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  1. 1. Varology Gateway Drug to Riches Everything you need to know, to guarantee money making results withyour village, at Varolo! A comprehensive, Step by Step Guide, given away for free, helps you get comfortable with the best way to make money.
  2. 2. Page 1 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Presents: Your Exclusive Guide… Get Ready To Learn… Varology (Ver – all- a - gee) Your Long Term Guide to Making Money, Online, Absolutely For Free. Information was gathered and written by: Derek Stein “No, I didn’t come up with any of the methods, BUT I made it simple enough for anybody to understand” You Have Full Master Resell Rights (MMR) You May: • Sell it at any price you want. • Give it away for FREE to your subscribers • Offer it as a bonus • Edit or Modify the Contents You May Not: Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize • Offer branding rights to your customers
  3. 3. Page 2 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Table of Contents Your Long Term Guide to Making Money, Online, Absolutely For Free. _________________ 1 First Step: Sign-Up! _______________________________________________________________ 3 Welcome to Challenge One:____________________________________________________ 3 Second Step: Understanding ________________________________________________________ 4 Varolo – The Inner workings _______________________________________________________________ 4 Most Important – How Do I Make Money? ___________________________________________________ 4 The Concepts Broken Down _______________________________________________________________ 5 Conclusion: Literally, How Do You Make Money? ______________________________________________ 6 So, What is Varolo Exactly? _______________________________________________________________ 6 Things I Learned Working Online ___________________________________________________________ 7 Third Step: PayPal ________________________________________________________________ 8 Fourth Step: Staying Organized ______________________________________________________ 9 Fifth Step: Creating an Online Presence _______________________________________________ 9 Creating a Varolo Blog ___________________________________________________________________ 9 Search Engine Optimization ______________________________________________________________ 10 What are Keywords? ____________________________________________________________________ 10 Researching Keywords __________________________________________________________________ 10 Finally, Time to Create Your Blog __________________________________________________________ 14 Sixth Step: Creating Good Content __________________________________________________ 17 Starts with a Title ______________________________________________________________________ 18 The Body of Your Article _________________________________________________________________ 18 What About a Conclusion ________________________________________________________________ 19 Keyword Density _______________________________________________________________________ 19 Welcome to Challenge Two: ___________________________________________________ 19 Get Your Blog Indexed __________________________________________________________________ 20 Seventh Step: Promoting Your Blog __________________________________________________ 20 Long Term Success _____________________________________________________________________ 20 Getting Ranked On Google _______________________________________________________________ 21 Creating Backlinks _____________________________________________________________________ 21 Article Marketing _______________________________________________________________________ 21 Welcome to Challenge Three: _________________________________________________ 22 Additional Step: Short Term Marketing _______________________________________________ 22 Online Classified Ads ___________________________________________________________________ 22 Relative “Make Money, Online” Forums ____________________________________________________ 23 Posting Good Blog Comments on Respectable “Make Money, Online” Blog’s ______________________ 23 Optional Step: Other Forms of Marketing _____________________________________________ 24 Twitter _______________________________________________________________________________ 24 Friends, Family Members, Co-Workers, Acquaintances, etc. ____________________________________ 24 Facebook _____________________________________________________________________________ 24 Flyer Distribution _______________________________________________________________________ 24 Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  4. 4. Page 3 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Before you begin I would create a new e-mail address. Something with Varolo in the name is suggested. It will give your website a professional sense. First Step: Sign-Up! Yup, it is still free. Go ahead and sign-up. It is time to sign-up for Varolo. It is super simple to sign-up, plus it is free. After you sign-up, the Next Step: Understanding. Stop Reading Immediately and Complete this Challenge! Welcome to Challenge One: Fairly simple challenge, you need to become familiar will several words associated with Varolo. The words are listed below. To complete this challenge you must understand and be able to define any of these words or phrases. Use the Varolo site, this will help both with your ability to navigate Varolo and completing this challenge will make reading this guide a lot easier. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  5. 5. Page 4 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches • Degrees of Separation (Hint: 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, 4th degree, 5th (locked) degree) • Achievements • Village • Vault • Varolo Blog This Challenge’s requirements are as follows: 1. Become Familiar with Varolo, so familiar you could tell someone about it with your eyes closed. 