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Learn how to Google+ Your Business. A brief introduction and history of Google+. What are the benefits of Google+ for business. How to setup your business page on Google+.

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Google+ Your Business

  1. 1. Google+ Your Business
  2. 2. Google+ History and Info● Launched June 2011 in private beta ○ Invite only sign-ups● Public beta began in September 2011 ○ Anyone can join● Fastest growing social network ever ○ Still growing leaps and bounds ○ Still adding features, improving● Big names using G+ Features ○ Celebrities ■ Black Eyed Peas, Conan, Spielberg, Alicia Keys ○ President of the USA
  3. 3. Myth Debunking: Ghost Town● Since day 1 the media called G+ a ghost town and a failure● Why did they say this? ○ Google+ is a true social network ○ Treated G+ like Twitter or Facebook ○ Didnt give it a chance● Fast forward to today ○ Many media outlets have retracted their statements ■ "Google+ is not a ghost town after all" ■ "Google gets social"
  4. 4. Google+ Statistics● Google+ is now the #2 social network● 500M+ users● 343M active users● ~25% of all web users on G+● Stats from Dec 12 G+ 1.5 years old
  5. 5. Google+ features● Engagement● Hangouts / Hangouts On Air● Circles● Communities● Share publicly or to limited groups● Google+ Local reviews● Play Store reviews
  6. 6. Its more than a social network● Google+ isnt a Facebook competitor● Google+ the social glue for Google Products● Google+ is the next version of Google● Facebook is just social● Google has an array of products and services
  7. 7. Google+ Integration● Most popular browser: Chrome● Most popular email: Gmail● Most popular search engine: Google● Most popular video sharing: YouTube● Most popular mapping service: Maps● Most popular mobile OS: Android● Google Drive sharing integration● Google+ Local, formerly Google Places
  8. 8. Why should your G+ your business?● Search Ranking ○ Search Plus Your World ○ Google Authorship● Show the value of identity across the web● Join the Google ecosystem● Connect with customers in unique ways● Show your ads with your Google+ page endorsements● Google+ Local
  9. 9. How to create a Business Page
  10. 10. How to create a Business Page● Two types of pages ○ Local page (formerly Google Local) ■ Reviews, scores, directions ■ Hotels, restaurants, retail store ■ Automatically created for most ○ Social page ■ Social features of Google+, posts, hangouts ,etc● They can be merged! ○ Combined pages allow features from both types ○ Verified checkmark
  11. 11. Ive created my Brand Page, now what? ● Add social tools to your site ○ Use the Google +1 button ● Verify your Brand Page ○ Stand out with a check mark ● Add SEO to your Brand Page ○ Keywords and links help ● Set Up Google Authorship ● Link other social profiles ● Start engaging your customers
  12. 12. Add social tools to your site● Add the Google+ Badge to your website● Add the +1 button to your articles and pages
  13. 13. Verify your Google+ Brand Page● Preferred search results● Eligible for Direct Connect● Link your G+ Page and Website +1s● Link to G+ Local Page● How do I do it? ○ About Tab: add your site ○ Add badge: ○ Verify your mailing address ○ Form:
  14. 14. SEO for your G+ Brand Page● Treat your brand page as a web page● Create SEO enabled links● Use Keywords● Complete your profile ○ tag line ○ cover photo ○ introduction ○ additional links
  15. 15. Set Up Google Authorship● Whats rel=author?● How important is authorship?"Within search results, information tied to verified onlineprofiles will be ranked higher than content without suchverification, which will result in most users naturally clickingon the top (verified) results." - Eric Schmidt● How do I do it? ○ Verify email ○ Google+ ○
  16. 16. Connect other social profiles● Increase traffic to other social networks● Increase page ranking in search results● Show customers where else to find you
  17. 17. Google+ is for Engagement● Social engagement (also social involvement, social participation) refers to ones degree of participation in a community or society.● Communicate with users and communities● If youre mentioned, follow up● Create content worth sharing or interacting on● Circle your customers● Google+ users will notice the lack of engagement. (i.e VZW vs T-Mobile)
  18. 18. Additional ResourcesOfficial Google+ Business Guides Traphagen Google+ Business Guides Shervington G+ Business Guides Labelle G+ Business Generator Toolbox Business Circle
  19. 19. Questions? Lets be social!