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What Customers Want by Derek Hendrikz


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What customers want by Derek Hendrikz works with customer service, client satisfaction, customer care, service excellence and delivery, needs satisfaction, types of customers and more.

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What Customers Want by Derek Hendrikz

  1. 1. Derek Hendrikz
  2. 2. The intermediate or trade customer The end consumer
  3. 3. Not dependent on us …we are dependent on them Not an interruption of our work …they are the reason for our work Not outsiders …they are part of us We are not doing them a favour …they are doing us a favour
  4. 4. “Our customer is the most important person on our premises.” – Mahatma Ghandi Ultimately your customer is the entity who sponsors your mission….
  5. 5. If we remove a specific category or group of people, will we still exist? They greater the damage with absence of a specific category or group, the higher their customer status… Company Value – Customer Value = Damage of Absence
  6. 6. Key 1… Let the customer feel significant Key 2… Understand customer needs and see their point Key 3… Make a good first impression
  7. 7. Speed Cost Quality Value is defined as the customer’s subjective evaluation of how well a service meets or exceeds expectations…
  8. 8. Customers do not buy products, they buy the satisfaction of needs… • Customization • Speed • Reliability • Convenience • Affordability What they want when buying needs satisfaction is…
  9. 9. The biological, emotional, cognitive or social forces that activate and direct human behaviour. In ‘customer’ sense, to motivate is to move an individual or group towards sponsoring our organisational mission.
  10. 10. Abraham Maslow Self- Actualization Esteem Social Safety Physiological