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Call Centre Operator Skills by Derek Hendrikz


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Call centre operator skills by Derek Hendrikz explores the role and functions of the call centre operator. The introductory slide set also looks at practical and technical aspects of call centre management.

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Call Centre Operator Skills by Derek Hendrikz

  1. 1. Call Centre Operator Skills Derek Hendrikz
  2. 2. The Call Centre - Defined A call centre services the ‘point-of-client contact’ or customer ‘touch-point’, regardless of how that contact was initiated. A call centre is a place where a managed group of people is physically working in a computer-automated environment. It is typically set up as a large room with workstations that include a computer, a voice terminal connected to an automatic call distributor (ACD) and one or more supervisor stations.
  3. 3. The Purpose of a Call Centre  To deliver product sales, customer service, telemarketing, marketing, technical support or other specialised business activities.  These activities include recording responses, analysing demographic trends, prompting follow-up calls, managing marketing campaigns, tracking and measuring sales, finding clones of existing customers and enabling the organisation to give increasingly important pre- and after-sales services in a controlled sophisticated way.
  4. 4. The Purpose of a Call Centre Operator The call centre operator is the person who realizes the call centre objectives through effectively applying call centre knowledge skill and attitude.
  5. 5. These handle calls coming into the organisation. Inbound Call Centre
  6. 6. These handle calls going out of the organisation. Usually routes each call to a customer service representative at the very moment the call is answered by a customer. Outbound Call Centre
  7. 7. This is a predictive dialing, network-based Web integration and intelligent call routing (ICR). This is often an integration of Web and phone-based call centre. Network-Based Call Centre
  8. 8. This is a independent business working on contract for clients to market products, do research, gather information or even act as a temporary project information centre over a specific period of time. Service Bureaus
  9. 9. The virtual call centre consist of remote or home- based agents who provide equivalent and quality services to clients via internet-based systems and processes. The Virtual Call Centre
  10. 10. Call Centre Application • Provision of customer service and problem solution. • Reservation services. • Provision of product or service information. • Transaction or account processing. • Billing & account information. • Order processing. • Technical help-desk.
  11. 11. Call Centre Application (cont….) • Sales support. • Account management. • Telemarketing. • Research. • Emergency center.
  12. 12. Benefits of the Call Centre: • Improves customer service in general. • Provides customers increased access to the organisation beyond normal office hours. • Delivers rapid completion of enquiries and transactions. • Increases efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. • Facilitates rationalisation of operations through the removal of significant volumes of customer enquiries. • Enables the reengineering of transactions.
  13. 13. Benefits of the Call Centre (cont..) • Streamlines organisational structures and increase productivity. • Reduces organisational cost while improving communication and quality of service. • Provides quick and accurate co-ordination between departments and working groups. • Provides a well controlled environment. • Permits continuous feedback for performance supervision. • Provides appropriate levels of service and optimises the use of organisational resources.