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full6Berlin Credentials (ex)


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full6Berlin Credentials (ex)

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  2. 2. HELLO, NICE TO We‘re excited to get to know MEET YOU! you better.You reading this presentation about us – or us and better user experience. No more misguidedtalking you through it – is just the first step. compromises – because someone in your organization doesn’t get it. We’ll provide you withOur thinking focuses on relevance – and that the strategy, cases and numbers to fight for thestarts with us getting to know you better: You, turnaround inside your corporation. So you canyour company, your brand(s), your brains, your shine while your brand rockets – with a new viewconsumers and your issues (if any). Without that on people (you used to call them “consumers”)second step our thinking would remain shallow and their needs. And the role you could play inand generic – and that‘s just not the real thing. their lives in order to create a constant dialogue that brings you valuable insights – and faithfulTry us out! We’ll be a pain in the butt in the fans.beginning – but only for the better. “Marketinghas changed” is the phrase on our flag – and we This document is only about us. Challenge us! Tellmean it. No more boring messages that try to us about you! And the next document is 100%hide product and service deficits – let’s look at about you.the whole picture and think about an integrated What do you think? 2!
  3. 3. ALL LINKS ON No time to read the whole doc? Just click on ONE PAGE a few links! OUR CONVICTIONSABOUT US Trade Shows Who are we? Kids Intranet Corporate Websites do we believe in? Radio does Synchronized Marketing mean? Loyalty Retail Luxury Social Store WORK Influencers are we capable of? OUR PRODUCTSReal Life Social Media – Case: Barceló Hotels Facebook Mirror David Backham Fragrances Play4Search ! Augmented TV Green Study 3!
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  7. 7. The FullSIX Group was founded in 1998 by Marco Tinelli IT ALL STARTED WITH ONE and a few of his friends. Today, FullSIX is the biggestNEW VISION ON MARKETING independent marketing communication group in Europe. AND A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE. Marco Tinelli is still CEO – and his all friends are there, too. 7!
  8. 8. WE ARE ALL OVER The FullSIX Group has 20 agencies: in France, Spain, Portugal, UK, USA, THE WORLD China, Russia, Brazil – and Germany. AND WE ARE MANY. In total we’re about 1.000 people. 8!
  9. 9. OUR GROUP FullSIX (HQ Paris) and Grand Union (HQ London) Novalem, our SEM specialists OFFERS DIVERSE EXPERTISE Ekino, for all things technologicalAND HAS ONE SPECIALISED AGENCY FOR EVERY AREA. OTO, our very own market research institute <! <! <! <! <! <! 9!
  10. 10. THESE ARE OUR GLOBAL CLIENTS ACROSS ALL AGENCIES IN THE GROUP.<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! 9 10!
  11. 11. THESE ARE THE GLOBAL PLATFORMS THAT WE PARTNER WITH.<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! 11!
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  14. 14. These 7 years have been wasted in LET‘S FACE IT, terms of performance, know how,COMPANIES ARE 7 YEARS BEHIND. learning and culture. 14!
  15. 15. It’s time to leave the It’s the core principle of ourREPLACE FREQUENCY old frequency model philosophy, and with it we have WITH RELEVANCE behind: Embrace succeeded in reducing media AND GET MORE ROI. relevance as the key budgets while increasing ROI for driver in your company! several of our clients. 15!
  16. 16. New channels open every Which in turn allowsTHE KEY AREAS OF d a y. T h e y c a l l f o r n e w companies to become OUR APPROACH content. The amount of increasingly agile: They can ARE ALL ABOUT NEW THINGS data amassed from user try out a new channel or THAT HAPPEN FAST. transactions within these technology, notice fast If it channels is so vast, that works or not – and skip on we’re experiencing a to the next if it doesn’t. data revolution. (We call it failfast.) 16!
  17. 17. SO, HOW DO YOU It’s about giving people Meaning: It’s no proof that you’re for longer enough forBECOME RELEVANT? real, and that it’s not brands to say things. IT‘S ABOUT MAKING just another marketing Instead they have to SENSE TO PEOPLE idea. do things! 17!
