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Exceptional Front Desk Service by Derek Hendrikz


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Exceptional front desk customer service excellence by Derek Hendrikz explores the customer value proposition, customer memory, the feedback loop and key performance indicators for customer care employees.

Published in: Leadership & Management

Exceptional Front Desk Service by Derek Hendrikz

  1. 1. Providing Exceptional Customer Service At the front desk Derek Hendrikz
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  4. 4. 1. are not satisfied, 19% repurchased 2. are satisfied, 54% repurchased
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  6. 6. Exceptional Customer Care CVP Customer Memory Feedback Loop KPI's
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  9. 9.  Customers have memories, they will remember you, whether you remember them or not.  Exceptional customer care inevitably requires the provider to let the customer leave with a good / pleasurable / agreeable / pleased / entertained / amused / gratifying / fun memory!!!  Are your sponsors customers or fans????  If you don’t give them a WoW experience, they are probably just customers!
  10. 10. Customer Company
  11. 11. The secret to any feedback loop is to capture the feedback at the point of experience. We should do something about it and then internalise the learning throughout the organisation.
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  13. 13. Derek Hendrikz