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Life and times of Derek Gallimore


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Derek Gallimore is the founder of Outsource Accelerator.

Derek has over 20 years business experience and 6 years outsourcing experience. Here he shares his journey and learnings of outsourcing, offshoring and BPO.

Published in: Business
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Life and times of Derek Gallimore

  1. 1. Life and Times of Derek Gallimore Entrepreneur, outsourcer, and lover of life
  2. 2. Derek Gallimore on Your Property Empire
  3. 3. Gallimore Gallimore’s Beginning • Born in the UK, but raised in New Zealand. • A very ‘middle class’ - but super supportive – upbringing. • Yet, Derek had a burning desire to build, grow, and conquer life –he was never just going to be a passenger.
  4. 4. Travels Began • At 18, moved from New Zealand, to the Big Smoke of Sydney, Australia. • After two and a half years there, he left Sydney to travel around South America. Then continued on to London. • Arriving in London at 21, Derek felt as if he had wasted enough time. • He wasn’t yet ‘successful’ (whatever that meant), and time was ticking.
  5. 5. Derek Gallimore on Switzer
  6. 6. Derek Tastes Success • Once in London, he saw a window of opportunity, in property – and went for it • The property market was red hot, but rental yields were so high (10%), and bank interest rates were so low (3%). Derek had no money, but he was determined. • Within 6 months he had saved most the deposit and managed to secure a near impossible mortgage from a lender. • Derek has only been in the country six months, had no credit rating, little money, was only 24 years old, and was working in a temporary contract role. The odds of any mortgage approval was stacked well against him, but he got the deal done. • Six months after the first property, he bought another. Then nine months later, bought another. • Derek Gallimore continued to buy and develop over a dozen more over the coming few years.
  7. 7. Derek Gallimore in Australian Property Investor
  8. 8. Global Financial Crisis • That big property wave later collapsed - in 2008. • The year of the world’s biggest financial crisis. The ensuing recession eclipsed the infamous Great Depression of the 1920s. • It basically shut down the entire baking system. • Derek was lucky. Derek was safe. Derek lost none of his properties and his portfolio was secure. • But since the entire banking sector imploded – property development wasn’t an option.
  9. 9. Derek Gallimore at a business conference
  10. 10. Serviced Apartments • On looking for businesses, serviced apartments presented itself as that perfect opportunity. • It had god synergies with Derek’s existing property experience - so he tested it and launched. • He began serviced apartments in London when it was a little-known sector. This was prior to Airbnb, and prior to the general awareness of short-term renting of apartments. • This new venture was launched on 6 April, 2009, and unbeknownst to him then, he spent the next nine years pouring his heart and soul into it.
  11. 11. Boom Time • The company was an incredible success. • In under nine years, he (with the help of an incredible team) built a company that peaked at nearly $20m annual revenues, 70 staff, and 220 apartments. • It was built with very little external funding, and using old-fashioned lean start-up fundamentals.
  12. 12. Derek Gallimore on Sky News
  13. 13. Derek Gallimore - Collapse • But then the company failed. • The company, in 2016, collapsed. It completely broke Derek Gallimore. • The last year was spent trying to salvage it. He sold all his assets, liquidated everything, and injected it all into the company in what became a fruitless attempt. • The collapse meant that there were creditors, and unhappy clients stakeholders. It was a bloody mess. No one harder hit than Derek. • It had an incredible ride. But at by 2016, at nearly 40 years of age – Derek had lost it all.
  14. 14. The rebuild • Derek Gallimore still had that fire in his belly • The collapse took a massive toll, but within days, he was done with licking wounds and started to rebuild. I simply had to. • Within weeks he had incubated a series of ideas, and was back on track for launching new ventures.
  15. 15. Derek Gallimore meeting with James Caan
  16. 16. His Learnings • Derek has been in business for over 20 years. He’s lived a diverse business and personal life from which he draws great collective wisdom. • Business is a fascinating art for him. A multidimensional, life-long game of chess. • Warren buffet famously said that "it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it." Similarly, Derek spent 20 years meticulously building business acumen, commercial experience and financial assets - and then lost all in a few months. • However, he’s learned an immense amount throughout his 20 years of business. • It’s said that “you either ‘win’, or you ‘learn”’. I.e. you bank your wins, and you learn from your losses. • Though Derek is commercially astute, and has a strong command of all aspects of business.
  17. 17. Manila - Outsourcing • One of his most game-changing moments in business was when he started outsourcing – 2011. • A 24/7 customer service operation for London company. Unaffordable in London, so looked further afield. • Manila, Philippines is known as the outsourcing capital of the world. • Within months, Derek had set up a 24/7 operation, and his serviced apartment company was then one of the only ones in the sector that offered such a service.
  18. 18. Derek Gallimore with Manila outsourcing team
  19. 19. Outsource Accelerator • Experience with Manila opened his eyes to the broader opportunity with outsourcing. • So excited by the prospects, that within three years of setting the Manila office, he moved to Manila so I could be closer to explore the full potential. • Derek is supremely passionate about the opportunities of outsourcing. • So much so that he has since launched, Outsource Accelerator.
  20. 20. Outsource Accelerator • Outsource Accelerator is fast becoming one of the world’s foremost independent authorities on outsourcing in the Philippines. • It offers independent unbiassed information, education and advisory for people that are interested in outsourcing. • The website offers a huge amount of content, 95% of which is completely free. • Outsource Accelerator offers podcasts, blogs, guides and editorials, and has a news hub, and a comprehensive outsourcing service provider directory, with over 500 BPO listings.
  21. 21. Derek Gallimore – Inside Outsourcing
  22. 22. Culmination of skills • It’s through 20 years business experience, extensive travel, and intimate first-hand knowledge of the outsourcing sector that best enable Derek to help people, begin their outsourcing journey. • Strongly believes that everyone in business should consider outsourcing. • It’s a game-changing opportunity. • Outsourcing is like steroids for business - can be plugged into virtually any business model, and can have profound cost saving and operational benefits. •
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