  18. 18. HOW WE TACKLE THE Relevance is about Because Lena is not going to let your making sense to people. brand through her front door, sit on herTOPIC OF RELEVANCE: Hence, a brand’s ultimate sofa and chat to her all day long if she HERE COMES LENA. WANT TO goal should be to play a hasn’t understood that you can offer PLAY A ROLE IN HER LIFE? role in their lives. her something that nobody else can! 18!
  19. 19. THE FIRST Your brand can’t possibly Ask yourself what you want to talk to Lena about that could fill a tell Lena 10 times a day that STEP your toothpaste is the best. whole day of conversation with DEFINE YOUR her. Instead you must define a PLAYGROUND Is it happiness? Love? Sex? playground: Extreme sports? 19!
  20. 20. Happiness, love, sex and extreme sports mean Teach her black slope snowboarding?THE SECOND nothing on their own: You have to define a stake Get her to build her own snowboard? STEP on your playground. What do you offer Lena? If Enable her to create a video that DEFINE YOUR you’ve decided to talk to her about extreme makes her look like a snowboarding STAKE sports – what are you going to do with it? pro? 20!
  21. 21. Next, you have to come up with a very specific But really, you want a THE activation idea. very specific idea for your THIRD STEP Activation ideas can be generic and applicable brand’s activation on your COME UP WITH A VERY p l a y g r o u n d . to any brand in the toothpaste market. Or they canSPECIFIC ACTIVATION IDEA (If you nail it, Lena is in.) be playground-related and hence more specific. 21!
  22. 22. LIFE CREATES Facebook and Twitter For people this is clear: Real life are not the so-called and virtual life are inseparable CONTENT virtual life. They’re – just look at gaming, Augmented THE INTERNET Real life. Reality (AR) and geolocalization. DOESN‘T. 22!
  23. 23. DIGITAL IS NOT We believe that digital is not just another channel but a revolution of the world we A CHANNEL. knew and one that affects everyone inIT‘S A REVOLUTION your company – not just the “Internet AND ONE THAT‘S UNLIKELY Guy”. We believe that instead of just TO END. doing digital, we need to be digital. 23!
  24. 24. In 1965 the word “cyborg”was defined We c a n s u d d e n l y r e a d DIGITAL as: "A person whose physiological languages we never GIVES US functioning is aided by a mechanical or learned, discover skinSUPERPOWERS electronic device.” Today, with all our cancer without going REALLY, WE‘RE smartphones, tablets and connected to the doctor and see ALL CYBORGS. fridges, we’re all cyborgs, right? although were blind. 24!
  25. 25. People always prefer cookies over a pile What marketers have PEOPLE of dirty laundry. to do today is define LOVE Why is that important? Because digital the cookies they’re DIGITAL helps people have more joy and less pain able to provide. (In a BECAUSE IT GIVES THEM in their lives! (It gives them more cookies relevant, meaningfulMORE JOY AND LESS PAIN. and helps them avoid the laundry.) and credible way.) 25!
  26. 26. THAT‘S WHY PEOPLE Naturally, people want more and more cookies. PUSH THE LIMITS Meaning: They are the OF DIGITAL ones driving digital. Not NOT TECHNOLOGY. technology! 26!
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  29. 29. ABOUT BEING full6Berlin was founded by KaiFULLSIX IN BERLIN: and Annette in 100% FULLSIX, 100% BERLIN. June 2011. 29!
  30. 30. WE ARE 15 The people who work for us come from All of it backed up diverse backgrounds – so we can focus our and executed by PEOPLE content on a vast range of topics, incl. film, our productionFROM 15 DIFFERENT design, magazine editorial, fashion, professionals. BACKGROUNDS. storytelling, PR etc. 30!
  32. 32. BERLIN CLIENTS OUR PRIDE AND JOY<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <!<! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! <! 32!
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  34. 34. 4.1 WE ARE A DIGITAL We inspire you and your teams regularly with our visions and bring MARKETING CONSULTANCY you up to speed with numbers andWE PRODUCE DECISION-SUPPORTING READING MATERIAL. studies. 34!
  35. 35. 4.2 WE HAVE STRONG And we’re happy to share them with everyone. Take a look at our points of view CONVICTIONS (POV) on the following topics: ON ALMOST EVERYTHING 35!
