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Linking to the linked data cloud


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Introduction to Linked Data and what the BBC has done to link to the LOD cloud. As presented at the Open Knowledge Conference.

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Linking to the linked data cloud

  1. 1. Linking to the Linked Open Data cloud Tom Scott
  2. 2. Linked Data “The web done right” Tim Berners-Lee Linked Data cloud diagram
  3. 3. Use URIs to identify things not only documents How it works: The Web
  4. 4. Use HTTP URIs - globally unique names that anyone can dereference Colon Slash Slash
  5. 5. Provide useful information [in RDF] when someone looks up a URI Information Desk
  6. 6. Include links to other URIs to let people discover related information Links
  7. 7. But why? Good Question
  8. 8. Make computers human literate Liverpool Street station crowd blur
  9. 9. Free information from data silos Silos
  10. 10. Linked Data at the BBC Test Card X
  11. 11. One page per programme, artist, species and habitat Internet
  12. 12. A page per programme brand
  13. 13. Episode
  14. 14. Species
  15. 15. Or artist
  16. 16. But also seperate URLs for each resource
  17. 17.
  18. 18. One URI many representations
  19. 19. One URI many representations
  20. 20. One URI many representations
  21. 21. Contextual links to other URIs at
  22. 22. and the rest of web
  23. 23. Think of the web as a CMS Only mint a new URI if one doesn’t already exist Coffee Shop Study
  24. 24. Wikipedia
  25. 25. MusicBrainz
  26. 26. Tom Scott