2. Understanding and ability to define all words and phrases above, so you will be able to easily read through this guide without getting confused. Second Step: Understanding Understanding what we are doing is the most important step. Without knowledge you will get lost, frustrated, and will lose the motivation you currently possess. I will try to explain as many things I wish I knew when I first started setting up a profitable business online, with minimal time necessary. Plus, I will explain Varolo and its operation. Varolo – The Inner workings Varolo at first glance looked very, very simple. The interface was direct, no need for many pages, easy navigation. You have to appreciate those small elements, because the easier every step is, the faster you see profit in return for your 30 min of hard work each day. I like the set up on Varolo. Villages are a very smart idea, both for communication (between you and me) and promotion. Communication brings in a sense of safety, so people are more inclined to the offer. Varolo is free, which already holds monumental value. It incorporates Facebook, considering thousands of people are now millionaires from them, I would say it is a good idea to promote a marketing idea on Facebook. (Which we go through in this guide) Plus, it gives such a simple feature to instantly invite your friends. On Second Thought, I would use a different strategy when using Facebook to help with your marketing efforts. I don’t want to say too many cons with Varolo, since their launch date is April 17th, 2011 and this guide was created on April 9th, 2011. They could come out with a different Site scheme, so make sure to grab an updated copy of this after the site comes out. I do wish they had an option to communicate with other villages or have a messenger with your own village; it would be easier to communicate, but I am a typing fiend, so e-mailing works for me. Most Important – How Do I Make Money? There are several concepts you have to understand before directly responding to that question. First there are weekly jackpots that start at 400 dollars. Then, there are points you accumulate while participating on the site, which can be exchanged for prizes. (As the site grows, the prizes will surely Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  6. 6. Page 5 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches increase) Finally, you get paid from all the ads your referrals see. Your main goal becomes recruiting as many people as you can. The Concepts Broken Down Weekly Jackpots Your chances are not as slim as you would guess. The more ads you watch, the better your chance to win. Since you have to watch ads to claim your village earnings, you will automatically have 140 entries a week. After you have earned your 140 entries, you can keep accumulating jackpot entries; in fact after the 140 threshold you get 2 jackpot entries for every ad. Plus, the jackpot pays out to more than just one person. *Note* The weekly Jackpot increases as your village increases, also if someone in your village gets the jackpot, you receive 10% of that amount, without taking any money away from your village winner. Points Every time you click an ad you also get points. Once you get to 20,000 you can redeem your first prize. It seems you get 1point per ad, but 3 points for a premium ad; I am sure it depends on the advertiser. By the time you are getting huge payouts to your PayPal, you will also be receiving free gifts for yourself. Direct Cash! When everything is said and done, there is only one thing everyone’s mind is on, real tangible, touchable cash. It is not easy to explain, so I apologize for the page. It is extremely necessary to know, so when it comes to making goals, you are ready! THE most important thing to understand about Varolo is you’re paid from all the ADS your REFERRALS click, not the ones you click yourself. There are two very good reasons why they created this business model. Reason one; it keeps the users consistently active, connected and aware of Varolo. Reason two; it makes users focus primarily on getting referrals, which is why this business model is going to make you tons, and tons, oh and tons of cash. We are going to focus on reason two. This is why Varolo will be your favorite discovery, probably of all time. The clicks required from you, pays the person who found you. You get paid from everyone you find and recruit. The recruiting is already mapped out for you, so that is taken care of, but let’s look at a simple break down of what your village may look like, starting out. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  7. 7. Page 6 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Typical Results in one full Month This Could Be YOUR Goal for the Next 6 Months These pictures show a fairly reasonable aspect of what starting out looks like. You do not hit riches right away, but put in 3 months of consistent work and I promise you will get to witness the explode effect. It is glorious and your Village earnings will take a few hundred dollar jump when it does, each week! After 6 months, you can expect to see results similar to the picture on the right. *Important* As Varolo increases the amount of money will increase. This is the minimum earnings possible. *Note* Derek Stein created this Income Calculator to represent accurate earnings for Varolo. He cannot be held responsible for inaccurate or misleading information. The Calculator is based on minimum earnings per referral ad viewed and the 140 ad threshold per week. If you would like this calculator please visit Conclusion: Literally, How Do You Make Money? Basically, you earn money by recruiting people to the program. Your recruits learn that clicking ads is vital to being paid and every time they click an Ad, you get paid 8% of the agreed amount the advertiser pays, per click. Varolo and all the users both get paid from the advertiser’s dollar. Advertisers spend 5 billion every year for their marketing campaigns; it may as well go in our pockets. So, What is Varolo Exactly? Varolo is a website built to bring consumers and merchants together, simply put. Our meeting becomes financially mutual. We get coupons and offers on products we would already be inclined to purchase, plus we eventually develop a business that has the potential to make thousands upon thousands a month. The merchants get their potential customers and the consumers get an extra source of income, increasing our lifestyles. Varolo has an affiliate platform for finding merchants looking for new ways to promote their business. This is a very lucrative way to make money a little quicker, but this guide’s only focus is recruiting and developing a second income, enough to change your life. