI think there may be growth opportunities closer tohome.
  19. 19. We launched a business development campaignearlier this year, which allowed us to win 2-3 newclients.I think we should conduct another businessdevelopment campaign focusing on a differentgeographical location with the UK.I would also like is to improve our online presence. Ithink a small investment in the appearance of the sitewould be money well spent!”
  20. 20. 5.Our goalTo help Chris and Justine make sense ofcompany’s current situationTo provide recommendations to achieve growthTo use skills to help Chris and Justine thinkconstructively about situation at hand
  21. 21. 6. Recommendations Issues Going abroad/Expanding to Germany vs. staying in the UK to achieve growth? Cost of expanding to Germany on top of costs from GB From a financial point of view it would be better tostay in GB, because too many clients are necessaryto cover costs
  22. 22. 7. Ideas for further work Instead of helping to expand to Germany Keep up training sessions help increasing customer base in GB improve web site by hirin ga web designer vs. Graphical design students Get reputation to attract new customers (abroad) broaden tools  go online Save costs by hiring student for „follow up calls“ Visual introduction (vs. Leaflet)
  23. 23. Thank you very much for colsultingConSOULutionWe hope we could provide a structured overviewto facilitate communication on further steps…?Summary at the end? Or before ideas for thefuture?