Email Marketing and Social Media Brands


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Email Marketing and Social Media Brands

  1. 1. Email Marketing
  2. 2. Stats To Know • Open Rate • Clicks and the Unique • Conversions (trackable through CRM) • Popular Articles • Opt-outs • New Subscribers • E-management tools that measure effectiveness
  3. 3. Catchy subject lines and targeted delivery times, usually so I wake up to their email
  4. 4. E-Marketing Best Practices • Targeted campaigns and database blasts (newsletter, product launch, events) • Be corporately aware of your brand, the same goes for your personal brand • Subject lines are key • Keep the important content up at the top of the email • Choose your day wisely • No digital vomiting please
  5. 5. Social Media Mania
  6. 6. Huh? • Which ones do should you and / or your company use? • Learn from user experience • Find out WHERE your customers are • Test drive if you have to, popularity does tend to steer • Define your objectives • Without goals it cannot be considered a success or failure
  7. 7. Personal Brand • Facebook: 500M users, enough said • Twitter: digital broadcast system • Linkedin: professional networking, research tool • Foursquare: geo-tagging site • Similar to professional brands - determine the ‘What’, ‘How’, and ‘Why’ • Consistency across all sites (including Digg, Flickr, and You Tube) • Sync your feeds • Don’t be a robot, are the tools for chatting with friends or about promoting yourself? “Social software isn’t really about the tools. It’s about what the tools let users do and the business • Carve out time (mobile access and 30m a day) problems the tools address.” Jakob Nielsen • Decide if you need a website, blog, podcasts or all of the above and more!
  8. 8. Professional Brand Do your customers use Social Media? • Forrester Research have explored the realms of social media and found that “social networking will be the biggest enterprise 2.0 priority by 2013”* • Social Media is word-of-mouth advertising • 75% of adult Internet users engage Social Media platforms (Nielsen, 2010) • Be social - let the outside world understand the knowledge within your organization* • Brand strategy and messaging needs to match your social interaction with customers* • The Social Marketing Recipe: Reach, Response, Relationship, Revenue*…start with Research Source: Babur Ozden and George Beckenstein, 2010
  9. 9. Dive In • Use keyword searches on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to engage in relevant conversations • Snatch up your URLs and Usernames • Build rapport through open and authentic dialogue • Avoid ghost-tweeting and posts if you are a smaller business • Large profile companies can use this tactic if they are open about it – feature the faces behind the conversations • Plan your posts – do NOT use the ingredients on the shelf to concoct something • Ready to set up lists, feeds, tabs, backgrounds and favorites? • Get your hands dirty!
  10. 10. Contact