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  8. 8. Page 7 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Things I Learned Working Online First keep several things in mind: 1. How much do you want to make with Varolo? 2. How hard are you willing to work to make sure that happens? (30 min a day is a very realistic time frame to achieve success in the 6 months, which I advertise on our Who Are We Page) 3. What will you do with your extra money, once you figure out a system that works for you? It is important to set a goal, keeping these questions in your head will help you with step Eight (Only Available with Original Version). Making money with Varolo is undoubtedly true. The potential is limitless, but you have to start small. Making reasonable goals week in and week out, will keep your head on straight. I believe in your ability and I believe I can fill any knowledge gaps you may encounter. How much do you want to make? Using this Long Term Guide is a sure way to developing an online presence and creating a sustainable income, but what is your end goal? Six months from now, I want to make 6,000 a month from Varolo. Will I achieve it? Yes, Of course I will. I have been with a few sites and each site I use, I found a wonderful amount of success. The best part is, everything I use to make each new site of mine, is here in this guide. The first thing I learned online was, develop something that works, execute, rinse and repeat. If these methods have consistently worked for me and many others, I have no doubt in my mind, you will find similar success. So, shoot for making $6,000 in 6 months. (Once you have 300 people who seem like they are going to do well, you will be in the $6,000 a month range, once those people develop different levels of separation) How hard are you willing to work? I am not saying you will be pouring hours a day into this adventure, you can put as many minutes/hours into this as you want. I am saying, the more effort you put in, the faster you get to see your goals become reality. 30 minutes a day will get you there; probably will take the full 6 months, so what if you were to give your new business opportunity a full hour a day? You would get to your goal in at least 3 months, easy. The second thing I learned was, investing your time before seeing results is a tough endeavor, but if you can shake off your cob webs, have the ability to work on your own without getting distracted, and keep your ass motivated, you will reap all the benefits. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  9. 9. Page 8 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches “I currently invest every spare moment into my future business. I have seen results with two other sites and know that results will come. In fact, most of my promotion campaigns show results the next day. Eventually I get to a comfortable level of recruits. (You have to keep in mind, once you have recruits, you have to push them in the right direction) I then take my time helping the ones who ask for it and offer assistance to the ones who don’t. I spare more time for my recruits, because the faster they understand everything, the sooner you start to see your earnings explode. “- Derek Stein The third and final question is very important as well. Keep your mind set on expanding your home, buying a car, paying your way through college, or putting a down payment on your first house, whatever you want money for, keep your mind there. Your mind is incredibly powerful, so keep it happy, so you can focus on setting up and promoting! The third and final thing I learned was, keeping my mind set on getting a car I have wanted since I was a child, creating a residual income for the rest of my life and my future family, and going back and assisting everyone who has ever helped me. These goals are all I need to create new opportunities for myself, every day. Once you get one system down, you can incorporate the same methods in any online business known of, today. Third Step: PayPal PayPal has to be a world famous website by now. If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, simply put, is a website that handles online transactions. This is perfect, because Varolo pays directly into your PayPal account after you make 20 dollars. From PayPal you can connect your PayPal account with your bank account, once confirmed, you can deposit your PayPal funds into your Bank account. • Create a PayPal account with the same e-mail address you signed up with at Varolo. • If you already have an account, add the e-mail address from Varolo to your profile at PayPal. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  10. 10. Page 9 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Fourth Step: Staying Organized It may not seem important to you yet, but once you start, you have a lot of information to hold on to. You will have keywords, articles, promotions, content, pictures, etc. All kinds of research, so making a convenient place to store everything is very important. You do not want to lose anything; everything you make, create, write down, will eventually make you even MORE money later on. You might compile your learning’s and give it away to people, who knows! A few snap shots of how simple it is to keep track of everything. Fifth Step: Creating an Online Presence Considering, you can accomplish this in 6 months while only using 30 minutes of your time a day, I will break this part down, the best I can. You have to give your full effort otherwise your wasting your time from the get go. This section is going to be organized by letters of the alphabet. Each Letter signifies a new 30 minute segment, so after each letter feel free to stop, or just take a break and come back. The more effort, the more results; at the same time, I don’t want you to get burned out. Creating a Varolo Blog One of our goals is to make money online for free; to make sure we follow our goal, I suggest using It is definitely the easiest platform to learn, and teach. You can customize practically anything and the blog is completely free. We like free! Why do you need a blog? Creating a foundation or your initial online presence is very important. WordPress gives great customizable options for the price. More importantly, we need a place to funnel all of your traffic. A place your potential village members can call home and a place your village members can rely on for information. This blog will also build the foundations to your subscription list. People all over the world and we want them to want your information; we want them to eat it up, because your website will give them the support and knowledge necessary to become successful. With this guides help, your blog will make you money for the rest of your life. Things you need to know before creating your blog You need to understand the fundamentals to get your blog into the first page of Google. This is the reason your blog will make you money forever. With effective Search Engine Optimization you can Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  11. 