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  1. 1. My Holiday
  2. 2. We traveled to Croatia first day my holiday. Welived in apartment in island Pag. In Pag we weresecond time. There is very nice. Sea there is alsoa very clean. Every second evening we went totown for ice cream. Ice cream is great there.
  3. 3. When we came back from Croatia we went swimin the Austrian Rabensburg every weekend.
  4. 4. We visited many castles ,for example castleČervený kameň. It is very big . Then we visitedcastle in Valtice. We were in Mikulčice too . InMikulčice we saw old Slavic walls of houses.
  5. 5. With my brother and with my uncle we were inPrague . There we saw Karol‘s bridge . Therewere too many people. Then we saw dancinghouse, Hradčany, Vaclav‘s sqare and we sawOrloj too.
  6. 6. Karol‘s bridge
  7. 7. When was sunny we were cycle. We went onbike twenty-four kilometers
  8. 8. And the last day of my holiday we were in theOrava. On the way to Orava we visited Donovaly.In Orava we visited Orava dam, towns Trstenáand Tvrdošín .In Tvrdošín is wooden church.Thenin Orava is Galery and village Klin. In Klin isstatue of Jesus. Every day we went to townNámestovo on ice crem. On the way home wevisited well in Staré hory.
  9. 9. *
  10. 10. Námestovo
  11. 11. These holidays, I enjoyed and I slow start thinkabout holidays other.