  36. 36. 4.2 WE HAVE STRONG And we’re happy to share them with everyone. Take a look at our points of view CONVICTIONS (POV) on the following topics: ON ALMOST EVERYTHING 36!
  37. 37. 4.2 WE HAVE STRONG And we’re happy to share them with everyone. Take a look at our points of view CONVICTIONS (POV) on the following topics: ON ALMOST EVERYTHING 37!
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  40. 40. WHAT WE ARE View the large version of this presentation on Slideshare, andCAPABLE OF DOING get a selection of cases for each IF YOU LIKE LISTS – HERE‘S A LIST. one of our capabilities. 40!
  41. 41. SOCIAL MEDIA 41! 41!
  43. 43. MOBILE AND MOBILE APPS 43! 43!
  44. 44. CRM 44! 44!
  45. 45. GLOBAL WEBSITES 45! 45!
  46. 46. CORPORATE WEBSITES Conception, creation, developmentand ongoing maintenance of the institutional sites 46!
  47. 47. SEM 47! 47!
  48. 48. INTRANET 48! 48!
  49. 49. •  Hotel Barceló Hamburg •  Max Factor Deutschland OUR PAST DEFINES •  David Beckham Fragrances •  Synvisc by SanofiOUR FUTURE – OR DOES IT? •  Fame by Lady Gaga A HANDFUL OF PROJECTS REALIZED •  Hotel 13 on Nickelodeon BY FULLSIX IN BERLIN TO DATE. •  FIAT 500L “Sticker Storys” . 49!
  50. 50. Under the concept “Come Closer” – a hotel staff who give their top choices HOTEL reference to that special Spanish touch on Hamburg shopping, eating out,BARCELÓ HAMBURG in Interpersonal relations and to the nightlife etc. on a dedicated Facebook REAL LIFE SOCIAL MEDIA central location of the hotel – very App that also integrates their personal personal content is provided by selected Twitter streams. 50!
  51. 51. DAVID BECKHAM The introduction of DB as a stand-alone Activation for Homme: Under the motto “This brand via the launch of his fragrances is who I am. Tell me who you are.” Facebook FRAGRANCES Homme and The Essence involved new users could create a video of their life madeA MAN, A BRAND, A FRAGRANCE. AND product websites and Social Media of their Facebook photos – featuring their A WEBISTE AND A SM EXPERIENCE experiences. own name as inspired by the DB logo. 51!
  52. 52. The brief was to inspire Lady Gaga for the launch of her The inspirational workshop took FAME BY first fragrance, Fame. place at the Paris Stock LADY GAGA A team of internal and external designers, artists, 3D Exchange and featured the filmREALLY BIG STORYTELLING specialists, video artists etc. from Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and an exhibition – covering and Chicago developed a 6-minute trailer, explaining Web, Social, Mobile, POS, “The New Element”, the launch concept for “Black Fluid”. installations and real life. 52!
  53. 53. HOTEL 13 For the European launch of the The approach included an in-depth German edition of Hotel 13 – a daily analysis of the kids market, followedON NICKELODEON soap for 8-13 year olds on by a focus on getting kids to watch A SECRET ONLINE MAGAZINE Nickelodeon – a new website was Hotel 13 – as well as to get them away WITH REAL LIFE CHALLENGES combined with real life challenges. from the TV/PC screen and play outside. http://ww w.hotel-1 53!
  54. 54. The aim was to support the “Designgarage” visitor‘s video and a microsite that explains FIAT 500L event series of FIAT Deutschland with a fun the project and archives these stories wereSTICKER STORYS way for visitors to tell short video stories produced. Every visitor receives 2 stickers: THE FIRST CAR THAT‘S inspired by small everyday objects. A mobile One to stick on the FIAT 500L at the event – FULL OF STORIES “video-recording box” (feat. an iPad App) making it the first car full of stories – and one that prints stickers with a QR-code to each to stick anywhere he wants! http://stickerstorys 54!
  55. 55. We‘re experts in conceptualizing, designing MAX FACTOR and producing newsletters and online bannersDEUTSCHLAND and have been working for Max Factor as theMONTHLY NEWSLETTERS key provider of this kind of material since the AND DISPLAY ADS opening of our office. 55!