11. Page 10 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches own a piece of internet real estate for years to come. Along with well thought out content, that is engaging and captures your audience’s attention, your blog will become a place your viewership can depend on. Another extremely necessary piece of information; this blog will take work. This is the point where you must decide whether you will give this an honest effort for the next 6 months or will you just flake out after a couple weeks, because you are unable to keep your mind set on goals; which you will set at the end of the tutorial. You have to be true to yourself, focus, and concentrate. The choice is, learn and create an income online or continue to jump from one idea to another, until your opportunity to make money at home is no longer available. If you choose to push forward and want the chance to see results many people have failed to produce, then keep your mind focused, your goals close and let’s learn about Search Engine Optimization and writing good content. Search Engine Optimization More commonly known as SEO, is the simplest way to get your blog ranked on Google’s first page, or any other major search engine. It takes a few steps to find the necessary research required to get your blog optimized. You first need to make a list of keywords that will be the key ingredients for your blog’s address, title, content, and all kinds of tweaks to your blog. Then, we can discuss writing good content. Your keywords become the starting point and foundation of your future, cash generating blog. What are Keywords? Keywords are specific words or phrases used to create relevancy in your niche market. Keywords help create authority in your chosen niche. (Our niche is Varolo and Free Money Online) Keywords are used as found, without any alterations. You will choose 5 of these soon and will use them for just about everything, on your blog. Keywords are chosen around the focus of your blog. If you are writing about Varolo and how to make money online, your keywords might include: free money online, how to make money online, Varolo Review, Work from Home, or any researched combination. Researching Keywords The keywords you choose will decide the success of your blog, so it makes it very important to pay attention to detail, in the next few sections. First Step to Finding Keywords You are going to open up two browsers, one will be Google AdWords: Keyword Tool and the other is Google’s homepage. Basically, we are using the keyword tool to find commonly searched keywords, which are just phrases that real people search for. A good keyword is determined by two things: How often it is searched in your local area and how many sites are competing for that keyword. The best way to understand is to start using the tool. Search “Make Money Online”. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  12. 12. Page 11 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches I like to organize my search results by clicking local monthly searches, it should bring the most commonly searched terms according to your starting search phrase, to the top of the list. Now that you can see what people literally search for, it is time to see how much competition we would have, if we choose any of these. Let’s grab “work from home” and we will use our second tab we opened to find the competition. Whenever you find a keyword you might want to use, just do a search for it with quotation marks on either side. Example: “work from home” (The underlines represent the quotations needed while searching for competition) Go ahead and search Google for this Keyword phrase’s competition. This, clearly, is not a suitable keyword, because you would be competing against almost 54 million other sites. We want to compete against 10,000 or less. We will show you how to find them. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  13. 13. Page 12 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Second Step to Finding Keywords Start Searching! It is that simple. Try all kinds of approaches, just because you are making a blog about making money online doesn’t mean those words have to be your keywords. If you think outside the box and let your creativity develop your keyword marketing strategy, that still draws in the attention of people looking to make extra money, you will be very successful. The more creative you are, the easier it will be to rank your blog on the first page of Google. Use the following chart to find at least 5 keywords. Choose a keyword phrase you would NOT have any trouble using, especially since you cannot customize them in any way. You will be using these phrases in every aspect of this guide. Keyword Phrases should be 3-6 letters long. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  14. 14. Page 13 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Final Step to Finding Keywords You should have 5 keywords you personally choose. I am going to show you two keyword phrases I found while making this guide. The keyword phrase I suggest can be used by you if you wish. I would check to see if it is still a good one though. This is my first example, “get paid watching ads”. It has almost no competition, so it is a very good keyword phrase to start with. It is not the best but 5 more keywords of this caliber and you will start finding yourself some traffic. This is a much better example of the perfect keyword phrase. “Average high school salary” has one competitor and no backlinks so I would highly suggest using this phrase. This keyword took 20 minutes to find. I started with “make money online” and followed decent keywords until I arrived here. I also found quite a few for myself. I found 5 keywords in that 20 minutes and 4 of them are gems! Everything becomes clockwork once you get set-up! The example above shows how creative you can be; Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  15. 