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What did before Liip


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A short introduction of myself for my new employer.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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What did before Liip

  1. 1. What I did before Liip? von Florian Weil
  2. 2. My Backgrounds 1999 - 2003: Trainee as a Banker in Frankfurt am Main for 2003 – 2004: Martura (Fachabitur) in Economics and Management in Bad Nauheim
  3. 3. My Backgrounds 2005 Internship for EVISCO AG in Munich as a Camera- and Audio Assistent + Web Programmer
  4. 4. My Backgrounds 2004 – 2008 Furtwangen / Wiesbaden: in Computer Science in Media 2005: What makes us human? Photograph, 2D Operator and Motion Designer URL: 2005-2006: – a really interactive film Project Manager, Camera Operator, Flash Developer ( 2007: Interactive Webcam Package for Flash Motion Recognition and Light Tracking ( und Bachelor Thesis 2007: Research Center for Intelligent Media – Pricing Strategies for online-based Products und id=39)
  5. 5. My Backgrounds 01.-06.2008: Südwestrundfunk (SWR) in Baden-Baden for the Research and Development Project „radio of the future“ as Flash Mobile Developer and Interface Designer Creating an UIs for a Multimedia Player ● Software Architecture for a PlugIn-able Player ● ● Creating Subapplications for the Player ● e.g. Weather service, event calendar ... ●
  6. 6. My current Profil I don´t fall in love with programming, but I love concepts ;-) Software Development Creating an optimal Process Workflow ● Qualitymanagement of Programm Code ● Software Architecture (Design Patterns) ● Interaction Design (HCI) Usability ● Tangible User Interfaces ● Creating new types of media ● Media Studies Interactions between Economics and Media ● Web 2.0 and the impact of the web end users ●
  7. 7. My Spaces My YouTube Channel about: ● Game Development ● Film Making ● Media Art Blog ● ● General Media My Experiments ● ● Music Creating ● New Media Technologies ● ... ●