  56. 56. A comprehensive study was carried out to the previous 12 months– incl. Google Search, SYNVISC investigate the online reputation of arthrosis Social Media, blogs, news and forums.BY SANOFI medication Synvisc (knee injections based on Key Finding: It’s medical forums that provide eREPUTATION hyaluronic acid) in Germany. After no findings on the inte resting information – with doctors the brand,the entire market for arthrose, hyaluronic and frequent users writing their acid and knees was screened for “professional” opinion and experiences. 56!
  57. 57. ! 57!
  58. 58. •  Grabbers •  Green Commitment in WE THINK AHEAD •  Facebook Mirror Germany: A Study AND CREATE TODAY WHAT •  Augmented TV •  Facebook Shop YOU‘LL NEED TOMORROW. •  Play4Search •  Social Sampling •  Voucher Printer Machines•  IMAGE 58!
  59. 59. We have developed an iPhone Our aim is to offer brands a simple GRABBERS and Android App through which way to engage people into an ARA MOBILE AR APP BASED users can discover branded AR treasure hunt and deliver interesting ON GEOLOCALIZATION Icons (Pixxies) on a street map – content or vouchers if a certain series and hunt them using their of Pixxies have been collected. camera. grabbers-augmented-reality-mobile-app 59!
  60. 60. The Facebook Mirror is a fun, touch-screen basedFACEBOOK MIRROR gadget we have developed to get people to take a ON SITE AND IN-STORE SOCIAL branded photo of themselves (e.g. at events, in-store TOUCHSCREEN MACHINE etc.) and to upload it onto their Facebook wall straight away – generating buzz and awareness. 60!
  61. 61. We have developed a White Label Facebook Shop App FACEBOOK that aims to take a brand’s offer into the core of the Social world –SOCIAL STORE i.e. to have It liked, shared and commented – by making it part ofMAKING PRODUCTS PART people’s conversations and by trusting the power of people OF CONVERSATIONS doing things in groups. Things like shopping and buying. http://de .slidesha llsixberlin /full6berl in -socialsto re 61!
  62. 62. We have developed a new The aim is a broadened keyword PLAY4SEARCH approach on SEO by fusing bandwidth – giving brands a higherAUGMENTING THE CLASSICAL classical product-related SEO possibility to rank high on possibly SEO APPROACH principles with our unique unexpected but definitely relevant philosophy on a brand’s search terms. Playground. http://de .slidesha llsixberlin /play4se arch 62!
  63. 63. VOUCHER PRINTERIN-STORE RELEVANCE SHOPPER-HELPER AND BARGAIN-GAINER The Voucher Printer is a practical, touchscreen based In-store display board that is ideally placed at the Head of shopping isles – i.e. where the special offers are. It suggests relevant recipes, styling looks etc. to shoppers – using ingredients or products that can be found in the same shelf – and prints out vouchers for these products. 63!
  64. 64. We carried out a study The outcome? Depending on the sector, brandsGREEN COMMITMENT across 500 people in are definitely required to be committed to theIN GERMANY: A STUDY Germany, asking them about environment. But saying it isn’t enough: People A BRAND‘S GREEN COMMITMENT the importance of companies check green claims up online – and aren’t happy IS CHECKED ONLINE and brands “being green”. if it turns out to be just another marketing idea. 64!
  65. 65. It turns out that an increasing amount of Hence we have developed aAUGMENTED TV people use their tablet while Watching prototype for an iPad App that THE WAY WE WATCH TV. Our aim is to take an existing user “listens” to what is going on on TV IS CHANGING behaviour and help brands, content TV – in order to display suitable providers and TV stations to make the branded content simultaneously. most out of this trend. full6berlin-augmented-tv 65!
  66. 66. We have developed a branded Great fun forSOCIAL SAMPLING vending machine – that is also people. Great buzz MACHINES a place on Facebook Places for the brand. Lots REWARDS FOR SOCIAL – and that dispenses a sample of new fans on INTERACTIONS every time a person checks into it. Facebook. 66!
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  68. 68. WE DON‘T BITE Choose one of these ways to get in touch with FullSIX GmbH Heinrich-Roller-Str. 10405 Berlin Germany T: +49 (0)30 – 23 25 756 - 68!