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  1. 1. Unit 5: Occupation Topic: Occupation interests Matthayomsuksa 4
  2. 2. New Ways in Teaching SpeakingNew Ways in Teaching Speaking ((New Ways in TESOL SeriesNew Ways in TESOL Series )) By Kathleen M.Bailey Lance Savage
  3. 3. Preface Speaking in a second language has of then been views as the most demanding of the four skills. When attempting to speak, learners must muster their thoughts and encode those ideas in the vocabulary and syntactic structures of the target language. Depending on the formality and importance of the speech situation, the learners may also attempt to monitor their output.
  4. 4. Contend of ActivityContend of Activity Part I: Fluency Part II: Accuracy Part III: Pronunciation Part IV: Speaking in Specific Contexts
  5. 5. Part I: Fluency (Conversation) Activity: Two-Minute Conversation If I were …
  6. 6. Two-Minute Conversation If I were … Aims: Get to know classmates Practice the conditional.
  7. 7. What if?What if?
  8. 8. VocabularyVocabulary layoff the act of dismissing employees
  9. 9. flipping
  10. 10. Conditional Sentences Type II refer to situations in the present. An action could happen if the present situation were different.. You just imagine what would happen if … StructureStructure If I were…If I were…
  11. 11. If+ S Example:Example: If I were you, I would not do it. If I were teacher, I would teach student perfectly. If I were you, I would call her. + Past Simple Were/ was , S + would V1+
  12. 12. What if?
  13. 13. A: What would you do if you lost your job? B: I have no idea. I’ve been here for 20 years. A: Do you have any other skills? B: Well, I know how to flip hamburgers. A: No one would hire you to flip hamburgers.
  14. 14. B: Have you heard something that you’re not telling me? A: What do you mean? B: Are there going to be layoffs at this place? A: I certainly hope not! B: If you got laid off, you’d be flipping hamburgers, too.
  15. 15. A: Oh great, we could both work at Burger King. B: Maybe we’d get laid off there, too.
  16. 16. Activity1Activity1 If I were…If I were… Make two circles. Each of student make “If” sentence about What do you want to do? from words that you receive. Student who stand in outer circle tell your sentence and switch to next person who stand in inner circle.
  17. 17. Example Example outer circleouter circle Inner circleInner circle
  18. 18. ““If” Sentences FormIf” Sentences Form If I were(a/an)__ I would be(a/an)____because_____.
  19. 19. If I were…… If I were…… Choose the topic below and try to discuss with your partner. Choose the topic below and try to discuss with your partner. Farmer/ Teacher/ Nurse/ Postman/Doctor...... Farmer/ Teacher/ Nurse/ Postman/Doctor...... If I were a teacher, I would be teach poor students because I want to give a chance for them. If I were a teacher, I would be teach poor students because I want to give a chance for them.