15. Page 14 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches we took the “make money online” niche and are promoting it with “average high school salary” because you only have to be 13 to use Varolo. You can beef up an article about what the average salary is and how you can overcome that with Varolo! You just have to think outside the box, stop using traditional ideas, and create something personal. Keyword Conclusion You could use the keywords you choose earlier to create your blog or you could come up with some extremely profitable ones in the matter of minutes. Combine the keyword tool, Google itself, and your creativity, to create a list of keywords that can potentially make you thousands. The keywords you decide to choose will help you think of a theme, and will be very important for the rest of this guide. Make sure you will be able to use them as many times as is necessary. (We will discuss Keyword Density later) Finally, Time to Create Your Blog Yes! Now that you know a really good background of information, it will make the rest of steps a lot easier for you. First, if you have not signed up for, please do so now. Remember, this blog is yours, make it look professional, but also make it personable. Things to keep in Mind, while setting it up: • What age group do you primarily want to target? • Will your blog appeal to both men and woman? • Is your blog easy to navigate? • What will you offer on your blog to get people to come back? (Income calculator, good content, free tools, good advice, etc.) • How will you make your blog interactive? (keeping people on your blog as long as you can) Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  16. 16. Page 15 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Proper Website Address This is a very similar step to choosing your title. I usually choose the best sounding or easiest to remember keyword phrase. If people can remember your URL, you will increase usability with your readers. Choosing Your Title Your title is going to come straight from your keyword research. You have to choose a primary keyword, the phrase you will focus on the most. Make it engaging with your readers but utilize your title, because it easier for the search engines to find your site, plus it helps with your blogs relevancy to the subject we are working on. (Make Money Online) Professional Theme WordPress offers a huge variety of themes for you to use. It is time for you to get creative. Do a Google Search about our niche “making money online” and look at some of the pages that show up first. You can see what their site looks like and find themes on WordPress that look very similar. Otherwise just look around WordPress’s themes, they have hundreds of free themes. • It should look professional • Give a warm feeling, when readers arrive • And be easy to navigate SEO Optimized Pages and Categories Everything on your blog should be customized. When you are choosing Page and Category titles, you should have your keyword phrases in mind. The search engines love to see your titles match the keywords you are trying to rank for. Do Not use 1 keyword phrase throughout your website, the search engines will consider it spamming. Use 2-5 all over your blog. This is a very simple step. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  17. 17. Page 16 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Categories – simply click categories and you will be brought to a page ready for your first category title. Be creative and stick to your keywords, especially when you are writing the description. You will eventually put your posts under different categories. Pages – you will not be able to make a new page until you have created your first collection of content, which happens to be the next step of the guide. After you write your first article, come back and create a page for it! Remembering to use your keywords in the title. Customizing Your Menu Your sidebar menu is very important, since it keeps your visitors attention. It allows them to find more activities to keep them occupied on your blog. Your keywords should make up most of your Menu titles, so you can keep racking up your keyword density on your blog page. There are two ways to customize your menu. For the sake of simplicity, I will show you have to use widgets for your sidebar, rather than a traditional menu. Using widgets allows you to use custom html, so you can add thousands of different links, promotional campaigns, and different advertisements to your sidebar. Look around the widgets and start experimenting. Drag a few over and go to your blogs web address to see what it looks like. If it flows well and provides entertainment or information to your readers, I would keep it. Adding a Subscribers List This will become to be the most valuable thing on your blog. You will provide either a Weekly or Monthly Newsletter giving all the latest updates about Varolo. Giving your readers value and giving us their e-mail address for future promotions. If you create followers, your followers will listen. Once you have developed trust between you and your recruits you will be able to send them promotions for other money making opportunities, this is when you begin to make tens of thousands each month. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  18. 18. Page 17 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Most themes come with a subscription already as default, but you should customize the title and message your subscribers receive. Here you can customize your first greeting to a new recruit! If you go back into Widgets you can customize your title. The arrow to the right shows you where to put your Blog Subscriptions. It also shows you where you can customize your title! Sixth Step: Creating Good Content This is why people will come back to your blog. This is what will draw in readers from people just talking about your work. As they saw, Content is King and Quality is the Queen; you need to put both together before we can have real people coming to your blog! Do not worry; it really is not that hard. You will pump out an article every thirty minute session. You have learned almost everything you need to know in order to help other people get started. Talk about it! People love when writers act as if they are experts; well actually they don’t like that. My point is a majority of articles written are usually by an average Joe. Everybody wants a crack at making money from their home. So, the better your articles sound and feel the more successful you become. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  19. 19. Page 18 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Starts with a Title Your title is the first thing a potential reader sees. It is very important you draw them in. You have to make your title say to your reader, “You cannot live without reading this”. It has to answer a question people want solved or give information that is has value, making them read your article for their answers. Once you get through your first article, everything will make sense. When you are creating your title you want your main keyword phrase at the beginning. For example your title could be, Average High School Salary: Learn How to Make More Money, and you can incorporate making money online, at home into your article. Your first couple articles will be the start of the content on your blog, so make it engaging and very interesting. You want your reader to look around your blog after and sign up under your affiliate link. Most Successful Titles • How to – Starting your article with a How to type title brings in traffic like crazy, since everybody is looking to learn new things every day. Example: How to Raise the Average High School Salary • (insert number) Tips to – providing tips for the online, money making market can be very valuable for increasing traffic to your blog. If you put a well thought collection of tips that would truly help somebody, your article could go viral, meaning it will be shared with many respectable sites from everyone sharing it. Example: 7 Tips to Increase the Average High School Salary • (insert number) Ways to – there are so many ways to twist your title to be more attractive to potential readers, you just have to think outside the box, hopefully by providing a few examples, you can grasp the concept out titles. • (insert number) Steps to – same as above examples, just another twist so you can keep your titles fresh and engaging. The Body of Your Article This is the part that needs to be well thought out. Your articles body needs to have a point. What are you trying to accomplish, if someone reads your article? We are on two missions while writing articles. Your first mission is writing a very good article for your blog, which will help develop viewership and trust between you and your village members. Your second mission is writing informative articles, which is the number one way to build back links and increase your ranking on Google. When you are writing content for your website, you want to be thorough and complete. You want to get your message across, while leaving your reader a little smarter; because you taught him one more thing he did not know. At the beginning this might require some research, but after a while it becomes second hand. A really good way to right some content would be taking sections out of this guide and using them on your website as a promotional tool. Informative Articles are sometimes easier to right; you get to be more laid back. You want to teach your potential reader something they did not know before but you also want them to click through to your blog to find out more information on our “Make Money Online” niche. You will rarely need to do Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  20. 20. Page 19 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches extra research, just write about things you already understand from this guide, not everybody knows everything in here. What About a Conclusion Your articles should have a title and a body; if you are writing content for your blog then you should absolutely end with a conclusion to sums things up, but if you are writing Articles for promotional purposes leave the conclusion out. You will have an Author Resource Box to replace your conclusion. Keyword Density One of the most overlooked steps in creating content and writing articles. Keyword Density is the percentage you see your keyword phrase compared the total number of words. Your target keyword density is 1.5%-3% per keyword. This is why you cannot alter your keyword phrase; it must be consistent so the search engines can pick up on it. There is a great tool you get to use; it even tells you if you should add more or less of a particular keyword phrase. The Keyword Calculator is powered by ICrossing and can be a very powerful tool if utilized correctly. This tool is super simple to use. 1. Insert your finished article 2. Insert three keyword phrases you have included in your article 3. Click Calculate Term % Stop Reading Immediately and Complete this Challenge! Welcome to Challenge Two: This challenge will take some motivation and a few days to complete if you are following the 30 minutes a day routine. Otherwise you could bust through this entire challenge right now and finish it today. Challenge two is entirely about creating your website content. It is extremely vital you get passed this part, so you can look back at how much work you already did, motivating you to push forward, so you have a chance to see the results. This Challenge’s requirements are as follows: 1. Create One Page for Your Blog - fill it with a 750 word, well thought out article about the keywords you have chosen. Add a creative title that has your keyword phrase at the beginning. This Article should entice your readers to sign up for Varolo and Sign up for your Newsletter, which you will create. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  21. 21. Page 20 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches 2. Create a Second Page for Your Blog – This page should be about you, what your plans are with your earnings or anything you want to tell your audience about yourself. Provide a way for them to contact you, so you can develop feedback, which will help direct your blog into the right direction 3. Create Your First Post – Again related to your chosen keywords but write your new post about how you found Varolo, what you have to offer your readers (this guide is your first promotional tool) , and pages you will be adding in the future. 