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BuzzMob Deck charlotte motor speedway v2.3 rev - 3.23.12


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BuzzMob Deck charlotte motor speedway v2.3 rev - 3.23.12

  1. 1. Charlotte Motor Speedway: Engaging Fans and Enhancing the Live Event Experience
  2. 2. Presentation Overview• Speedway Overview and Opportunities• Introducing BuzzMob• The Possibilities• How You Can Use BuzzMob• Revolutionize the speedway experience• Partnership Framework• Next Steps
  3. 3. Imagine the possibilities. Your fans want digital interaction. Facebook and Twitter, while excellent ways to promote your business, don’t connect fans inside your speedway to share the experience together and receive real-time, exclusive content. We’re changing that. BuzzMob exists to give your fans the best live experience possible. To engage them with each other and with you. Imagine…  140,000 die-hard NASCAR fans, all connected within the speedway on their smartphones;  NASCAR drivers and crew connecting with their fans live at the speedway during events;  And most importantly, Charlotte Motor Speedway…finally connected to all the fans and attendees as they are sitting in their seats.
  4. 4. A snapshot of BuzzMob. BuzzMob is a mobile social platform that brings digital communication to real-world places and events, allowing people within the same location to interact within a private digital network. How can this be used by Charlotte Motor Speedway?  You can connect your 140,000+ fans together while they’re experiencing a race at your speedway. They can talk, share tips, photos, videos, and receive exclusive content.  And why not include the drivers and their crews as well? They can use BuzzMob to communicate with fans, giving them an inside look into what’s happening in the pits.  You can bring in your major race sponsors like Sprint, Coca-Cola, and Bank of America and allow them to participate in the onsite interaction as well, giving them direct access to all the fans at the speedway.  You can administer the ring and control the content. Your fans will be on BuzzMob at your live events, and you can push information to them while they’re in their seats. Encourage fans to visit the gift shop, half price hot dogs, contests – you name it, we can do it for you.  You will enhance the event experience for your fans by allowing them to interact with each other onsite, connect with their favorite drivers in real-time, and allow you to interactively engage with them.
  5. 5. An idea is born. Jeff Jackel was sitting in the bleachers at a Los Angeles Angels game when he stopped watching the game and started looking at everyone playing on their smartphones. 40,000 people sharing the baseball experience, but not sharing it together. They were not engaged in what was happening HERE, because no one HERE was engaging with them. How could he connect them all to each other and, just as important, how could he connect them with the Los Angeles Angels? With those thoughts, BuzzMob was born.
  6. 6. What exactly is BuzzMob? [embedded video – view in presentation mode]
  7. 7. How it works. Using a smartphone’s GPS, BuzzMob lets users join “Rings,” real-time, live communities built of people who are at the same event or location. Once inside the “Ring,” users can chat, share tips, photos, videos, and receive exclusive content within a private network. Where existing social media focuses on documenting experiences to your friends and followers, BuzzMob is about enhancing those experiences by connecting you with your location and the people around you.
  8. 8. BuzzMob Key FeaturesKey Features: The Buzz: A live feed of all conversations and content occurring now, or most recent conversations and content at a specific location BuzzPoints: A map of geo-tagged tips and reviews posted by members to help each other get the most from their experience at the Ring location Photos: See or share the view from different vantages inside the Ring, from the front row to the nosebleeds Messages: Reply directly to any member on the feed, or email them from your personal email address, without leaving the application Search: For Rings nearby or far away, key words, specific members and/or hot topics View: Choose eligible rings to join from a GPS map view or a list view Observe: Follow a Ring, even if you’re not at the location Exclusive Content: Get info, content, and offers provided by the location itself
  9. 9. At Charlotte Motor Speedway Create a ‘Ring’ for Charlotte Motor Speedway – this ring can span the length of the speedway and even encompass the nearby hotels and attractions Work with drivers and their teams to get exclusive content to offer fans via BuzzMob and encourage teams to interact with fans onsite; take photos from the pits, give driver updates, etc. Offer fans a way to get exclusive content and updates, interact with their favorite drivers, and engage with other fans while at the speedway Connect with the gift shop and other vendors to offer special discounts and promotions to fans while they’re sitting in their seats Connect with Focus Fan Photos to upload and promote fan photos through BuzzMob Target special days at the speedway, such as the Democratic National Convention Kick-Off Event and offer special promotions and live interaction via BuzzMob
  10. 10. The benefits are endless. Promote real-time, genuine fan interaction, creating greater support for individual drivers, for the speedway, and for the sport Allow drivers and crews to engage with their fans onsite Build a real “buzz”. Connect the speedway venue, drivers, and fans together in one buzzing interactive network during events Partner with major brands like Sprint, Coca-Cola, and Bank of America that sponsor your NASCAR events – give them a way to connect with your 140,000 fans onsite during the races Give fans a behind the scenes look in the pits, while they’re in the stands during live events Push special offers to fans while onsite at the speedway, from purchasing tickets for other events, to buying merchandise from the on-site shops Capture and monitor valuable fan information; form relationships with fans that extend well beyond the speedway and the event
  11. 11. An inside look. From the moment your attendees arrive at the speedway… When your fans Once they’re in ‘the arrive, they are taken buzz’ of the event, into the interactive your attendees will experience instantly. be actively meeting and engaging with Your custom launch each other about the screen can change race and all events at daily or hourly. the speedway. Branded for you or your sponsors, and From here, YOU can can include offers or engage them, and live event info such the possibilities are as race winners. limitless…
  12. 12. Engage your attendees. The first time YOU engage your fans LIVE at the speedway will change the racetrack experience forever. Connect with your attendees in a live, personal way that is fun and interactive. Direct trivia, offers, music, video, or instant discounts right to their handsets in real-time, inside the speedway. Present them with offers and rewards that they can redeem at your concession stands at your merchandise locations or your sponsors locations RIGHT NOW.
  13. 13. Engage in THE moment. We all know THE moment. • Earnhardt runs out of gas. • Harvick crosses the finish line. • You engage the audience in THAT moment. With BuzzMob, price of admission now comes with a lot more than the seats. It’s exclusive, it’s digital, it’s on their phones, and it goes home with them after they leave the speedway.
  14. 14. A natural fit. BuzzMob exists to change the game of live events. To show fans new heights of what they can expect when they attend an event at our partner locations. To deliver the best possible experience to fans and attendees. We think Charlotte Motor Speedway shares our commitment to the fans. Partnering with BuzzMob is easy. It’s a simple solution to engaging fans, communicating with them in real-time at live events, and allowing the speedway, drivers, and fans to share a great event experience together. Our team does all the legwork for you. We will brand and customize the app to fit the speedway’s needs and desires, and we will give your team control of all the live content, offers, and engagements you want for your fans. While BuzzMob’s full value package will come with a commensurate price tag to venues down the road looking to engage fans, our immediate goal is to create a handful of model partners, for whom we will provide the BuzzMob experience at little to no cost.
  15. 15. Gentleman. Start your engines.Together, let’s share ideas on the best uses of BuzzMob for the CharlotteMotor Speedway, select one test pilot event, and make it happen. (Insert visuals)
  16. 16. Contact:Jeff Jackel Scott SamsonPresident Vice PresidentBuzzMob MWW Group949.470.9100 Office 213.402.1435 Office949.309.9019 Cell 323.632.7075 Cell14 Hughes St., Suite B205 660 S Figueroa St., Suite 1400Irvine, CA 92618 Los Angeles, CA