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What and how in Moodle(u)region

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. • If you don’t know anything about e-learning and you don’t know anything about Moodle…• Moodle is a free and easy to use computer program to transfer paper-based teaching into a digital course (e-learning).• Moodle is an acronym: Modular Object- Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.
  2. 2. Transfer examples• In stead of handing out a worksheet you can place a word document on a website and tell the students where it is.• In-stead of a end-of-unit test you can create a web quiz with questions (incl. a mark).• In stead of giving homework you can create a web assignment (with a dead line).• In stead of showing a video with a worksheet you can embed a video in a web page with the questions.
  3. 3. ‘Advanced’ teaching methods• You can hold an online debate after preparing in class. You can specify a minimum number of posts/replies per student and use a rating scale. You can assign some students as moderators.• You can run a collaborative project in groups, using a discussion and a wiki
  4. 4. Moodl(e)uregionReady-to-use-components of the module for (initial)teacher training in the Euregion:• skills for cross border cooperation• early neighbouring language learning (éveil aux langues / Begegnungssprache / taalinitiatie)• neighbouring cultures (cultural awareness)
  5. 5. Design of componentsStructure of components:• Introduction: explanation of learning goals.• Resources: links, documents, audio visuals, presentations, references.• Assignments: uploading a worksheet, posting in a forum, doing a quiz.
  6. 6. Component Categorie Assignement ResourcesTransborder Didactics of • Upload a class Project samplecooperation exchange profile work sheet: Fact sheets type of school / age project planning students/ skills of Euridyce students and (information on teachers, media, EU school etc. systems
  7. 7. Interaction student - teacher• Feedback on assignments - forum, mail• Formative and summative assessments - grade book, forum
  8. 8. Advantages of Moodle• Flexible, adaptable: you can add, edit or delete according to your needs and wishes with a click and save hours of copying!• Keeping track of student’s performances in an automatically stored in a grade book – no retyping in excel sheets, unclear hand writings.• Richer and more interactive homework and/or assignments.• Formal evaluation of discussion skills and contributions.• It´s free and easy to use!
  9. 9. More about MoodleSchoolanywhere has published a verycomprehensive and fun to read manual. You canread it here.