The Mysteries Of Negative Gearing 2 12 08


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The Mysteries Of Negative Gearing 2 12 08

  1. 1. The Mysteries of Negative Gearing<br />Negative gearing is a legitimate tax planning strategy but it is not for everyone.<br />Derek Miles<br /> <br />
  2. 2. What can you negative gear ?<br />Property – the most common and well known<br />Shares or managed funds (margin loans)<br />Business assets<br />Managed Investment Schemes – agriculture or forestry<br />
  3. 3. What is Negative Gearing ?<br />It is the offsetting of the difference between investment income and the expenses incurred in holding these investments, against other ordinary income such as PAYG income and thereby benefiting from a tax refund of PAYG tax already paid. <br />
  4. 4. An example of negative gearing<br />Tax Payable<br />(incl Medicare L)<br />Taxable income 85,000 $21,875<br />Gross rental income 18,200<br />Less expenses:-<br />Interest on loan (8%pa) 28,000<br />Rates 2,400<br />Agents fees 1,500<br />Maintenance 3,000<br />Borrowing Costs 800<br />Building Allowance 6,250<br />Depreciation 5,600<br />Other 1,000<br />Total Expenses 48,550<br />Rental Loss 30,350<br />New Taxable Income 54,650$11,815<br />
  5. 5. What is the cash flow consequence ?<br />Inflows:- <br /> Gross rental income 18,200<br /> Refund 10,060<br /> 28,260<br />Outflows:-<br /> Interest on loan (8%pa) 28,000<br /> Rates 2,400<br /> Agents fees 1,500<br /> Maintenance 3,000<br /> Other 1,000<br />35,900<br />Negative Cash Flow $7,640<br />Non Cash Items (but tax deductible)<br /> Borrowing Costs 800<br /> Building Allowance 6,250<br /> Depreciation 5,600<br />
  6. 6. Misconceptions 1<br />You must have paid PAYG for the cash flow to work (for business clients it is a reduction of tax payable so they still need to have the cash flow to support the negatively geared investment).<br />You cannot purchase investment after investment – you must have the cash flow from other income to support the negative gearing and there is a limit.<br />You purchase an investment that requires a larger loan than you can afford.<br />What if the investments stop earning – can you support the debt?<br />Negative gearing is not as attractive for lower incomes. It works best with the highest tax bracket.<br />
  7. 7. Misconceptions 2<br />Negative gearing is prone to hiding poor investment assets (mistrust investments sold with negative gearing as the dominant motive).<br />The investment assets must have a reasonable basis of return.<br />You cannot negatively gear effectively in a trust or company (losses cannot be transferred against personal incomes.<br />Changing your home to a negative gearing asset is ineffective – you cannot transfer debt (further explanation).<br />
  8. 8. Who’s advice should you seek ?<br />Your Accountant – Tax Advice – Cash flow analysis.<br />Your Financial Planner – investment advice/affordability<br />Your Mortgage Broker – most effective borrowings<br />Quantity Surveyor – cost analysis of the depreciable items that are deductible<br />
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