4. Create One More Page – Give your personal opinion about Varolo, and give it a review. Lists all the things you like and things you hope changes down the road. Anything you have learned about Varolo that can provide your readers with value should be put into your Review of Varolo. Do not just write an article, your review should be equal parts. (Article and Bulleted Lists) 5. Keyword Density – Your final requirement is making sure you have 1.5% - 3% of your keywords in everything you wrote above, one step closer to getting your blog ranked. *Note* You should have the makings of a very good looking blog. A blog people can go to in search of help and guidance. The more people you help become success, the more money you end up making! Get Your Blog Indexed Once your blog is finished and you like the way it turned out, you have to get it noticed. The first step to getting your blog noticed is sticking your blog’s address everywhere you can. We want to tell as many search engines that you have a new blog for the search engines viewers. This is a simple process and does not require much explanation. Index your blog into as many sites as you like. There are a multitude of free submission sites, here is one I suggest. It will index your site on 70+ search engines including all the major ones. You will have to manually add your blog to Yahoo and Bing, but follow the on screen instructions and the website will show you how. Seventh Step: Promoting Your Blog First, before you move onto promoting, I would have your mentor or whoever invited you to Varolo check your blog to see if it looks good enough to be promoted. It will help you right away, rather than waiting for a month to go by and still not seeing any sign-ups. We are all in this together! Promoting your blog is by far the most enjoyable part. Now you get to see your village numbers increase. After a week of promoting efforts, you will start to see your numbers go up. The best part is, this guide will make sure your blog constantly has visitors, let us show you how. Long Term Success Why take so much time setting up your blog if you didn’t expect long term success? You wouldn’t. This is why we have to promote it properly to make sure your site has a long life. Your blog could Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  22. 22. Page 21 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches easily stay on Google for the next 10 years if you wanted it to. It really is not hard. Just takes patience. Getting Ranked On Google Everything you have done so far will assist you in ranking on Google. There is a great website I found a while ago that explains all the factors. Keep in mind, the list is long, because there are hundreds of things that help get you ranked. This guide goes through the basic ones such as, SEO, Keywords, Titles, Tags, and Backlinks, but there are a multitude of good and bad factors that create your page rank! Do Not let this overwhelm you. It is for educational purposes, not scare tactics. Your blog will do phenomenal once you finish this guide; no doubt in my mind, but it is interesting to see how many different steps you could take to improve your page rank faster. Take a Look Creating Backlinks Creating Backlinks is a fundamental step to push your blog in the right direction. Everybody who knows anything about Google Page Rank or Article Marketing knows writing and distributing your own well written articles is the fastest way to get authority for your blog. Google does not like new sites very much, which is why it is important to create some quality backlinks. Backlinks are links from other well ranked websites such as Information Banks, (article directories) that help increase your blogs reputation with Google. The better Google likes you, the higher your blog appears. Article Marketing This is the number one way to get traffic and backlinks. People love to learn and article directories are an easy way to find information. If your article is well written and your title engages your reader, you will find no problem finding success from this step alone. Creating a Perfect Article Please Refer to the Sixth Step: Creating Good Content for The Tutorial on Creating a Perfect Article Remember using researched Keywords for part of our SEO? If you do, that is wonderful. You will be using the same researched keywords for your articles. When using the same keywords on your blog, you will create more authority for your website since the same keywords on your blog are being used in articles that LINK to your blog. Submitting Your Article First, you must never submit duplicate content! It will decrease your Blog’s Page Rank, and that would be counter-productive. Then, make sure you give your article a very attractive title, because that is the first thing people see. Your article should promote itself, which is the goal. Your first few articles probably will not do well, but through trial and error you will find success! Go ahead and follow the link below, after you have written a couple articles, and you will start to see traffic to your blog. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  23. 23. Page 22 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches List of Article Directories Here is a list of 460 article directories. They are all free and are in order according to Page Rank. The ones at the top, you should start with first and work your way down as you continue to write new and better articles. Stop Reading Immediately and Complete this Challenge! Welcome to Challenge Three: It is very important you get your first couple articles written. The more active articles, the better your blog will do. Here at EverythingVarolo, we write 5 articles a day, to make sure we will have long lasting success. I guarantee we are not going anywhere for a while. This Challenge’s requirements are as follows: • Two Articles: Be thorough with both articles. They should either be informational or a How to guide. The more valuable information you provide your readers, the more successful you become. • List Both Articles: Now it is time to see how well your article teaches and flows. If the reader struggles to get through your articles, you should edit it quick. Submit your articles into two different directories! Additional Step: Short Term Marketing Now that