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Out of Box January 2011


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Promotes 5 key distinctives of Santa Clarita Christian School

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Out of Box January 2011

  1. 1. The halls and rooms of Santa Clarita Christian Schoolare full of the handiwork of the Lord and his workmen. Whilethe entire faculty and staff is working toward educating andshowing students the love of Christ, it is the teachers that havethe greatest opportunity to be an example of vessels of Christfollowing his footsteps. Matt Brown is the Academic Dean and Chairman ofthe English Department. His laid-back personality belies theamount of projects with which he is involved. In addition toteaching ninth grade Honors Intro to Literature, eleventh gradeAmerican Literature, twelfth grade AP Literature, and Yearbookat our school, he teaches a Methods Course at California StateUniversity Northridge (CSUN) for potential teachers seeking theircredentials in English. He is Co-Director at CSUN’s CaliforniaWriting Project, where he is involved in Improving Students’Academic Writing (ISAW). Matt recently returned from aconference in Orlando with the Gates Educational Foundation,through the National Writing Project. During the summer heteaches conferences at the Young Writers Camp for fourththrough twelfth grades. He has written for the English Journal,California English, contributing ideas to the Folger ShakespeareLibrary based in Washington D.C.. He has also taken on thetask with teachers across America to be an AP Reader, whichinvolves him grading AP Literature exam essays. While it is adifficult task and a huge endeavor he says he does it in order tohelp our AP students improve their writing technique and betterapproach the AP test. In response to all his commitments and projects he isinvolved with Matt chuckles and jokes saying, “I’m certifiable,I say yes to everything.” But it is clear that the only thing abouthim that is “certifiable” is his love for writing and for helpingothers improve their writing. Humbly, Matt is clear that his overactive involvement outside of SCCS does not make him anygreater than his fellow teachers. He is quick to share that whatmakes SCCS great is the team of teachers who are like-mindedand working together. He is surely not alone as a teacher whenhe claims that his favorite part is discovering that a strugglingstudent has succeeded. While Matt has been with SCCS for sixteen years, it washis wife Darcy who first worked at the school. Darcy is nowthe varsity volleyball coach and teaches photography. Theyhave been married eighteen years after meeting at The Master’sCollege where they both attended. When choosing a college
  2. 2. to attend, Matt says the Lord directed him toThe Master’s College and it was there that herealized his faith was no longer his parents’but his own. One of the things that sticksout to him that he learned and overcamewas that a “[good] reputation could allowyou to get away with things unless thereare people holding you accountable.” Thededication to the truth of Scripture andcommitment to accountability at such aschool helped him become who he is. Matt was originally from Nome,Alaska. And lived in Minnesota thenagain in Alaska in the small town of Glenallen. Afterattending college here in our valley he has stayed andchose to raise his three children with his wife in SantaClarita. His three children can be found attending schoolon the same campus where he and his wife teach. Kylie isin seventh grade, Cameron is in fifth grade and Kaysa is inKindergarten. He is a family man and when he is not busyat work or one of his many activities within the writingworld family time is spent in Disneyland and RV campingwith his parents. It is exciting to see how the Lord has worked andcontinues to work in the lives of teachers like Matt Brownto strengthen the pillar of Academic Excellence uponthe foundation of God’s Word. We are thankful for MattBrown, just one of the many great teachers at SCCS. n