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My holiday dominik beitl


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Published in: Sports, Travel
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My holiday dominik beitl

  1. 1. SUMMERHOLIDAYS Dominik Beitl
  2. 2.  When I came home on 29th June, I already had my head full of ideas, what I will be doing during the holidays. Most of all I enjoyed fishing.
  3. 3.  The first and the second week we had a rest in the water. My free time I spent with my buddies. We often rode bikes.
  4. 4.  The third week, I was with my friend Robo in the camp. We were taught to take care of horses and pets. Mostly I liked horseback riding.
  5. 5.  When I travelled to my aunt, I was looking forward to Calling Cony. I love her. I walked with her for long walks since Cony needs a lot to run.  
  6. 6.  At the beginning of August I went with my parents to the Slovak Paradise. We did a lot of tours and in the evening we got rest. In Slovak Paradise, we enjoyed it very much. Whereas there are ski resorts, we also will come here in winter.
  8. 8.  Other week we spent in Veľké Leváre in the cottage. I caught a lot of fish.
  9. 9.  With my uncle Milant and my aunt Majka I have visited thermal bath in Meder for three times. I like it here and we go here every summer.
  10. 10.  These holidays were nice and I liked it a lot.