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Elena - Early eLearning of Neighbouring Languages


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French, German or Dutch for kids, guided by someone who doesn't need a good command of the target language

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Elena - Early eLearning of Neighbouring Languages

  1. 1. Elena Early e-Learning of Neighbouring Languages
  2. 2.  Children between 4 and 8 Getting familiar with neighbouring languages German, French or Dutch In and outside school
  3. 3.  Teacher can ‘teach’ without a high command of L2 Supported by easy to use and proven technology Evidence based methodology
  4. 4.  Elena moves from country L1 to country L2 with her family Slice of life story: new school, new friends, etc.
  5. 5.  Participatory design – children decide Logo before and after children evaluation – what happened to the girl?
  6. 6.  10 themes – each theme 10 x 30 min units of ‘teaching’ Image and sound driven and playing activities – computer, interactive white board, tablet, mobile Innovative <–> PPP structure
  7. 7. Activity sample: D&D the pictureto the word you hear! (screenshot)
  8. 8. Activity sample: story book (childrenwatch the picture and listen to thestory)
  9. 9. derk.sassen@talenacademie.nlElena project 2011 – 2014 within LLPEuropean Commission