you have a blog set up and ready to promote, you can do a ton of promoting or you can stick with your 30 minutes a day. I would suggest a couple hours a day, just to ensure you will get to your goals faster. Promoting is so much easier and is more enjoyable for a lot of people. The hardest part is setting up. These methods can be used to get daily traffic by tomorrow. It is an easy way to start seeing people’s reactions when they come to your blog. Although you will not be able to literally see their expression, you will know what they thought of it. If they sign up for your newsletter, they loved it, if they leave, they weren’t interested. It is pretty simple. Easiest Way to Be Seen The easiest way to be seen is sticking your link in front of people’s eyes. Before you go spamming your link all over the place, let’s learn about a few options. Online Classified Ads This is one of the most over used form of advertisement but it still brings in results if you advertise on a broad scale. Using one or two classified sites just won’t do if you want to bring in enough people. If you want classified ads to work for you, I suggest three things: Use 50 or More If you use 50 or more ad sites you will reach a variety of people, all over. Make sure you only post one ad per day on each site. You don’t want to spam your blog, but you do want to give people the opportunity to follow it. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  24. 24. Page 23 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches My overall suggestion is posting 15 a day, at 15 sites. If you do this, you will bring in hundreds of visitors to get your blog started. Creative Title Again, the more creative you are, the more attention your ad will get and you want to make each ad effective. Make your ad relate to people’s problems and offer a solution! Informative Article You want to fill your ad with information. You always want to offer value, when promoting your blog. If people see you are putting in effort they will be intrigued to know why. List of Classified Ad Sites Before you look at the list there are some things you should know. First, Craigslist bans accounts very easily so I would suggest using caution when using Craigslist. Second, USFreeAds only allows 5 ads with no link unless you pay for their membership, but I get by just fine without them. Other than that, have fun with your ads. Here Is The List Relative “Make Money, Online” Forums Being active on forums cannot be done with 30 minutes a day. You need to get to know the forums and the people who are active there. You need to become a valuable member, posting comments that have meaning and relate the conversation. Forums do not allow spamming, so going in there and posting your link everywhere will just get you banned. If you are willing to invest you time into a forum then it is most certainly worth your time. You can put links in your signature and if you actually go around and help people on the forum, you will get tons of people to click your links. It is a very effective way to build viewership, but you have to get involved. List of a Few Forums For a list of forums please see your mentor. They can suggest ones they are familiar with, so they can help you with any questions. Posting Good Blog Comments on Respectable “Make Money, Online” Blog’s This is by far my favorite. All you do is research the topic we’re working on. (Make Money Online)Find relative articles and blogs that you can comment on. Read the article and give a fair comment with some good insight of your own then leave your blog URL at the end. Most of the time, if your comment adds value to their page, they will accept your comment and you will get traffic from hundreds of people, for a few months. List of a Few Blog’s This needs to be done on your own time. The “Make Money Online” market changes daily so go to Google and search “Make Money Online Blogs” or “Make Money Online for Free” and read what you find. If you can leave a comment, leave one. Be Informative! Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize
  25. 25. Page 24 Varology – Gateway Drug to Riches Optional Step: Other Forms of Marketing Twitter Twitter is everywhere, but you can only use it effectively if you have enough followers. If you have 300 or more followers, then start promoting your blog. Types on Increasing Followers The easiest way to increase follower is tweeting about everything you are doing while you promote or update your content. If you are by the computer, throw up a tweet with whatever link relates and people will begin to follow you. Twitter is all about consistency and value. Only tweet about links people would actually enjoy going to. Do Not just tweet links to your blog, you have to give other people credit for their work as well. Friends, Family Members, Co-Workers, Acquaintances, etc. You need to start getting passionate. The more you talk about Varolo and the opportunities it holds, the more people you will attract around you. Get your friends on board! Two heads think better than one. Talk about it at work, with your friends, at the dinner table or anywhere the conversation seems fitting. If someone is talking about getting laid off, or finding work, this could be a good opportunity to tell your friends about Varolo. Facebook This is a perfect place to target your friends and family. You could even start a Fan Page and invite everybody you know to “like it”. Once you have your blog set up you can integrate Facebook with WordPress and all your posts will end up on your news feed and profile. Here is a Sample Fan Page Flyer Distribution This is pretty straight forward. Design a very professional looking flyer and get thousands of copies made. you can either pay some kids in your neighborhood to pass them out or just go for a walk and put as many as you can in people’s door. When I first started, this was my primary fuel for daily visitors. I targeted a different neighborhood every day until I was comfortable with the amount of referrals I had. It is very effective but only if you distribute on a large scale. You could easily get a hundred new visitors a day, which could turn out to 1-25 sign-ups per day. It all depends on how your flyer looks and how well your Blog is set up. Learn How to Set Goals, Develop a Daily Routine, and Realize The True Potential of Varolo Learn, Develop, and Realize